Monday: McQuaid takes Timon


McQuaid Jesuit came out strong in the first half and then held on through a second half surge by Timon/St Jude (Section VI) to take a 7-6 win in Buffalo. Rush-Henrietta beat Hilton 13-10 in the opening game for new Head Coach Dave Moore. Other winners were, Canandaigua, Bath, Livonia and Pal-Mac.

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Canandaigua 17 - Batavia 1  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 7-6
6 4 4 3 0 17
     Record: 0-12
0 0 0 1 0 1

The book for Canandaigua: Dave Serron (2g), Matt Scharr (2g-3a), Nic Wood (2g-1a), Connor Moore (1g-2a), Evan Helming (1g), Liam McGuey (1g), Cody Jones (1g), Taylor Spike (2g-3a), Dan LaCrosse (5g-2a), Goaltending: Michael Cuciti 1s/0ga = 100% (26 mins), Anthony Laudisi 1s/1ga = 50% (22 mins)

The book for Batavia: Scott McAllister (1g), Goaltending: Dylan Buchholtz 3s/10ga (24 mins), Kenneth Cook 4s/7ga (24 mins).


 --  Updated  Canandaigua lost no time, scoring six goals in the first quarter and four more before the half, as they coasted to a 17-1 victory over Batavia in a MC-3 league game at Evans Field. Nine different players made the offensive scorebook. Leading the list were Dan LaCrosse with 5g-2a along with Matt Scharr and Taylor Spike who each ended with 2g-3a. Sophomore goalie Michael Cuciti (1s/0ga) and Anthony Laudisi (1s-1ga) shared time in the goal for the Braves (7-6).

Batavia's unassisted goal was scored by Scott McAllister. return to top


Rush-Henrietta 13 - Hilton 10  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 4-7
2 3 2 3 0 10
     Record: 5-6
5 6 1 1 0 13

The book for Hilton:

The book for Rush-Henrietta: Kenny Pattridge (3g-1a), Nick Binnert (1g-1a), Jackson Sadowski (3g-3a), Chauncey Scissum (2g-1a), Torry Whitcher (3g-2a), Matt Leonard (1a), Tyler Badger (1g), Goaltending: Mark Wagner 10s/10ga = 50% (48 mins).


 --  Starting out with a 5-2 lead after the first quarter, the Royal Comets scored six more to take an 11-5 halftime score to a 13-10 win at Hilton. Seven players made the offensive book for R-H. The leaders were junior attackman Jackson Sadowski (3g-3a), senior middie Torry Whitcher (3g-2a) and senior attackman Kenny Pattridge (3g-1a). Senior goalie Mark Wagner had ten saves for Rush-Henrietta.

Hilton, under the direction of their new Head Coach Dave Moore, outscored R-H in the second half 5-2. Coach Moore, who was an assistant coach for the Cadets takes over for former Head Coach Tony Levin. According to reports from R-H, Dave Smith led the scorebook for Hilton with 3g-1a. Kyle Youngman had 2g-1a and Derek Richards and Mike Meeks each added two goals.  return to top


Bath 17 - Brockport 5  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 3-6
1 2 0 2 0 5
     Record: 9-1
8 4 5 0 0 17

The book for Brockport: Geoff Catlin (1a), Nick Sutphen (1g), Jack Burns (1g), Adam Crist (1a), Paul Kysor (3g), Goaltending: Hunter DeLany 17s/17ga = 50% (48 mins)

The book for Bath: Kyle Harrison (3g), Zach Reed (5g-5a), Brian Gable (1g-5a), Adam Force (1a), Nick Rossi (5g), Matt Schlink (1g), Jeff Chapman (2g), Goaltending: Andrew Clark 7s/3ga = 70% (36 mins), Adam Force 0s/2ga (12 mins).


 --  Bath defeated Brockport 17-5. The Rams scored the first five goals and never trailed. Nick Rossi scored the first goal of the game just 0:14 into play. The top scorers for the Bath were Zach Reed (5g-5a), Brian Gable (1g-5a) and Rossi (5g). Between the pipes, Bath played two goalies. Andrew Clark played three quarters and recorded seven saves. Adam Force played the final quarter, but did not record a save.

For Brockport, Paul Kysor finished with three goals. Nick Sutphen and Jack Burns scored the additional two goals. Adam Crist and Geoff Catlin each added one assist to the tally. In the cage, Hunter DeLany finished at 50% with 17 saves.  return to top

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McQuaid Jesuit 7 - Timon / St. Jude 6  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Timon / St. Jude
     Record: 12-3
1 1 3 1 0 6
 McQuaid Jesuit
     Record: 4-8
3 3 0 1 0 7

The book for Timon / St. Jude:

The book for McQuaid Jesuit: Luc Bailey (1g), Gardy Webber (1g), Duncan Ayer (1g-1a), Alex Paroda (3g), Brian Nally (1g), Ian Horning (1a), Goaltending: Pat Sheridan 11s/6ga = 65% (48 mins).


 --  McQuaid Jesuit held off the late advances of Timon/St. Jude to win 7-6. The Knights scored six out of the first eight goals while the Tigers scored four out of the last five goals. Timon (Section VI) drops to 12-3 after tonight's loss. Two of their three losses came from Section Five teams.

The game was played with nearly all unassisted goals. Only one goal by the Knights was assisted. The opening goal of the game was made by Owen Casey for the Tigers. McQuaid came back and scored three goals in just over one minute at the end of the first quarter. Brian Nally scored the first goal for the Knights with the lone assist of the game (assisted by Duncan Ayer). McQuaid scored again 0:25 later with an unassisted goal from Alex Paroda. Then, 0:40 later, again with an unassisted goal from Duncan Ayer. The Knights ended the first quarter leading 3-1.

In the second quarter, McQuaid Jesuit kept up the pressure. They added three goals and held the Tigers to only one. Paroda, defenseman Luc Bailey, and Gardy Webber each added an unassisted goal for the Knights. Casey added his second goal of the night for Bishop Timon. The first half ended with McQuaid Jesuit in control 6-2.

In the second half, Bishop Timon dominated, but it was not enough to erase the four goal lead built up the in first quarter. Timon scored three unanswered goals in the third quarter and kept the Knights scoreless. Casey added his third and Brian Sullivan and Adam Dirnillo each added one goal. Timon brought the game within one goal in the third quarter as McQuaid Jesuit still led 6-5.

In the fourth quarter, each team added one goal. Paroda scored for the Knights and Sullivan scored for the Tigers. In the cage for Timon, Davis Scarello and Jackson Brown split halves. Scarello finished with six saves and Brown finished with four saves. For McQuaid Jesuit, Pat Sheridan played the entire game and recorded 11 saves.  return to top

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Livonia 13 - Marcus Whitman 6  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Marcus Whitman
     Record: 3-7
0 1 3 2 0 6
     Record: 6-4
5 3 4 1 0 13

The book for Marcus Whitman: Jeffrey Bero (1g-1a), Karl Gray (1a), Taylor Lazzaro (1g), Tyler Dancause (1g), Matt Hall (3g), Goaltending: Merritt Bailey 11s/13ga (48 mins)

The book for Livonia: Wyatt Struble (5g-3a), Josh Wester (4g-1a), Cody Cisco (2g-1a), Derek Bishopp (2g-2a), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 10s/4ga = 71% (44 mins), Joe Simpson 1s/2ga (3 mins).


Livonia vs Whitman --  Livonia defeated Marcus Whitman 13-6. The Bulldogs scored the first seven goals of the game spanning the opening two quarters. Livonia was led in scoring by Wyatt Struble (5g-3a) and Josh Wester (4g-1a). They scored five goals in the first quarter with Wester scoring three, Struble adding one and Cody Cisco adding the final goal.

In the second quarter, Livonia kept up the scoring adding three, while holding Marcus Whitman to only one goal. Matt Hall scored the lone goal for the Wildcats.

In the third quarter, Marcus Whitman scored three goals. Taylor Lazzaro, Hall and Tyler Dancause each scored unassisted for the Wildcats. Livonia added four goals.

In the final quarter, Marcus Whitman scored two and Livonia only scored one. The final Bulldogs goal was scored by Struble. Jeffery Bero and Hall added the final two goals for Marcus Whitman. Karl Gray and Bero assisted the final two goals.

In the cage for Livonia, Ethan Jamison played the majority of the game and finished with 10 saves (71%). Joe Simpson played the final three minutes and finished with one save. For Marcus Whitman, Merritt Bailey finished with eleven saves.  return to top

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Pal-Mac 16 - Newark 0  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 4-7
0 0 0 0 0 0
     Record: 8-3
5 4 6 1 0 16

The book for Newark: Goaltending: Dominic Camblin 15s/16ga (48 mins)

The book for Pal-Mac: Ben Reeves (3g-3a), Mike Russell (1g-2a), Stephen Morrell (2g-1a), Jeff Kier (1g-3a), Sean Nolan (1g-2a), David Ellsworth (1a), Thomas Marble (1g), Pat Russell (1g), Mike Marvin (4g), Kyle Ludwig (2g), Goaltending: Matt Carkner 6s/0ga = 100% (48 mins).


 --  Palmyra-Macedon senior goalie Matt Carkner had six saves on his way to a rare lacrosse shutout as the Red Raiders beat the Reds 16-0 this afternoon in Newark.

Pal-Mac saw points from ten different players. Leading the list were freshman Ben Reeves (3g-3a), junior Mike Marvin (4g) and senior Jeff Kier (1g-3a).

Junior goalie Dom Camblin made 15 saves for the Reds. Pal-Mac improves to 8-3 while Newark drops to 4-7.  return to top