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You Make the Call: Test Update - Average Score 82%

SportsFive, in cooperation with the Genesee Valley Lacrosse Officials Association, is pleased to give you an opportunity to test your knowledge of the rules and to study the rules as we go through the season. Section Five Interpreter, Kevin Curley, supplies the questions and answers.

In addition, SportsFive has now opened it's "Learning Center", where later in the year, we will be opening on-line courses. Right now, you can sign up and take either a "short" twenty-five question test on the rules or, if you really want to test yourself, the full one-hundred questions test. The full test is the same test taken by officials before the 2010 season, and you can take it here, in the SportsFive Learning Center.

A number of new "test-takers" signed up this week. On the "Fu ill Test" (one hundred true-false questions) the lowest score remains a 69%, the best score is an 89% and the average moved up this week to 82%. On the "Short Test" (twenty-five true-false questions), the lowest score is currently 64%, the high score is 96% and the average is 79%.

Each week, a new series of questions or interpretations will be posted.

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Rules and Officiating

The whistle is blown when the official thinks a goal was scored but merely went on the outside of the net and is lodged in the netting behind the goal.

Question: Is the call an inadvertent whistle? Does the defensive team get the ball or is it A/P as being loose?