Sectional Ranking Games This Week - Week 5

- Readers who are looking for this week's ranking won't find them. After a number of weeks of negative (and sometimes nasty) emails about our weekly guesses as to which teams will come out on top at the end of the year, we have decided to drop the lists. Coach WIlson

"When we first set up the rankings, we thought it would useful to give a dispassionate overview of how things were going and quite frankly, we were also hoping to help the NYS pollsters to figure out who was doing well in Section Five," commented SportsFive owner, Paul Wilson. "I would say at this point, the list is no longer positive or helpful."

The competition this year has been very keen. Pittsford is the only undefeated team in the Section and the SportsFive team believes, when tournament time comes, the teams that come to play, every day, will be the winners.

"We will continue to point out some key games, our 'Games of the Week' each Sunday," commented Wilson, "and we will be continue debate the rankings, but only among ourselves."


There are lots of games this week, fifty-two scheduled at this point, and there are games each day through Saturday.

On Monday there are four games. HFL at Batavia and Midlakes at Whitman could both be close.

On Tuesday fifteen games are scheduled including Penfield at Irondequoit. The Patriots have an opportunity to make a strong statement, but Irondequoit is playing at end of the year level. McQuaid plays Aquinas, always a good game. There are a bunch of other teams playing that are close in skill level, so there will be a number of exciting games on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, there are two games including Gates at Rush-Henrietta which could go either way, depending on which one wants the win more.

Thursday offers fifteen games including a number of anticipated match ups. Churchville-Chili is at Thomas, Brighton is at Penn Yan, McQuaid Jesuit is at Livonia and Pal-Mac is at Geneva. There should be lots of action in those games.

On Friday there are two games and on Sat there are fourteen more games scheduled. Pittsford is at Brighton and offers the Barons a chance for a big win. Clarence (Section VI) is 7-0 today and travel to Penn Yan. Aquinas goes to Timon/St. Jude, who played a good game against Irondequoit last week. Livonia plays at Bath after a big AQ win yesterday. Thomas will play Hamburg (Section VI) at Genesee CC.

We bet there will be a lot of great games among the contests this week. Of course, if your team is playing, IT is the Game of the Week.