Friday: Semi Finals - Five Close games


Penn Yan won a 13-7 victory but all five of the other games were close, including the Pittsford overtime victory against Thomas. Irondequoit won by one goal in their semi final game with Canandaigua. Bath beat Geneva 10-7 and Fairport beat Penfield 13-10. The finals are now set with Pittsford vs Fairport in Class A, Irondequoit vs Churchville-Chili in Class B and Penn Yan vs Bath-Haverling in Class C. Championship Day is Tuesday, May 31st and St. John Fisher.

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Pittsford 10 - Thomas 9 in Overtime  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 18-0
0 4 4 1 1 10
     Record: 9-9
3 0 0 6 0 9

The book for Pittsford: James Burke (4g), Albie DiPasquale (1g-1a), Jack Lauroesch (1g), Corey Parke (1g), Alex Kober (1g), Matt Gold (2g-4a), Goaltending: Conor Quinn 8s/9ga (49 mins)

The book for Thomas: Ben Morrill (1g-1a), Troy Crevier (1g), John Zawacki (2g), Conor Smith (1a), Adam Jollow (1a), JT Hauck (5g), Goaltending: Don Grace 7s/10ga (49 mins).


  --  Special Report  In the first overtime game of the tournament, first seeded Pittsford increased their undefeated season to 18-0 with a win over fourth seeded Webster Thomas. The game was a tale of quarters. In the first three quarters only one team scored and in the final quarter, Thomas added Thomas at Pittsfordsix and Pittsford only added the one goal necessary to send the game to overtime.

Thomas dominated the first and fourth quarters and Pittsford controlled the second and third quarters. Overall, it was a combination of Thomas' team defense and an outstanding offensive performance by JT Hauck. The senior midfielder, headed to Binghamton, finished with five goals for the Titans. The offensive portion of the game came down to a battle between two All-Americans, Hauck for the Titans and James Burke for the Panthers. Burke finished with four goals and a 78% day at the face-off draw (18/23). In addition to Burke, Matt Gold had a stand out day for Pittsford with 2g-4a.

Thomas scored three goals in the opening quarter and their defense held Pittsford to only two shots on cage. The Titans let the Panthers shoot (they took 11 shots in the quarter) but forced them into bad shots that failed to hit the cage. The opening goal was scored when Ben Morrill fed John Zawacki on the crease. Hauck scored his first two goals with straight unassisted drives at 6:49 and 0:53. Thomas led 3-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Still confident, Pittsford started to take control in the second quarter. The Panthers scored eight of their nine regulation goals in one straight set. They added four in the second quarter and four in the third quarter. The first three Panther goals were scored on three successive shots. Burke (assisted Thomas at Pittsfordby Gold) accounted for the first two goals, both on outside shots. The third goal was scored by Gold when he drove across the top of the restraining box. The final goal of the quarter was at 0:20 remaining in the half. Gold drove along GLE and dumped the ball off to Albie DiPasquale for the goal. Pittsford led 4-3 at halftime.

In the third quarter Pittsford kept up the pressure by adding another four unanswered goals. Once again, all four goals were on successive shots. Jack Lauroesch, Burke, Corey Parke and Alex Kober each added one goal for the Panthers. Lauroesch scored on a drive from behind the cage. Burke scored on a face-off fast-break. Parke scored with a drive along goal-line-extended. Finally, Kober scored after catching his own deflected pass which bounced off the stick of DiPasquale, finished into the back of the net. Over the span of 24 minutes, Pittsford had scored eight goals on ten shots on cage and led 8-3.

In the fourth quarter, the Titans were an entirely different team. The fourth quarter team was even more impressive than they were in the first quarter. Although they scored the only three goals, they didn't seem in control in the first quarter. In the final quarter, they were demonstrative. They showed on the field and on the sideline that they belonged at this game and wanted to win. Although, the Thomas at PittsfordPanthers came back for the win, in the fourth quarter it looked like Thomas' game.

Thomas scored the first five goals of the quarter to tie the game with 3:47 left in regulation. Zawacki scored on fast-break, followed by two goals from Hauck. Morrill scored his first goal with an unassisted drive from the top and Crevier tied the game with a one-on-one drive from the midfield. Pittsford came back to take the 9-8 lead with a goal from Burke (assisted by Gold). Two minutes later and Thomas tied the game again with Hauck's fifth goal. The goal began with a defensive take by Doug Passero. The ball was cleared up field and Hauck went straight to the goal.

Thomas got the ball back with 1:27 left and called a time-out. The Titans played for the last shot, waiting over a minute before trying to go to the cage. In the end they could not get a shot off and the game went to overtime. In overtime, Burke kept up his demonstrative face-off play and won the draw (the ground ball was picked up by Tyler Aycock). Aycock led the team in ground balls with 9. The Panthers worked the ball around and Gold scored the game winner with a high bounce shot from the crease.

In the cage for Pittsford, Conor Quinn finished with eight saves. For Thomas, Don Grace finished with seven saves. Grace, a senior, finished his career at Thomas with 337 saves. Joining Aycock with ground balls at Pittsford were Burke (7) and Nick Panara (6). For Thomas, Conor Smith led with six. Zawacki and Grace both added four ground balls to the count.  return to top

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Irondequoit 11 - Canandaigua 10  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 15-3
0 4 4 3 0 11
     Record: 9-9
2 3 1 4 0 10

The book for Irondequoit: Max Kostyk (1g-1a), Nick Doktor (3g-3a), Emmy Poccia (2g), Greg Coholan (4g-1a), Gunnar Miller (1g-3a), Goaltending: Eric Fischer 4s/10ga (48 mins)

The book for Canandaigua: Dave Serron (1g), Nic Wood (2g-1a), Mark Greer (2g-1a), Evan Helming (1g), Nick Como (1a), Matt Scharr (3g-1a), Taylor Spike (1g-1a), Goaltending: Corey Griffin 14s/11ga = 56% (48 mins).


  --  Canandaigua started the scoring, taking the first quarter 2-0. Irondequoit came back before the half with four goals, but allowed the Braves three more giving CA a 5-4 lead at the break. The Eagles took control in the second half, scoring four goals in the third and three more in the last quarter setting up a late score by Irondequoit for the win.

Matt Scharr (3g-1a) along with Nic Wood (2g-1a) and Mark Greer (2g-1a) led the offense for Canandaigua. Senior goalie Corey Griffin recorded 14 saves.

Irondequoit moves on the the finals against Churchville-Chili on Tuesday. return to top


Fairport 13 - Penfield 10  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 14-4
3 4 5 1 0 13
     Record: 12-6
2 2 3 3 0 10

The book for Fairport: Jerry Warner (1g), Brian Martin (1g), James Manilla (2g), Stephen Danylyshyn (4g-1a), Pat VanBortle (4g-2a), Derek DeJoe (1a), Andrew Hays (1g-4a), Goaltending: Blaze Riorden 10s/10ga = 50% (48 mins)

The book for Penfield: Andrew Huntington (2g-2a), Dan O`Brien (1a), Matt Condon (1g-1a), Alex Miles (4g), Matt Bilak (3g-1a), Goaltending: Keith Keehn 11s/13ga (47 mins), Brandyn Humberstone 0s/0ga (1 mins).


  --  Special Report  Although third seeded Penfield kept the game close, second seeded Fairport moved on to the finals with a 13-10 win. The game was played in a torrential downpour with rain in Penfield at Fairportthe second half which made it difficult for goalies to see the ball. Both goalies combined for only seven saves in the second half of play.

Penfield started the game off with a bang. Alex Miles scored the first of his four goals only 0:25 into the game. Miles scored after he picked up a loose ball on the crease. Two minutes later, the Patriots extended their lead to two goals with an unassisted goal from Matt Bilak. Bilak finished with 3g-1a for the Patriots. Fairport finished out the quarter with three goals of their own. The first Red Raider goal was scored similarly to Miles' goal. Andrew Hays scored his lone goal of the game (1g-4a) when he picked up a loose ball on the crease. Three minutes later James Manilla scored on a drive from behind and 0:16 later, Jerry Warner scored on a face-off fast-break. Warner was the most impressive at the face-off draw, finished 7/10 (70%). Warner was demonstrative against the usually impressive Connor Russell (13/27). Fairport led 3-2 after the first quarter.Penfield at Fairport

Penfield scored first in the second quarter to tie the score only 0:18 into play. Once again Miles scored. This time, his goal occurred after Andrew Huntington intercepted a clearing pass by goalie Blaze Riorden and fed Miles on the crease. Riorden finished with 10 saves (50%) for Fairport. Fairport scored the next two. Pat VanBortle (who finished with a team leading 4g-2a) scored his first goal during man-up with an assist from Derek DeJoe. One minute later Brian Martin scored with a feed from Hays. Penfield brought the game within one goal when Matt Condon picked up the face-off ground ball from the wing and took it all the way to the back of the net. Fairport led 5-4 with 7:21 remaining in the first half. Fairport added two more goals before halftime and six more goals before the Patriots scored again. VanBortle scored both goals. The first was unassisted and the second was assisted by Hays. Fairport led 7-4 at the half.

In the second half, the rain moved from a drizzle to a deluge. Eight goals were scored in the third quarter. Fairport scored the first four, then Penfield scored three and Fairport added the last goal. Penfield at FairportStephen Danylyshyn was a part of four out of the five and VanBortle was a part of three. With 4:35 remaining in the third quarter, Fairport was in control 11-4. The Patriots stared to fight back and scored three goals. Huntington scored the first two and Miles scored the last one. The final goal of the quarter was a drive from Hays and a pass off to Manilla with 2:13 remaining. Fairport led 12-7 after three quarters.

In the fourth, Penfield added three more and held the Red Raiders to only one goal. However, Fairport controlled the game in the later minutes and ran out the clock. Fairport scored the first goal of the quarter with Hays' fourth assist and Danylyshyn's fourth goal. Bilak added two of the final goals and Miles added one. The final goal of the game was scored with 6:49 remaining in the quarter.

Penfield's Keith Keehn played most of the game and finished with 11 saves. In the final minute, when man-down, the Patriots played six defensemen on their defensive side of the field and played Brandyn Humberstone as their "goalie" on the offensive side of the field. Russell led the Patriots in ground balls with 11. Miles and Huntington added four each. For Fairport, Warner led with six. Danylyshyn added five and Hays added four.  return to top

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Churchville-Chili 11 - Brighton 9  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 15-3
4 5 1 1 0 11
     Record: 12-6
3 2 4 0 0 9

The book for Churchville-Chili: Kevin Widzinski (1g-1a), Ryan Yunker (2g), Nick Gray (2g), Trevor Hodgins (4g-2a), Pat Bonafede (1g-1a), Steven Rinck (1g), Jeff Gurbacki (1a), Goaltending: Jack Corcoran 12s/9ga = 57% (48 mins)

The book for Brighton: Steven Cregan (1g-3a), CJ Wool (3g), Brackett Bourne (1g-1a), Kurt Minges (1g-2a), Alex Lebowitz (1g), Casey Kopp (1g), Dan Pierce (1g) Goaltending: Jordan Carey 13s/11ga = 54% (48 mins).


  --  Updated  In an exciting game with multiple lead changes, Churchville-Chili was able to slow down a late charge by the Barons, with the help of a forty minute lightning delay, to preserve their lead and win 11-9. With the win, the Saints enter their first sectional finals in their seven year history.

After Brighton scored the first goal of the game, Churchville scored four goals in a row before the Barons scored the last two goals in the first quarter which ended with the Saints up 4-3. Steven Cregan, recently named a US Lacrosse All American, assisted on the first goal for the Barons at 8:40 scored by JC Wool. The Saints wasted no time as senior attackman, Kevin Widzinski scored less than a minute later. One minute later Ryan Yunker, also named an All-American, scored the first of his two goals in man up at 6:28. Junior middie Nick Gray scored with an assist from freshman attackman Trevor Hodgins to finish the Churchville three goal scoring streak. Brighton added their second with 3:09 left when Cregan assisted a goal by Dan Pierce, but Yunker added another for C-C with an assist from Hodgins with a minute and a half left. Brighton finished the scoring in the quarter with a goal by CJ Wood on a feed from Cregan with 0:22 left.

After Brighton scored two quick goals at the top of the second the Saints scored five unanswered goals to give them a 9-5 lead at the half. Wool scored the first Brighton goal from the face off and after the ensuing draw, the Barons won the ball and took it down to their offensive end of the field, set up a play and took a 5-4 lead with a goal by senior attackman Brackett Bourne (assisted by Kurt Minges). One minute later, the Saints started their scoring streak with goals by Hodgins (from Widzinski), Pat Bonafede (unassisted), Gray (unassisted), Hodgins (from Bonafede) in man up and Steven Rinck (unassisted).

A significant change took place between the first and second quarters. Brighton senior face off man, Max Brauer, who won 3 of 8 draws in the first quarter, found what he needed, to win the next 15 of 16 draws over the course of the game. He won seven of eight in the second quarter and then won six of six in the third and two of two in the last quarter for a total of 18/24 (75% overall and 94% in the last three quarters).

The added ball time helped the Barons score the first three goals in the third quarter taking them to within one goal (9-8). Cregan scored an unassisted goal at 11:33. Minges scored in man up on a pass from Bourne and senior middie Alex Lebowitz scored unassisted at 6:54. Churchville extended their lead to two with their only goal of the quarter (Hodgins from Gurbacki) at 3:23. Brighton took back one when Kopp scored on a pass from Minges and the third quarter ended with the Saints still up, 10-9.

A delay late in the game caused by lightning forced the game to be suspended for about forty minutes. When the game was restarted a single goal was scored by Churchville (Hodgins alone) which gave the Saints the ticket to the Class B finals on Tuesday where they will face the top seed, Irondequoit who won a close one against Canandaigua in the early game at Aquinas.

Leading the scoring for the Saints were Hodgins (4g-2a), Yunker (2g) and Gray (2g). Junior goalie Jack Corcoran ended the game with 12 saves (58%) which included seven in the last quarter.

C-C reported that Cregan was the leader for Brighton's offense with 1g-3a and Minges with 1g-2a. Senior goalie, Jordan Carey was reported as having made 13 saves from the Barons. There was no report from Brighton.  return to top

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Penn Yan 13 - Pal-Mac 7  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Penn Yan
     Record: 15-3
3 7 1 2 0 13
     Record: 15-4
3 1 1 2 0 7

The book for Penn Yan: Ryan Maciejewski (1g-1a), Dylan Yonts (8g-4a), Rion Davison (1a), JJ Voigt (1g), Adam Stork (1g-1a), Anthony Luppino (2g-3a), Goaltending: Brandon Maciejewski 17s/7ga = 71% (48 mins)

The book for Pal-Mac: Ben Reeves (2g-3a), Mike Russell (3g-1a), Jeff Kier (2g), Goaltending: Jeff Kier 1s/0ga = 100% (2 mins), Matt Carkner 13s/13ga = 50% (46 mins).


  --  After a 3-3 first quarter, the Mustangs scored seven goals in the second quarter on their way to a 13-7 victory over fifth seeded Palmyra-Macedon. It was the biggest goal spread in the semi final round that saw two games won by one goal and the other three won by three or less.

With a 10-4 lead at the half, both teams scored a single goal in the third and two goals in the fourth quarter.

Attackman Ben Reeves, who had 2g-3a in this game, ends his freshman year at Pal-Mac with an impressive 46g-60a (106 pts). Senior midfielder Mike Russell ended the game with 3g-1a and senior goalie Matt Carkner ends his high school career with 13 saves today.

Junior midfielder Dylan Yonts had eight goals and added four assists and senior middie Anthony Luppino had two goals and three assists for Penn Yan. Freshman goalie Brandon Maciejewski recorded 17 saves for the Mustangs who will face Bath-Haverling in the finals on Tuesday.    return to top


Bath 10 - Geneva 7  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 14-2
1 6 2 1 0 10
     Record: 16-3
2 2 1 2 0 7

The book for Bath: Kyle Harrison (1g), Drew Wager (2g), Zach Reed (1g-5a), Brian Gable (2g), Nick Rossi (4g-2a), Goaltending: Andrew Clark 12s/7ga = 63% (48 mins)

The book for Geneva: Drew Feinberg (2g), Billy Eddington (1g-2a), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Will Brennan (1g), Sean Cunningham (1g), Chris Pitifer (1g), Goaltending: Derek Grillone 13s/10ga = 57% (48 mins).


  --  The game between Bath and Geneva was close early and late; however, the Rams scored six unanswered goals spanning the end of the second and the early third quarters to secure to 10-7 win over the Panthers. Special teams for Bath were impressive with Andrew Clark finishing with 12 saves (63%) and Nick Rossi finished 9/11 (82%) at the face-off draw. A theme for the night continued in this game with All-Americans making a significant contribution. Zach Reed finished with 1g-5a for the game. With the five assists in today's game, Reed tied the Sectional leader board for assists with 60. With Pal-Mac's Ben Reeves being knocked out of the tournament, Reed only needs one assist in the sectional finals to take the solo lead.

Geneva scored the first two goals with Steve Fabrizio and Chris Pitifer scoring. Eddington finished with a team leading 1g-2a. Rossi scored the first of his 4g-2a with a feed from Reed with 0:35 remaining in the quarter. Geneva led 2-1 after the first quarter. In the beginning of the second quarter the teams traded goals. Geneva scored first with an unassisted goal by Drew Feinberg. Bath's Drew Wager scored next with a feed from Rossi. Will Brennan scored his only goal of the game next for Geneva to give the Panthers the 4-3 lead with 3:53 remaining in the opening half.

Bath scored four goals in the final 2:30 of the half. Kyle Harrison scored with a feed from Rossi with 2:31 remaining. The final three goals of the quarter were all assisted by Reed. Rossi scored two (one man-up and one at even strength). With 0:40 remaining Wager scored his second goal with the pass from Reed. Bath led 7-4 at the end of the first half.

Bath continued to increase their lead into the third quarter with another two goals. Brian Gable scored both of his goals for the Rams unassisted. With 3:10 remaining in the third quarter, Feinberg broke the 12 minute scoring drought by the Panthers with an unassisted man-up goal. The third quarter ended with Bath leading 9-4.

In the fourth quarter, Geneva added two more and held Bath to only one. However, it was too little too late. Eddington and Sean Cunningham scored for the Panthers. Rossi scored his fourth goal for the Rams with Reed's fifth assist. Rossi's goal was scored during man-up play. The game ended with Bath up 10-7.

For the Panthers, Derek Grillone finished with 13 saves. Cunningham led in ground balls with five for the Panthers. For Bath, Trevor Lang led the ground ball count with 13. Reed (10) and Rossi (7) added the 37 ground ball total for the Rams. return to top

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