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Monday: Gates Chili Takes Pal-Mac, Whitman over Bath

Of the four games played on Monday, two were close and two were not. Gates Chili scored four goals in a row to secure a 4-2 win over host Pal-Mac. Marcus Whitman and Bath-Haverling played to a tie ten times Whitman's junior attackman Matt Hall scored the game winner with seven second left in the contest. Newark beat Bishop Kearney and Victor beat the Greece Thunder (Ath/Ody).

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Pal-Mac vs GC

Gates Chili 4 - Pal-Mac 2 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 3-2
1 0 0 1   2
  Gates Chili
     Record: 2-6
1 2 0 1   4

The book for Pal-Mac: Tyler Hurlbutt (1a), Stephen Morrell (2g), Goaltending: Jack DeMeyers 10s/4ga = 71% (48 mins).

The book for Gates Chili: Joe Corona (1g-1a), Zack Campaniello (1g), Matt Martin (1g), Phil Ruf (1g) Goaltending: Dylan Dix 8s/2ga = 80% (48 mins).

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Pal-Mac vs GC

Mondayday Games

Victor 14 - Ath/Ody 4 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 3-3
0 2 0 2   4
     Record: 3-4
2 5 4 3   14

The book for Ath/Ody: Ryan Fritz (1g), Jamie Trimboli (2g), Phillip Cubiotti (1g-1a), Goaltending: Hunter Merola 11s/14ga (48 mins).

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The book for Victor: Reyluis Gutierrez (1a), Casey Kidder (1g), Alex Hurd (2g-1a), Kyle Haslinger (4g-3a), Jordon Hodder (1g), Sam Byassee (4g), Luke Bartkoski (1g-3a), Kyle Collins (1g), Alex Barrow (1a) Goaltending: Troy Dowdle 2s/2ga = 50% (36 mins), Matt Draveck 2s/2ga = 50% (12 mins).


Newark 16 - Bishop Kearney 4 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 3-3
4 5 3 4   16
  Bishop Kearney
     Record: 1-3
0 1 1 2   4

The book for Newark: Cameron Casselman (1g), Teddy Collins (2g), Evan Vasquez (1g), Andrew Garrett (3g-3a), Da`Ron Thurston (1g), Kyle Power (2g-1a), Bill Cody (1g), Michael Sullivan (1g-1a), Dylan Yatteau (4g-2a), Deven Lewis (1a), Goaltending: Cody Cornelius 5s/4ga = 56% (48 mins).

The book for Bishop Kearney: Josh Riedl (1g), Jordan Porter-Lemon (1g-1a), Kyle Kuebler (1g), Brandon Link (1g), Goaltending: Andrew Barreca 17s/16ga = 52% (48 mins).


Marcus Whitman 12 - Bath 11 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Marcus Whitman
     Record: 3-3
2 4 3 3   12
     Record: 1-4
3 3 3 2   11

The book for Marcus Whitman: Connor Kelly (4g), Matt Hall (3g-1a), Karl Gray (3g-1a), Tyler Dancause (2g-4a), Goaltending: Tanner Smith 0s/0ga (2 mins), Merritt Bailey 15s/11ga = 58% (46 mins).

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The book for Bath: Michael Rice (3g-2a), Patrick Brewer (1g-2a), Bruce Rinker (1g), Mitch Fuller (5g-1a), Brandon Dickson (1a), Garrett Strong (1g) Goaltending: Matt Hauryski 7s/12ga (48 mins).

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-- Marcus Whitman scored three of the last four goals to defeat Bath 12-11. The score was tied ten out of 11 times. The Rams were led in scoring by Mitch Fuller (5g-1a) and Michael Rice (3g-2a). Rice and Fuller combined for 25 shots of the total 41 team shots. Fuller also led his team in ground balls with 13. The Wildcats only had four players score goals. Midfielder Tyler Dancause led in scoring with 2g-4a.

Marcus Whitman scored the first two goals of the game with goals from Karl Gray and Dancause. Bath came back and scored the next three goals to finish out the quarter. Fuller scored two and Rice scored the third. The first quarter concluded with Bath leading 3-2. Three minutes into the second quarter, Bath tied the game with an unassisted goal from Dancause. Fuller's third goal gave the Rams the lead again. The Wildcats tied the game and re-took their lead within 0:08. Gray scored during a man-up goal and attackman Connor Kelly scored the go ahead goal. Bath scored the next goal in man-up to keep the game close. Fuller was assisted by Rice. Each team scored in the final minute of play to move into the second half tied 6-6.

The third quarter kept up the pace of back and forth scoring. Bath took an early lead with a goal from Rinker (assisted by Fuller). The Wildcats added two more goals to retake the lead 8-7. Bath scored two of the next three goals to keep the game tied going into the final quarter. The fourth quarter was the difference. Marcus Whitman scored three of the final five goals to secure the win. There was also an increase in penalties in the fourth quarter. Three of the five goals in the quarter were scored during man-up (two for Bath and one for Whitman).

In the cage for Bath, Matt Hauryski finished with seven saves. In addition to Fuller, Patrick Brewer finished with seven ground balls and Wyatt Hall finished with five. For Marcus Whitman, Dancause finished with a team leading 10 ground balls. Matt Hall, Merritt Bailey and Lye ll Mincer finished with three ground balls each for the Wildcats. Bailey finished with 15 saves in 46 minutes. Tanner Smith played two minutes but did not face a shot.  return to top