Jake Bailey Signs NLI for UNC

- A year after making a verbal commitment to the University of North Carolina, Jake Bailey, McQuaid Jesuit senior defenseman, met a half-dozen news reporters and along with his family, friends and supporters and signed his National Letter of Intent.

Staged in the Board Room at McQuaid Jesuit High School, Athletic Director David Spiehler welcomed the thirty or so people to the event and then introduced Head Coach Paul Jordan, who reminded Jake that there were many people who have helped him to succeed.

Coach Jordan finished his remarks with a challenge to Jake, that he, likewise, find ways to help others down the road.

With the speeches complete, Jake signed the documents and Mr. Spiehler helped him put on the new "Carolina Blue", North Carolina hat and then, after a few interview questions, Jake headed to the celebratory cake with many of his lacrosse teammates.

A few minutes with Jake
What other schools did you look and why did you choose UNC?

Jake said that he looked at Duke, Penn State and Syracuse among others, but UNC really felt right. He liked the people and the campus. The weather is great and he had a really good time on his visit. "I felt so comfortable when I was there."

What do you need to do this year in order to get ready for next fall?

There will be a lot of strength training. "I need to get stronger and bigger," but there is a full and final lacrosse season in Section Five, before he leaves. "I really want to work on my leadership," he says and he wants to lead his team to a Sectional Championship this spring.

Bailey is not the only Section Five senior headed off to Carolina. Fairport attackman, Drew Hays signed his letter last week. "I talk with him a lot and I hope we'll be able to be roommates next fall.

But, first there is a senior season to complete.

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jake bailey family and friends

What is the National Letter of Intent?

The NLI is a binding agreement between a prospective student‐athlete and an College or University offering athletic financial aid. It is is one-year agreement in which the student-athlete promises to attend and participate on the school athletic team in exchange for athletic financial aid. Only Division I and Division II schools offering athletic aid can be part of the NLI program, although not all schools choose to participate. More information can be found at the NLI web site.