Tuesday: Several Blowouts on Day Three


Seven games were played on Tuesday including two GRALL league games. Five games were won by nine or more goals.

The winners were Bath, Aquinas, Irondequoit, Penfield, Thomas, Pittsford and Victor.

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Penfield 14 - HFL 8  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-0
6 2 2 4 0 14
     Record: 0-1
2 1 2 3 0 8

The book for Penfield: Andrew Huntington (6g), Connor Russell (2g), Matt Condon (1g-2a), Jacob Aldrich (1g-2a), Justin Rehm (1g), Andrew Schoeneck (2g), Matt Bilak (1a), Jonathan Spaan (1g), Goaltending: Keith Keehn 2s/8ga (48 mins)

The book for HFL: Chandler Clarke (1g-2a), Connor Flaherty (1g), Ian Holtby (1g), Tim Breau (1g-1a), Nick Weston (4g), Goaltending: Nick Beniamino 17s/14ga = 55% (48 mins).


  --  Penfield defeated HF-L 14-8 but it was a lot closer than the score looked. HF-L kept the score close early in the first quarter and then after Penfield scored five straight to take the lead into the HLF at Penfieldsecond quarter, and to their credit, the Cougars never gave up. They kept scoring and brought the game within two goals late in fourth quarter. Penfield rallied and scored the final four goals to secure the game, but it was closer then they wanted it to be.

Penfield scored the first two goals of the game with Jacob Aldrich (assisted by Matt Condon) and Andrew Huntington (assisted by Aldrich) scoring. Huntington led Penfield in scoring with six goals. In the first two minutes of the game, the Patriots led by two goals. HF-L came back and scored the next two goals with unassisted shots from Ian Holtby and Nick Weston. Weston led in scoring for HF-L and kept them close with four goals. With 1:52 remaining HF-L had tied the score. Penfield then added four goals in the final two minutes. Face-off man Connor Russell scored after picking up his own ground ball. Russell finished 20/23 (87%) with only one non-technical loss. As Russell scored, a flag went down for an illegal check to the head. It resulted in a two-minute non-releasable penalty. Penfield added three more goals before the penalty was released. Huntington added two (the first assisted by Condon, the second unassisted) goals quickly. Then LSM Justin Rehm scored unassisted to end the quarter. Penfield led 6-2 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Penfield added two more and HF-L added one goal. Huntington added his fourth. Weston added his second for HF-L. Then Condon scored his first goal (unassisted) for Penfield with 2:07 remaining in the half. At halftime Penfield led 8-3. HLF at Penfield

In the third quarter, both teams added two goals. Weston (assisted by Chandler Clarke) scored the first goal with 11:03 remaining. Huntington added his fifth with an assist from Aldrich during man-up. Andrew Schoeneck scored the first of his two goals to give Penfield a six goal lead (10-4). HF-L added the final goal of the quarter during man-up with Tim Breau scoring unassisted with 4:37 remaining. The third quarter ended 10-5 in favor of the Patriots.

The Cougars kept scoring adding three more goals in the first six minutes of the final quarter. Breau assisted Connor Flaherty for another man-up goal with 8:17 remaining in the game. Weston scored his fourth with another assist from Clarke who then turned around and scored his own unassisted goal. With 6:03 the Cougars had brought the game within two goals. With the momentum changing, the Patriots strengthened their resolve and then added the final four goals to secure the win. Russell scored his second, Jonathan Spaan his first, Schoeneck his second and Huntington his sixth.

In the cage, Keith Keehn finished with two saves for Penfield. For HF-L, Nick Beniamino finished with 18 saves (56%). Defenseman Cassidy Kuhn led in ground balls for HF-L with six. Beniamino and Clarke each added four ground balls to the tally. For Penfield, Russell led with 21 ground balls. Rehm added five for the Patriots.  return to top

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the Penfield stats and/or the HFL stats.

Bath 17 - Bishop Kearney 0  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-1
5 5 5 2 0 17
 Bishop Kearney
     Record: 0-1
0 0 0 0 0 0

The book for Bath: Justin Gavette (3g-1a), Kyle Clark (1g-1a), Bruce Rinker (3g), Mitch Fuller (3g-1a), David Dubois (2g), Brandon Dickson (2a), Jeff Chapman (2g-4a), Trevor Lang (3g-3a), Goaltending: Andrew Clark 8s/0ga = 100% (48 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney:


  --  Bath defeated Bishop Kearney 17-0 this afternoon. The Rams scored five goals in each of the first three quarters. Leading in scoring for Bath was defenseman Trevor Lang (3g-3a). Lang also led in ground balls with 10 and one-on-one takes with five. Also adding significant scoring were midfielders Jeff Chapman (2g-4a), Justin Gavette (3g-1a) and Mitch Fuller (3g-1a).

Between the pipes, Andrew Clark finished with eight saves in the shut-out. At the face-off draw, Gavette finished 8/13 (62%) and Fuller finished 4/6 (66%). They also recorded 8 and 5 ground balls respectively.   return to top

Aquinas 13 - Livonia 4  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 2-0
1 4 4 4 0 13
     Record: 1-1
2 0 1 1 0 4

The book for Aquinas: Pete DiLaura (3g-2a), Alex Bianchi (4g-2a), Jake Vogl (3g-1a), Brandon Gonzales (1a), Ricky Barton (1g), Jonathan Olbrich (1a), Joe Snook (1g-1a), Billy Lombardi (1g), Goaltending: Erich Wischmeyer 7s/4ga = 64% (48 mins)

The book for Livonia: Wyatt Struble (1g-1a), Mitchell Kinney (1g), Josh Wester (2g), Derek Bishopp (2a), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 6s/12ga (47 mins), Troy Lischer 0s/1ga (1 mins).


  -- special Livonia and Aquinas faced off this evening for a GRALL league game and Aquinas walked away with a 13-4 victory. Although the Little Irish finished with a nine point lead, the teams were much more evenly matched, particularly in the early parts of the game. The key to the win was Livonia at AQthe teamwork demonstrated by Aquinas. They came together, cheering, excited and ready to play as a unit and Livonia slowly fell apart and imploded over the course of the game.

In the first half, Livonia was clearly the more prepared team. Their defense was nearly unstoppable and their offense was keeping them in the game. Then, The Bulldogs started getting penalties. They finished with 12 penalties, including a two minute non-releasable penalty during which the Little Irish scored two goals which gave them a strong lead. In the second half, Livonia still hard difficulty working as a team and Aquinas dominated. By the end of the game, a glance to the sidelines showed the different personalities. Aquinas was together, even when something negative happened and Livonia couldn't be more separate.

In the first quarter, The Bulldogs scored the opening goal with 5:12 remaining on a man-up goal. Wyatt Struble scored with a bounce shot to the off-hip of goalie Erich Wischmeyer. The goal was assisted by Derek Bishopp. Three minutes later Aquinas scored their first goal. Pete DiLaura intercepted the ball on a clear and pressed it forward to Alex Bianchi for the goal. Bishopp made his second feed to Josh Livonia at AQWester with 0:41 remaining in the quarter. Bishopp passed the ball from behind the cage to Wester up top. He fired side-arm into the corner for the 2-1 lead. The Livonia defense looked good in the first quarter. They held the Little Irish to only four shots (two on cage). They consistently slid at the right time and then fell back into place. They looked like a well oiled machine; however, it would not last.

In the second quarter, Livonia started to have penalty problems. It began with off-setting unsportsmanlike penalties in the beginning of the quarter. Livonia was in the penalty box with 6.5 minutes of penalties in the second quarter alone. For Aquinas, this was the break they were looking for. They added three man-up goals. Bianchi scored (unassisted) the first goal and Jake Vogl scored the next two (Jonathan Olbrich and DiLaura assisted). Communications problems by the Bulldogs led to a number of turnovers. Aquinas kept up the pressure and added a fourth goal before the quarter ended (Vogl unassisted). Aquinas led 5-2 at the half.

Livonia came out and had another six penalties (5.0 minutes) in the third quarter. Aquinas added two more goals early with a dodge from face-off man Billy Lombardi and DiLaura scoring with an assist from Brandon Gonzales. The Bulldogs scored their third goal with an impressive drive from behind the cage by Mitchell Kinney. Kinney had no angle on the goal and still put it into the back of the net. With Livonia at AQ6:14 remaining in the quarter, Livonia received another penalty and Aquinas scored. DiLaura added an unassisted goal. After the play, Livonia's goalie received a penalty and Aquinas scored on the backup goalie (DiLaura from Bianchi). Aquinas led 9-3 after three quarters.

In the fourth quarter, Aquinas added two more goals early, including another man-up goal. Bianchi scored (assisted by Vogl) with a shot from outside. Joe Snook scored (assisted by Bianchi) with an impressive feat of athleticism on the crease. Bianchi sent the ball towards the cage and Snook reached in to grab and redirect the ball past Jamison. Livonia's final goal came during a triple man-up opportunity with Wester scoring (assisted by Struble). Aquinas added two more goals in the final minutes. Bianchi scored his fourth goal (assisted by Snook) and Ricky Barton scored his lone goal of the game.

In the cage, Wischmeyer finished with seven saves (64%) for the Little Irish. Bianchi (4g-2a), DiLaura (3g-2a) and Vogl (3g-1a) led in scoring for Aquinas. At the face-off, Lombardi finished 7/12 (with 3 technical losses) and DiLaura finished 5/6 (with three technical wins). DiLaura led in ground balls with eight. Lombardi added six and Vogl added five. For Livonia, Bishopp led with four ground balls and Jamison added three.   return to top

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the Full statistics.

Irondequoit 15 - Brighton 4  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 0-1
1 0 1 2 0 4
     Record: 2-0
5 6 1 3 0 15

The book for Brighton: Casey Kopp (1g), Alex Ballatori (2g), Vinny Rockwell (1g), Goaltending: Tom Hilling 9s/15ga (48 mins)

The book for Irondequoit: Cole Thieme (1g), Zach Brimmacomb (1g), George Jerman (1g-1a), Ryan Utz (1g-1a), Ben Brooks (1a), Brandon Costanzo (1a), Gunnar Miller (3g), Nick Doktor (3g-3a), Connor Enright (2g-1a), Ian Mohr (1g), Joel Roemer (1g-1a), Sam Melvin (1g-2a) Goaltending: Eric Fischer 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins), Alex Shoemaker 6s/3ga = 67% (24 mins).


  --  Irondequoit took the game to running time twice in their 15-4 win over Brighton. The Eagles had scoring from 12 different players. Leading the charge was Nick Doktor (3g-2a), Gunnar Miller (3g) and Connor Enright (2g-1a). Irondequoit scored the first three goals before Vinny Rockwell scored for the Barons with an unassisted goal at 2:40 in the first quarter. Irondequoit added two more before the quarter ended with a goal from Doktor and Miller. Irondequoit led 5-1 after the first quarter.

The Eagles added six more in the second quarter and increased their lead to 11-1 at halftime. In the second half, the Barons added three goals. In the third quarter, each team added one goal. Brighton scored first with Alex Ballatori scoring unassisted. For the Eagles, Sam Melvin assisted Zach Brimmacomb with 0:07 remaining in the third quarter. In the final quarter, Irondequoit added three and Brighton added two goals. Melvin scored his own goal and added an assist to Ian Mohr for the Eagles. The final Eagles goal was scored by Cole Thieme. Casey Kopp and Ballatori both added unassisted goals from Brighton.

In the cage, Irondequoit split goalies at halftime. Eric Fischer finished with three saves in the first half and Alex Shoemaker finished with six saves in the second half. For Brighton, Tom Hilling finished with 9 saves for the Barons. At the face-off, Ben Brooks finished 12/13 for the Eagles.  return to top

Thomas 14 - Schroeder 10  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 0-2
3 2 4 1 0 10
     Record: 1-0
3 5 3 3 0 14

The book for Schroeder: Nick Powell (3g-4a), Mike Austin (1g), Kenny Nelson (3g), Marco DeBole (3g), Goaltending: Willie Klan 6s/6ga = 50% (34 mins), Robbie Wielandt 3s/8ga (14 mins)

The book for Thomas: John Hill (2g-3a), Jake Giudice (4g), Troy Crevier (2g-1a), Joe Stacy (1g), Teddy McCabe (1g), Joe Mikiciuk (1g), John Zawacki (2g), Ben Thomas (1g), Goaltending: John Bezek 4s/10ga (48 mins).


  --  In the battle of the Webster High Schools, Thomas defeated Schroeder 14-10. The game was back and forth and every time that the Titans tried to run away with the game, the Warriors fought back within striking range. Schroeder tied the game twice (2-2 and 3-3), and they were within one goal at 4-3,8-7, 9-8 and 11-10. Leading the scoring for the Titans was attackmen Jake Giudice with 4g and John Hill with 2g-2a. For Schroeder, four players scored. Attackman Nick Powell led with 3g-4a; however, four players had a hat-trick (Kenny Nelson and Marco DeBole).

Thomas started the scoring with back-to-back unassisted goals from Hill. He scored at 10:45 and 10:12 to give the Titans the early lead. After five minutes, the Warriors scored their first goal at 5:31 with an unassisted goal from Powell. With 5:00 remaining, DeBole scored his first goal (assisted by Powell) during a man-up situation. The game was tied at 2-2. Thomas scored 45 second later with Thomas at SchroederGiudice scoring off an assist from Troy Crevier (2g-1a). Schroeder tied the game for the last time at 3-3 with a goal from Nelson (assisted by Powell). The first quarter concluded with the scored tied 3-3.

In the second quarter, Thomas came out scoring and tried to put the game way. Only seventeen seconds into the quarter Joe Stacy took the lead for Thomas. He scored (unassisted) and although the game was close, the Titans never lost the lead again. Giudice added his second goal of the game with an assist from Hill at 10:46. Then with 10:06 remaining Hill assisted Teddy McCabe for his lone goal of the game. Only twelve seconds after McCabe's goal, midfielder Crevier scored unassisted. Thomas held their largest lead of the game (five goals, 8-3) with 9:35 remaining in the first half. Schroeder did not back away though. They scored four unanswered goals of their own spanning the next two quarters to bring the game back within a single goal. Before the end of the half, DeBole and Powell each added an unassisted goal. The half ended with Thomas leading 8-5.

Schroeder continued with goals form Mike Austin (unassisted) and another goal from Powell. With 8:23 remaining in the third quarter the Warriors were within one goal. Thomas' Giudice scored his final goal with 7:46 remaining. Schroeder kept up the pressure with another goal 0:39 later. Nelson scored (assisted by Powell). Thomas then added another two goals to increase their lead to three and try to stop the Warriors. Crevier and Joe Mikiciuk scored. Mikiciuk's goal was assisted by Kevin Hill. Before the end of the quarter Nelson scored (assisted by Powell) during a man-down situation. The third quarter ended with Thomas leading 11-9.

DeBole added his third goal to bring the game once again within one. DeBole scored with 10:45 remaining in the final quarter and it was the final Schroeder goal. Thomas scored with 10:34 remaining with an unassisted goal form Ben Thomas. With the lead, the Titans slowed the game down and added two late goals from John Zawacki (both unassisted).

In the cage for Thomas, John Bezek finished with four saves. For Schroeder, Robbie Wielandt started the game and played for a little over one quarter with three saves. Willie Klan took over in the third and recorded six saves (50%) over the rest of the game. Thomas won 56% of the face-offs with Stacey finishing 12/20 (60%). Stacey also led in ground ball production for Thomas with 15. Eraklis Hristodoulou led for Schroeder with 8 ground balls.   return to top

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the Full statistics.

Pittsford 17 - Frontier 4  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-0
3 5 6 3 0 17
     Record: 0-1
1 0 0 3 0 4

The book for Pittsford: Jack Lauroesch (4g-1a), Corey Parke (2g-2a), Tyler Aycock (2g-1a), Albie DiPasquale (2g-1a), Brad Schumacher (2g-1a), Stephen Quinzi (1g-1a), Andrew Rodenhouse (1g-2a), Billy Cooper (1g), Steven Ricci (1g), Stephen Romas (1g), Ben Overslaugh (1a), Brandon Barker (1a), Goaltending: Luke Loveys 4s/1ga = 80% (36 mins), Kyle Lake 1s/2ga (7 mins), Cahal Moulton 0s/1ga (5 mins)

The book for Frontier:


  --  Pittsford defeated Frontier (Section Six) 17-4 this afternoon. Pittsford led 3-1 after the first quarter and did not allow another goal from Frontier until the fourth quarter.

The Panthers leading scorer was attackman Jack Lauroesch (4g-1a). Also scoring were midfielder Corey Parke (2g-2a). In addition, freshman Brandon Barker scored his first point at Varsity with an assist. Three goalies split time for the Panthers with Luke Loveys recording 4 saves (1 goal against), Kyle Lake recording 1 save (2 goals against) and Cahal Moulton recording 1 goal against. The game was held at Spencerport. return to top

Victor 18 - Williamsville South 0  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-0
5 6 4 3 0 18
 Williamsville South
     Record: 1-2
0 0 0 0 0 0

The book for Victor: Max Hill (1g-1a), Mitch Rupp (4g-4a), Roy Young (5g), Dale Mattice (1g), John Maloney (2a), TJ DiSanto (2g), Sam Byassee (1a), Luke Bartkoski (1g-1a), Alex Hurd (1g), Mike Capezzuto (1g-1a), Alex Davis (1a), Kyle Haslinger (1g), Louie Siciliano (1a), Jordon Hodder (1g-1a), Goaltending: Chris Saar 2s/0ga = 100% (24 mins), Troy Dowdle 5s/0ga = 100% (24 mins)

The book for Williamsville South:


  --  Victor defeated Williamsville South (Buffalo/Section VI) 18-0 this afternoon. Fourteen different Blue Devil players scored. Leading the charge were senior attackman Mitch Rupp (4g-4a) and junior attackman Roy Young (5g). Midfielders TJ DiSanto (2g), John Maloney (2a), Luke Bartkoski (1g-1a) and Mike Capezzuto (1g-1a) also made contributions. Between the pipes, Chris Saar and Troy Dowdle split halves. Saar finished with 2 saves and Dowdle with five saves.

At the face off, Dale Mattice finished 5/5 and Cayden Williamson finished 8/9 for the Blue Devils. Mattice and Williamson also led the ground ball battle with eight and six respectively. Maloney also recorded six ground balls. Victor plays Lancaster (Section Six) on Saturday.  return to top