Friday: Penfield Takes Fairport, Victor Takes Irondequoit


The semi final rounds were held in each of the three classes today and there were surprises, as top seeded Fairport was defeated by Penfield (#4) and Victor beats second seeded Irondequoit. Thomas had a come from behind victory against Pittsford and Canandaigua, Geneva and Penn Yan won their games and will move on to the finals.

The winners will play on Championship Day, Tuesday, May 28th at St. John Fisher College. See the brackets here.

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Penfiel vs Fairport

Penfield 10 - Fairport 8 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 15-3
1 5 2 0   8
     Record: 11-7
1 3 3 3   10

The book for Fairport: Justin Kesselring (4g-1a), Allen Thibodeau (1a), Marc Sweeney (2a), Dan McAvoy (1g-1a), Max Gerling (2g), Kevin Vaughn (1g-1a), Goaltending: Jake Newkirk 13s/10ga = 57% (48 mins).

The book for Penfield: Connor Russell (1g-1a), Max Spaan (2g-1a), Carter Jordan (1g), Andrew Schoeneck (1g-3a), Brian Wall (2g), Jonathan Spaan (1a), Jake Sproule (2g), Mitch Standera (1g-1a) Goaltending: Liam Guiton 10s/8ga = 56% (48 mins).

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 -- Special Fourth seeded Penfield received payback on top seeded Fairport for last year's Section Five Finals defeat. Penfield scored the last four goals to tie the game and then win 10-8 over the Red Raiders. The game went back and forth for its entirety. Both teams had opportunities, but it was the Patriots capitalizing on them more often (especially later in the game) that led to the win. As the game progressed, the Patriots bench became more and more excited with every goal or defensive stop and the Red Raiders seemed Penfield vs Fairportto get more and more frustrated. No matter how much the Red Raider coaching staff told the team that there was still plenty of time and opportunities, Fairport seemed to lose steam. The Red Raiders did not score in the final twenty minutes of the contest. They rushed many shots and put many directly into the stick of Penfield goalie Liam Guiton who finished at 56% with ten saves. On the other hand, Penfield was full of energy and no matter how many times Fairport scored, the Patriots were ready for the next play and ready to prove they belonged in the finals.

Fairport scored the first goal during man-up. Justin Kesselring scored with an outside shot off a pass from Kevin Vaughn with 6:59 remaining in the opening quarter. A little less than two minutes later Penfield scored their first goal. Max Spaan took the ball behind the cage and drove to the net. After the slide, Spaan found Brian Wall open on the crease for the goal. The first quarter ended with the score tied 1-1.

The scoring exploded in the second quarter with Fairport adding five and Penfield adding three. The Red Raider scored two goals in less than thirty seconds. They scored from two face off fast breaks in a row. The first was scored after Kyle Pendall directed the ball from the face off to long stick middie, Marc Sweeney. Sweeney picked the ball up and found Kesselring at the top of the fast break triangle and Penfield vs FairportKesselring put the ball into the back of the net. 0:21 later, after winning another face off, Vaughn took the ball and drove straight at the net to give the Red Raiders a two goal lead. The Patriots fought back to tie the game. The first goal was scored after a time-out. Andrew Schoeneck started with the ball behind the cage and drove around before dumping it off to Spaan who was open on the crease. The tying goal began with a ride by Jake Sproule. Sproule knocked the ball away and Jonathan Spaan picked up the loose ball and got it up field to Brian Wall for the goal.

After the score became tied, Fairport scored the next two to go back to their two goal lead. Max Gerling scored back to back points for the Red Raiders. With 1:31 remaining, Penfield's Schoeneck scored an unassisted goal to take the game to within a single goal. Schoeneck scored once again after a timeout and a drive from behind the cage. The final goal of the first half was scored by Kesselring with an outside shot during man-up. Fairport led 6-4 at halftime.

The Red Raiders began the third quarter the same way as they did in the second quarter, with a goal from the opening face-off. Long stick midfielder Allen Thibodeau picked up the ball from the wing line and passed it to Kesselring for his fourth goal of the game. There was a fast-break from the next face-off as well. This time it was Penfield senior, Connor Russell with an unassisted goal. Russell finished winning 73% at the face off draw. Two minutes later Penfield once again brought the game within a single goal. Schoeneck fed the ball to M. Spaan for his second goal of the game. The final Fairport goal was scored with 7:58 remaining in the third quarter. Dan McAvoy scored on an unassisted drive down the side of the restraining line. Penfield scored one more goal in the third quarter before adding three unanswered goals in the fourth quarter. The last two goals of the game were both scored during man-up. The Red Raiders had the last four penalties of the contest.

In the cage for Fairport, Jake Newkirk finished with 13 saves. Defenseman Joe Arcarese finished with five ground balls to lead the Red Raiders. For Penfield, Russell led his team in ground balls with twelve. Of those ten were from face-offs. LSM TJ Szatko finished with five ground balls for the Patriots.

Next up for Penfield is a Championship game against Webster Thomas, which will be played next Tuesday, May 28th at 7:30 on the campus of St. John Fischer College in Pittsford. It will be the last game of the night, with the Class B game starting at 3:45 and the Class B game starting at 5:15.

Penfield vs Fairport

Semi Final Games on Friday

Geneva 11 - Pal-Mac 4 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 17-1
2 3 5 1   11
     Record: 13-5
0 0 1 3   4

The book for Geneva: Drew Feinberg (1g-2a), Kyle Cosentino (1g), Matt Miller (5g), Sean Cunningham (1g-5a), Jesse Singleton (3g), Goaltending: Derek Grillone 15s/4ga = 79% (48 mins).

The book for Pal-Mac: AJ Hems (1g-1a), Jarett Duchesneau (1a), Ben Reeves (3g), Goaltending: Jack DeMeyers 18s/11ga = 62% (48 mins).


Victor 7 - Irondequoit 5 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 10-8
3 1 0 1   5
     Record: 10-8
1 1 3 2   7

The book for Irondequoit:

The book for Victor: Kyle Haslinger (1a), Jordon Hodder (4g), Sam Byassee (1g-1a), Luke Bartkoski (1g-2a), Roy Young (1g) Goaltending: Troy Dowdle 11s/5ga = 69% (48 mins).


--  Game NOTE: For the second time this year, Victor defeated Irondequoit, this time for a trip to the Class B championship round where they will play top seeded Canandaigua. Victor vs Irondequoit

Penn Yan 15 - Aquinas 9 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Penn Yan
     Record: 13-4
5 3 3 4   15
     Record: 12-5
2 2 3 2   9

The book for Penn Yan: Bradley Voigt (7g-3a), Rion Davison (1g-2a), Ryan Maciejewski (4g-4a), Andrew Perl (3g-1a), Sean Emerson (1a), Goaltending: Brandon Maciejewski 10s/9ga = 53% (48 mins).

The book for Aquinas: Jamison Whitfield (1g-1a), Greer Leva (2g), Alex Bianchi (4g-1a), Jonathan Olbrich (2a), Billy Lombardi (2g) Goaltending: Alex Uhlein 4s/15ga (48 mins).

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--  Game NOTE: Bradley Voigt (7g-3a) and Ryan Maciejewski (4g-4a) were on nearly all of the Penn Yan's goals as they defeated Aquinas in the second game of the Class C semi finals. They will head championship round, as they have every year since the Class C tournament was created. They will play Canandaigua at 5:15 on Tuesday.

Canandaigua 15 - Churchville-Chili 2 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 12-6
5 3 5 2   15
     Record: 10-8
2 0 0 0   2

The book for Canandaigua: Connor Hulme (2g-1a), Brian Feldman (2g), Eric Munn (4g), Connor Moore (1g-1a), Mitchell Schaefer (2g), Dan LaCrosse (2g-2a), Shane Kenyon (1g), Trevor Dobies (1a), Ben Smith-Wilcox (1g), Goaltending: Michael Cuciti 8s/2ga = 80% (36 mins), Luke MacNeil 2s/0ga = 100% (7 mins), Jon Gelinas 1s/0ga = 100% (5 mins).

The book for Churchville-Chili: Trevor Hodgins (1g), Jake Mortier (1g) Goaltending: Mike Yehl 10s/13ga (36 mins), Matt Cobb 4s/2ga = 67% (12 mins).

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Thomas 7 - Pittsford 5 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
     Record: 16-2
3 0 2 2   7
     Record: 14-4
1 0 3 1   5

The book for Thomas: Kevin Hill (2a), Justin Bird (1g), Jake Giudice (3g), Nick Schuman (2g-1a), John Hill (1g), Goaltending: John Bezek 14s/5ga = 74% (46 mins), Alex Gulisano 1s/0ga = 100% (2 mins).

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The book for Pittsford: Stephen Quinzi (1g), Ben Overslaugh (1g-1a), Brandon Barker (3g-1a), James Felix (1a) Goaltending: Kevin Maguire 6s/7ga (48 mins).

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 -- Special Goalie John Bezek stepped up in the fourth quarter to send second seeded Webster Thomas to their first Section Five Finals since 2010. After having lost by a single goal the last two seasons, the Titans are ready for their shot at the title. Thomas defeated third seeded Pittsford 7-5 in the second game of the Class A semifinals. Bezek finished the fourth quarter with eight saves and only one extra-man goal allowed (89%). In the previous three quarters he made six saves and allowed four goals. Bezek was a force between the pipes and made it difficult for Pittsford to score. Pittsford midfielder Brandon Barker finished with 3g-1a for the Panthers and kept up the pressure in the final quarter with four shots (three saves by Bezek).Thomas vs Pittsford

The Titans opened up the game with the first two goals of the contest. The first goal of the game was scored by Justin Bird. After hearing from the sidelines that "he can't go left", Bird drove down the right side restraining line and put a left-handed shot into the upper corner for the goal. Less than one minute later Thomas scored their first man-up goal. Nick Schuman scored an unassisted goal for the Titans. Overall, Thomas scored two man-up goals on eight attempts. Combined, there were sixteen penalties between the two teams including three time serving 30 second conduct fouls and four more change of possession conduct fouls. Pittsford scored their opening goal with 2:39 remaining in the quarter. Barker scored unassisted for the point. Thomas scored once again to finish the quarter with Kevin Hill finding Jake Giudice across the crease on another man-up play. Thomas led 3-1 going into the second quarter.

The second quarter had no scoring and eight penalties. The teams went back and forth with a lot of run and gun offense (18 clearing attempts combined). In the third quarter Thomas scored first. Kevin Hill fed John Hill with an inside crease feed that left Pittsford goalie Kevin Maguire out of position. Maguire finished with 6 saves for the Thomas vs PittsfordPanthers. Barker scored the next two goals for the Panthers. The first was an unassisted goal after he picked up the loose ball on the crease. The second was a pipe in shot with a feed from James Felix. Thomas scored the next goal on a drive to the cage by Giudice with 3:13 remaining in the third quarter. One minute later Barker added his assist. He crossed the ball over to Ben Overslaugh on the far side of the crease and didn't give Bezek a chance. Pittsford's goal took the game within a single point going into the final quarter (5-4 Thomas).

In the final quarter, Thomas scored first with a straight dodge from Schuman with 9:11 remaining in the game. Five minutes later Pittsford scored their man-up goal with an outside shot from Stephen Quinzi (assisted by Overslaugh). Pittsford kept up their shooting. They outshot Thomas 13-4 in the final quarter. Thomas added the last goal of the game with 1:10 remaining. Pittsford was extended, attempting to take the ball, and Schuman found Giudice open in front of the cage for the easy goal.

Due to a penalty, Alex Gulisano played two minutes between the pipes in the second quarter and recorded one save for Thomas. Leading the Titans in ground balls was midfielder Justin Bird with six. Schuman and defenseman Alex Armstrong finished with four and defenseman Ryan Nugent finished with five. For Pittsford, attackman Albie DiPasquale and defenseman Nick Panara finished with five ground balls each. DiPasquale, usually a prolific scorer for the Panthers, was held scoreless by the Titan defense with only seven shots (five on cage).

Penfield (#4) will face Thomas (#2) in the Class A finals on Tuesday, May 28th. The game will be played at 7:30 on the campus of St. John Fisher College. It will be the last of the three games which will start with the Class B Championship at 3:45 and then the Class C game starting at 5:15.

Thomas vs Pittsford