Tuesday: CHAMPIONS - Canandaigua, Penn Yan and Penfield


After a triple overtime game, and game with only five points scored and a game with one lightning delay and a huge downpour, Section Five crowned it's Champions today at St. John Fisher College. Top seeded Canandaigua needed three overtime periods to secure their place in the NYS Class B tournament when they defeated Victor, 11-10. Penn Yan to an early lead and held top seeded Geneva to a single goal in their 6-1 win in the second game. Penfield defeated Thomas after one delay for weather, but scored six unanswered goals for the win against the top seeded Titans.

SportsFive photographer, James Lathrop, has posted a large number of images from the game for our enjoyment.

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Canandaigua 11 - Victor 10 in Tripple Overtime 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 13-6
2 2 5 1 1 11
     Record: 10-9
3 2 1 4   10

The book for Canandaigua: Connor Moore (1a), Mitchell Schaefer (3g), Connor Hulme (1g), Eric Munn (1g-3a), Dan LaCrosse (3g), Brian Feldman (3g), Goaltending: Michael Cuciti 12s/10ga = 55% (59 mins).

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The book for Victor: Alex Barrow (1a), Kyle Haslinger (2g), T.D. Ierlan (1a), Jordon Hodder (3g), Sam Byassee (1g-1a), Ryan Maloney (2a), Luke Bartkoski (3g), Roy Young (1g-1a), Goaltending: Troy Dowdle 10s/11ga (59 mins).


 -- Special After playing 59:30, Dan LaCrosse scored an unassisted goal to secure an 11-10 victory for Canandaigua. The Braves became the Class B Champions in the third overtime period, on their tenth shot in overtime. LaCrosse finished the game with 3g for the Braves and was named to the All-Tournament team. Victor started off strong and then fought back after Canandaigua took a 9-6 lead in the third quarter. Victor scored four of the first six goals and four of the last six goals. Face off midfielder Mitchell Schaefer was awarded the Class B All-Tournament MVP. He finished 7/17 at the draw and with 3g for the Braves. Schaefer was instrumental in turning the game around coming into the second half.

Victor opened the scoring with the first two goals of the contest. Luke Bartkoski scored the first goal of the game with a sweep across the top of the restraining line. He finished with 3g in the contest. The Blue Devils continued with the second goal. Jordon Hodder scored on a feed from behind the cage from Sam Byassee. Both Hodder and Byassee were named to the All-Tournament team. The first Canandaigua goal was scored by Eric Munn. Munn started with the ball on a dead ball situation and drove around from the left side of the cage. He finished with a team leading 1g-3a for the Braves and was named to the All-Tournament team. Canandaigua tied the game on a pass from the goal line to the middle of the box from Munn to Brian Feldman. The Blue Devils took the lead going into the second quarter with a goal from Roy Young from a face off fast break. The goal was assisted by T.D. Ierlan. Ierlan was a dominated forced at the face off draw in the first half. He won 11 straight draws to start the game and finished at 74% (20/27). Ierlan was also named to the All-Tournament team. The first quarter ended with Victor leading 3-2.Canandaigua and Victor

The Blue Devils increased their lead back to two goals on a feed from behind from Ryan Maloney to Kyle Haslinger. Three minutes later Canandaigua scored their third goal on an unassisted drive by Schaefer. Both teams went back and forth on shooting until Young recorded his first assist of the game. Young was tied up in the middle of the field and dumped the ball down to the crease to give Haslinger his second goal. Canandaigua scored the final goal of the half to keep the game within a single goal. LaCrosse scored with a drive to the crease from the left side. Victor continued their single goal lead going into halftime 5-4.

The third quarter belonged to Canandaigua. The Braves scored five goals and held the Blue Devils to only one. Coming out of halftime, Schaefer won the opening face-off and final took momentum away from the Blue Devils face-off. Schaefer was instrumental in changing the pace of the game in favor of the Braves. They scored the first goal of the quarter when Feldman scored off an assist from Munn. Three minutes later Victor scored their only goal of the quarter. Hodder scored his third and final goal, unassisted, with 5:53 remaining in the quarter. The Braves scored the next four goals to go from down 6-5 to leading 9-6. Scoring for the Braves were Feldman, Connor Hulme and two goals from Schaefer. The Braves led by four going into the fourth quarter. CA vs Victor

As much as the third belonged to the Braves, the fourth belonged to the Blue Devils. Victor scored the first two goals of the quarter to bring the game within a single goal. Maloney got his second assist to Hodder with 10:45 remaining in regulation. Six minutes later Bartkoski scored an unassisted goal for the Blue Devils. The final goal of regulation for the Braves was scored by LaCrosse with a drive at the cage. Victor gained possession of the ball on man-up situation late in the quarter. They set up their play and executed it for a goal. However, the clock was not running and the goal was waived off by the officials. The goal was scored after the whistle to stop play was blown. However, Victor scored on their next play with Dan Barrow assisting Hodder. Victor scored the game tying goal with Byassee scoring unassisted with 1:10 remaining in regulation. Victor had one more shot at the goal but it went wide.

The game was still close in overtime with both teams having shots at the cage. Over three overtime periods, Canandaigua took ten shots with four on cage (including the goal) and Victor took six shots with three on cage. Of note in the second overtime period, Canandaigua also had a goal taken back after they called a time out before their shot. In the third overtime period, Canandaigua won the face off on a technical violation. They maintained possession for the entire 3:30 and did not allow the Blue Devils to have the ball. After three missed shots, LaCrosse took the ball behind the cage and worked his way around the crease and put the shot in the top shelf for the goal.

In the cage for the Braves, Michael Cuciti finished at 55% with 12 saves. For the Blue Devils, Troy Dowdle finished with 10 saves. Cuciti was also named to the All-Tournament team. In addition to those listed above the following made the All-Tournament team: In the attack from Canandaigua Brian Feldman, in defense from Canandaigua Joe Eddinger and in defense from Churchville-Chili Mike Caternolo.

Next up for Canandaigua will be Hamburg from Section, who won their championship game tonight with an 18-6 victory against Niagara Wheatfield. That NYS quarter final game will be played at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon (June 1st) at St. John Fisher College.

CA vs Victor


Penn Yan 6 - Geneva 1 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 17-2
0 0 1 0   1
  Penn Yan
     Record: 14-4
2 2 0 2   6

The book for Geneva: Jesse Singleton (1g), Bobby Sollenne (1a), Goaltending: Derek Grillone 5s/6ga (48 mins).

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The book for Penn Yan: Rion Davison (1g), Corey Grace (1g), Bradley Voigt (1a), Ryan Maciejewski (4g), Goaltending: Brandon Maciejewski 9s/1ga = 90% (48 mins).


Penn Yan vs Geneva -- Special The entire Penn Yan defensive unit stepped up and held Geneva to only a single goal in the Class C Championships. The Mustangs won their 18th Championship with a 6-1 score. The starting defense that included Nick Skorusa, James Burdette and Griffin Marsh along with goalie Brandon Maciejewski were each named to the All-Tournament team. Attackman Ryan Maciejewski was named the MVP for the Class C Tournament with 4g in the Finals and 11g-6a in the tournament.

Penn Yan scored the first four goals of the contest, holding Geneva scoreless until the third quarter. Three of Mace's four goals were scored unassisted with the fourth assisted by Bradley Voigt. Corey Grace and Rion Davison scored the remaining two goals for the Mustangs. Jesse Singleton scored the lone goal for the Panthers and was named to the All-Tournament team. In the cage for Penn Yan, Brandon Maciejewski finished at 90% with nine saves. For Geneva, Derek Grillone finished with five saves.

In addition to those listed above, the following were named to the All-Tournament team: Penn Yan attackmen Rion Davison and Bradley Voigt, Geneva midfielders Matt Miller and Sean Cunningham and Aquinas attackman Alex Bianchi.

Next up for the Mustangs will be Silver Creek from Section 6 who defeated Akron, 17-12 to win their championship. That game will take place on the campus of St. John Fisher College next Saturday, June 1st, at 3:30.

Penn Yan vs Geneva


Penfield 9 - Thomas 6 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 16-3
3 2 0 1   6
     Record: 12-7
2 2 3 2   9

The book for Thomas: Kevin Hill (1g), Justin Bird (1g-2a), Jake Giudice (2g), Nick Schuman (1g-1a), John Hill (1g), Goaltending: John Bezek 7s/9ga (48 mins).

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The book for Penfield: Connor Russell (1g), Anthony Mitchell (1g), Charlie Cummins (1g), Andrew Schoeneck (3g-1a), Brian Wall (2g), Jonathan Spaan (1g-3a), Mitch Standera (2a) Goaltending: Liam Guiton 11s/6ga = 65% (48 mins).


 -- Special Updated  Penfield scored six unanswered goals to defeat Thomas 9-6. The Class A Finals were paused due to lightning with 1:57 remaining in the second quarter. At that point, Thomas led 5-4. After the return to play, Penfield outscored Thomas 5-1 to win the game. The Titans final goal came as the last goal of the game with 6:47 remaining in the fourth quarter. Penfield midfielder Mitch Standera was named MVP for the Class A tournament. He finished the Championship game with 3a.Penfield vs Geneva

Penfield started the scoring with a face-off fast break. Connor Russell picked up his own ground ball on the face-off and passed it to Jonathon Spaan. Spaan quickly passed it across the crease to Andrew Schoeneck for the first of his 3g-1a. Russell finished 86% at the face-off draw (12/14) with a team leading 13 ground balls and was named to the All-Tournament team. Thomas fired back with the next three goals. The Titans scored their first goal during man-up. Justin Bird fed the ball to Nick Schuman for the goal. Three minutes later Bird got his second assist with a feed to Jake Giudice. Both Bird and Giudice were named to the All-Tournament team for the Titans. The third Titan goal was an unassisted goal with John Hill driving straight to the net. With 1:47 remaining in the opening quarter, Penfield scored their second goal. Brian Wall scored with an assist from Standera. The Titans led 3-1 going into the second quarter.

In the second quarter Thomas kept up the pressure. Penfield scored the first goal of the quarter to tie the score. Jonathan Spaan scored his lone goal of the game with an assist from Schoeneck. Giudice took back the lead for the Titans with an assist from Schuman. Three minutes later Thomas took a two goal lead with an unassisted goal from Bird. The last goal before the lightning break was scored by defenseman Charlie Cummins. Thomas led by one going into the break.

Penfield vs ThomasThe last two minutes of the second quarter went by without any scoring. In the third quarter the Patriots added three more goals with scoring from Russell, Wall and Schoeneck. Standera assisted on Russell's and Spaan assisted on Wall's goal. The most impressive of the three goals was the final goal by Schoeneck. Schoeneck faked a shot from 10 yards out. He then back-pedaled onto his off leg. As he landed, he fired off the shot into the upper corner, faking out both defenseman and goalie. The Patriots led 7-5 going into the final quarter.

Penfield scored two goals within 0:21 to take the four goal lead. Anthony Mitchell scored the first goal from the crease after receiving an inside pass from Spaan. Quickly thereafter, Schoeneck scored with a straight drive at the cage. The final goal of the game was scored by Kevin Hill for Thomas. Hill took the ball all around the cage before fighting his way to the crease for the point-blank goal.

In the cage for Penfield, Liam Guiton finished with 11 saves (65%) and was named to the All-Tournament team. At the close defense, Charlie Cummings finished with 2 one-on-one takes and was named to All-Tournament team as well. For Thomas, Jack Bezek finished today's game with seven saves. Due to his performance against Pittsford to get to the finals, he was also named to the All-Tournament team. In addition to those listed above, the following were named to the All-Tournament team: Fairport attackman Justin Kesselring, Pittsford midfielder Brandon Barker and Thomas defenseman Ryan Nugent.

Orchard Park will play Clarence on Wednesday in Section 6. The winner of that game will be the Class A Champion and will play Penfield on Saturday at St. John Fisher College at 6:00.

Penfield vs Thomas