Thursday: Fairport takes Penn Yan 9-8, Hilton over CA


In a a close game at Penn Yan, Fairport held off an late attack and beat the Mustangs 9-8. Hilton scored five goals in the final quarter to come back and defeat Canandaigua 13-12. Taylor Lazzaro picked up his own ground ball off the face-off draw and took the ball straight to the goal to secure an 9-8 overtime win for Marcus Whitman over Bloomfield-Honeoye. Big winners today included Brighton, Bath, Gates Chili, Spencerport, Geneva and Pal-Mac. Churchville-Chili improved to 8-1 with a 10-7 win over visiting HF-L and Victor was a 9-2 winner over Brockport.

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Fairport 9 - Penn Yan 8  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Penn Yan
     Record: 7-2
0 4 1 3 0 8
     Record: 8-2
1 1 4 3 0 9

The book for Penn Yan: JJ Voigt (1g), Anthony Luppino (1g), Adam Stork (1a), Bradley Voigt (2g), Ryan Maciejewski (1g), Dylan Yonts (3g-3a), Goaltending: Brandon Maciejewski 7s/9ga (48 mins)

The book for Fairport: Jerry Warner (1g), Brian Martin (4g-1a), James Manilla (1a), Stephen Danylyshyn (3g-1a), Derek DeJoe (1g-1a), Andrew Hays (3a), Goaltending: Blaze Riorden 11s/8ga = 58% (48 mins).


 --  Special  Fairport survived a poor second quarter and defeated host Penn Yan 9-8. The Red Raiders' defense was the star of the game as they kept Fairport close when it mattered most. OfFairport at Penn Yan specific note for Fairport was defenseman Christopher Bechle. Although he only finished with two ground balls and a single one-on-one take, he was instrumental in the win for the Red Raiders. Bechle was all over the field, with strong stick checks that forced poor shots. The entire defensively unit also deserved credit with Keith Mierzwa, Joe Arcarese and Sam Dovan also making contributions. In the cage, Blaze Riorden played well with 11 saves (58%).

Fairport scored the first goal of the game and the lone goal of the first quarter. Derek DeJoe scored with an underhand shot from the top right after a feed from Stephen Danylyshyn from behind the crease. Fairport kept up the pressure in the first quarter, holding the Mustangs to only four shots. Of the four only two were on cage. Fairport led after the first quarter 1-0.

Penn Yan dominated the second quarter. At halftime it looked like the Mustangs were in control of the game. They scored the first four goals of the quarter to take the 4-1 lead with 3:56 remaining in the first half. Dylan Yonts, who finished the day with 3g-3a, assisted the opening goal before scoring, unassisted, three times in a row. Bradley Voigt started the scoring drive when he set a pick for Yonts along the left side of the cage. Yonts pulled back and both defensemenFairport at Penn Yan followed him, leaving Voigt open on the crease for the goal. Yonts' first goal was scored when he kept backing up towards the goal and shot the ball backhanded into the upper corner. The last two goals were scored with straight drives from top and shots to the upper corner. Fairport scored the last goal of the quarter with 1:43 remaining to keep the game within two goals. Brian Martin scored his first goal (of four) with a drive from behind the cage and a side-arm shot to the upper corner. The first half concluded with Penn Yan leading 4-2.

Fairport came back in the third quarter, outscoring the Mustangs 4-1 and retaking the one goal lead. Three of the four goals of the quarter came on similar plays. The Red Raiders drove from the top and after the slide dumped the ball into the center of the crease. The first was scored by Danylyshyn and assisted Andrew Hays. Hays finished the game with 3 assists for Fairport. Penn Yan held the two goal lead with an unsettled goal. Fairport pulled two players of during a on-the-fly substitution and Penn Yan took advantage. They moved the ball around and scored before Fairport could get back into the play. Yonts assisted Voigt for the goal. Fairport scored the next three goals to finish out the quarter and move from a two goal deficit to a one goal lead. Jerry Warner scored with a drive from the top and a bad bounce off of Brandon Maciejewski. Maciejewski finished with Fairport at Penn Yanseven saves for the Mustangs. The remaining two goals were scored exactly as earlier with Danylyshyn scoring (assisted by Martin) and Martin scoring (assisted by Hays). The third quarter ended with Fairport leading 6-5.

Each team scored three goals in the final quarter. Fairport scored the first goal with another pass to the center of the crease. Martin scored his third goal with a feed from Hays with 10:29 remaining in the final quarter. Penn Yan scored 0:41 later with Adam Stork feeding Anthony Luppino after a slow break down the field. Penn Yan brought the game within one goal, however, Fairport scored the next two goals to get their biggest lead of the game. Both of Fairport's goals were scored during man-up situations. Brian Martin scored (assisted by James Manilla) and Danylyshyn scored (assisted by DeJoe). The Red Raiders were 2/4 in man-up. Conversely, the Red Raider defense stepped up again stopping six penalties and holding Penn Yan's EMO scoreless. Penn Yan attempted to come back in the final minutes. JJ Voigt scored his lone goal of the game with 3:18 remaining. JJ Voigt drove towards the crease and fired at the cage. Riorden came up with the save, but could not control the ground ball. Voigt followed his shot and picked up the loose ball on the crease, finishing in the back of the net. The final goal of the game was scored on a fast-break with 0:01 remaining on the game clock. Goalie Brandon Maciejewski heaved the ball up the field and Yonts caught it nearly at the restraining line. He passed the ball down the right side goal-line extended and Ryan Maciejewski caught the ball and scored. Warner took the final face-off for Fairport and kept the ball tied up for the remaining time.

Fairport finished leading in ground balls 21-20. Danylyshyn finished with a team leading six ground balls. Martin finished with four for the Red Raiders. Penn Yan's tally was led by JJ Voigt and Anthony Luppino with four each. Danylyshyn finished 6/11 and Warner finished 6/9 at the face-off draw for the Red Raiders.

Next up for Fairport (8-2) is Rush-Henrietta on Tuesday. Penn Yan (7-2) hosts Webster Schroeder on Saturday.  return to top

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Hilton 13 - Canandaigua 12  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 4-4
4 1 3 5 0 13
     Record: 5-5
5 1 5 1 0 12

The book for Hilton: Cory Endres (1g), Shane Endres (2g-1a), Dante Giordano (1g), Jake Montgomery (2g-1a), David Smith (3g), Matt Sorce (1g), Kyle Youngman (3g-2a), Goaltending: Mark Detroia 15s/12ga = 56% (48 mins)

The book for Canandaigua: Dave Serron (5g-1a), Nic Wood (4g-2a), Matt Scharr (1g-1a), Mark Greer (2g-1a), Evan Helming (1a), Ethan Mack (1a), DJ Goldstein (1a), Goaltending: Corey Griffin 1s/4ga (12 mins), Michael Cuciti 10s/9ga = 53% (36 mins).


 --  Hilton scored five goals in the final quarter to come back and defeat Canandaigua 13-12. The game was close in the first half, but Canandaigua pulled ahead in the third quarter. After three quarters, Canandaigua led 11-8.

Hilton's Kyle Youngman led in scoring with 3g-2a. Youngman's final goal was scored with 2:31 remaining in the game to secure the victory for the Cadets. Another key factor for Hilton was sophomore goalie Mark Detroia. Detroia played the entire game and finished with 15 saves, including three point blank saves in the final two minutes to secure the victory.

For Canandaigua, Dave Serron (5g-1a) and Nic Wood (4g-2a) led. In the cage, Corey Griffin played the first quarter and recorded one save. Michael Cuciti played the remainder of the game and finished with 10 saves.

Next up: Hilton (4-4) hosts Churchville-Chili and Canandaigua (5-5) travels to McQuaid, both on Saturday.  return to top


Brighton 17 - Ath/Ody 3  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 0-6
1 1 0 1 0 3
     Record: 6-2
1 4 8 4 0 17

The book for Ath/Ody: Anthony Merola (1g-1a), Gino Prestigiacomo (1g), Tyler Gorgione (1g-1a), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 9s/15ga (40 mins), Mike Zimmer 1s/2ga (8 mins)

The book for Brighton: Sam Burgess (1g-2a), Casey Kopp (1g), Kurt Minges (1g-1a), Brackett Bourne (6g), CJ Wool (3g-6a), Matt Schuster (1g), Dan Pierce (1g), Steven Cregan (1g-3a), JT Haag (1g), Alex Lebowitz (1g), Alex Ballatori (1a), Goaltending: Tom Hilling 12s/3ga = 80% (48 mins).


 --  Brighton defeated Greece Athena/Odyssey 17-3. The Barons took the game to running time early in the fourth quarter. Leading in scoring for the Barons were CJ Wool (3g-6a) and Brackett Bourne (6g). For Greece Thunder, Anthony Merola, Tyler Gorgione and Gino Prestigiacomo scored.

In the cage, Zack Rudgers and Mike Zimmer split time for the Lightning. Rudgers finished with nine saves and Zimmer finished with one save. For Brighton, Tom Hilling played the entire game and finished with 12 saves. At the face-off draw, Max Brauer finished 9/18 for Brighton.

Next up: Brighton (6-2) hosts Rush-Henrietta on Saturday. The Thunder (0-6) hosts Gananda also on Saturday.  return to top


Churchville-Chili 10 - HFL 7  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 8-1
1 2 5 2 0 10
     Record: 2-5
3 0 1 3 0 7

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (2g), Taylor Kolmer (2g), Adam McWilliams (1g), Nolan Jessop (1a), Trevor Hodgins (3a), Pat Bonafede (2a), Jeff Gurbacki (3g), Nick Gray (2g), Goaltending: Jack Corcoran 7s/7ga = 50% (48 mins)

The book for HFL: Drew Tallon (2g-1a), Connor Flaherty (2a), Jason Boike (2g), Mitchell Kinney (3g-1a), Goaltending: Nick Beniamino 12s/10ga = 55% (48 mins).


 --  Churchville-Chili scored seven unanswered goals to go from trailing by two to leading by five in their win over HF-L 10-7. The Saints scoring spanned the entire second quarter and nearly all the third quarter. Overall, the Cougars were scoreless for 24:07.

Churchville-Chili opened the scoring with 4:51 remaining in the first quarter when Jeff Gurbacki scored his unassisted goal for the Saints. Gurbacki finished with three goals for Churchville-Chili. HF-L came back to finish the first quarter with three goals. Jason Boike scored the first two goals, with the latter assisted by Connor Flaherty. The third goal was scored with 1:23 remaining in the first quarter by Mitchell Kinney. Kinney's goal was unassisted and scored during a man-up offense. HF-L led 3-1 after the first quarter.

Churchville-Chili scored two unanswered goals in the second quarter. Gurbacki added his second during man-up with an assist from Pat Bonafede. Nick Gray scored unassisted with 2:43 remaining in the half to tie the score at 3-3 going into halftime.

In the third quarter Churchville-Chili kept up the pressure, scoring the first five goals of the quarter. Three of goals were assisted by freshman Trevor Hodgins. With 3:51 remaining in the third quarter the Saints led 8-3. HF-L added the last goal of the quarter with 1:15 remaining. Kinney added his second goal of the game with another unassisted goal.

In the fourth quarter, HF-L outscored the Saints 3-2. However, it was too little too later. Churchville-Chili opened the scoring only 0:23 into the quarter with an unassisted goal from Taylor Kolmer. Kinney's third goal of the game was assisted by Drew Tallon one minute later. Ryan Yunker scored during another man-up opportunity with 7:30 remaining. The final two goals of the game were both scored by Tallon. The first, which was scored during man-up, was assisted by Kinney and the second was assisted by Connor Flaherty.

Churchville-Chili dominated the face-off. Kolmer finished 14/15 (93%) with seven ground balls. Defenseman Nick Bruno finished with a team leading 12 ground balls. For the Cougars, midfielder Jams Spencer led the ground ball count with 11. In the cage for HF-L, Nick Beniamino finished with 12 saves (55%).  return to top

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Gates Chili 19 - Batavia 3  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Gates Chili
     Record: 3-7
7 4 4 4 0 19
     Record: 0-7
1 1 1 0 0 3

The book for Gates Chili: Matt Dakin (1g), Joe Corona (2a), Grant Ferguson (5g-3a), London Booker (1a), Daniel Caruso (2a), Matt Martin (6g-4a), Steve Eaton (1g-1a), Joe Drabin (3g-1a), RJ Macks (2g), Phil Ruf (1g), Goaltending: Brian Lane 9s/2ga = 82% (24 mins), Tyler Jacobson 5s/1ga = 83% (24 mins)

The book for Batavia: Chad Luce (1g-1a), Kyle King (2g), Phil Boyd (1a), Goaltending: Dylan Buchholtz 5s/19ga (48 mins).


 --  Gates-Chili dominated Batavia, taking the game into running time with 4:23 remaining in the third quarter. The Spartans won 19-3. 14 of the 19 goals for Gates Chili were assisted. Attackmen Grant Ferguson (5g-3a) and Matt Martin (6g-4a) led the offensive charge. Only five of the goals did not have either Ferguson or Martin associated with it.

Overall, the game was plagued with penalties. However, neither team could capitalize on the man-up situations. Batavia was 1/11 and Gates-Chili was 1/10 at man-up. Ten different players made the scorebook for the Spartans with twenty-one players having at least one stat. In the cage, Gates Chili split goalies at the half. Brian Lane played the first half and recorded nine saves and Tyler Jacobson played the second half and had five saves.

For Batavia, Dylan Buchholtz finished with five saves. Midfielder Kyle King finished 13/21 (62%) at the face-off draw. King also led in the ground ball count with six. For the Spartans, Martin and defenseman Steve Hilsdorf led with five ground balls each.  return to top

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Spencerport 12 - Eastridge 3  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 4-3
1 5 3 3 0 12
     Record: 3-6
1 0 0 2 0 3

The book for Spencerport: Ben Tribunella (3g), Seth Miller (4g-2a), Corey Sauers (2g), Matt Kaser (2g-2a), Marcus Palvino (1g-3a), Goaltending: Dodge Dustin 3s/2ga = 60% (12 mins), Tyler Schweikert 7s/1ga = 88% (36 mins)

The book for Eastridge: Chris Giruzzi (1g), Brandon Burley (1a), Mike Mortillaro (1a), Anthony Coffaro (2g), Goaltending: TJ Ennis 11s/9ga = 55% (36 mins), Odin Abril 1s/3ga (12 mins).


 --  Spencerport defeated Eastridge 12-3 at home this evening. The Rangers scored ten unanswered goals spanning three quarters for their win.

The game was tied 1-1 after the first quarter. Seth Miller scored the opening goal for Spencerport. Anthony Coffaro scored for Eastridge with Mike Mortillaro assisting. Coffaro scored with 5:09 remaining in the first quarter. Eastridge did not score again until 8:49 remaining in the final quarter when Coffaro scored again. This time he was assisted by Brandon Burley.

For Spencerport, Miller (4g-2a), Matt Kaser (2g-2a) and Marcus Palvino (1g-3a) led in offense. Miller also led in ground balls with nine. Midfielders Levi Basynnski (8) and Palvino (7) also contributed to the count. The Rangers won the ground ball battle 46-19. In the cage for the Rangers, Tyler Schweikert played three quarters and recorded seven saves. Dodge Dustin played the final quarter and recorded three saves. For Eastridge, TJ Ennis played three quarters with 11 saves and Odin Abril pled the final quarter and recorded one save.  return to top

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Victor 9 - Brockport 2  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 2-4
0 0 0 2 0 2
     Record: 5-3
4 1 1 3 0 9

The book for Brockport:

The book for Victor: Max Hill (1g-1a), Roy Young (2g), Dale Mattice (1g-1a), John Maloney (1g-2a), TJ DiSanto (1g), Brian Gilbert (1a), Nick Waseleski (1a), Kyle Benwitz (3g), Goaltending: Steve Basile 12s/2ga = 86% (48 mins).


 --  Victor defeated Brockport 9-2 this afternoon. Victor scored six goals in the first three quarters and held Brockport scoreless. They had eight different players make the scorebook. In the cage, Steve Basile finished with 12 saves. Leading in ground balls for Victor was Alex Davis with five. John Maloney, TJ DiSanto and Scot Masingill each contributed four ground balls to the count.  return to top


Bath 19 - Bishop Kearney 6  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 5-1
4 11 2 2 0 19
 Bishop Kearney
     Record: 3-4
1 1 1 3 0 6

The book for Bath: Kyle Harrison (1g-1a), Drew Wager (2g-4a), Zach Reed (6g-3a), Brian Gable (2g), Matt Ross (1g), Nick Rossi (4g-3a), Tyler Hutcheson (1g), Jeff Chapman (1g-1a), Trevor Lang (1g-1a), Goaltending: Nick Rossi 0s/1ga (1 mins), Andrew Clark 2s/2ga = 50% (24 mins), Adam Force 3s/3ga = 50% (23 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney: Matt Armstrong (1g), Dylan Miller (3g), Andrew Chadwick (2g-2a), Goaltending: Kyle Miller 11s/19ga (48 mins).


 --  Bath defeated Bishop Kearney 19-6 this afternoon. The Rams had 13 of 19 goals assisted and had nine different players make the scorebook. Leading the scoring was senior Zach Reed with 6g-3a. Attackman Drew Wager (2g-4a) and midfielder Nick Rossi (4g-3a) also contributed. Rossi also spent the final minute in between the pipes.

Andrew Clark played the first half and recorded two saves for Bath. Adam Force played the second half (minus the final minute) and recorded three saves. For Bishop Kearney, Kyle Miller played the entire game and recorded 11 saves. Attackmen Andrew Chadwick (2g-2a), Dylan Miller (3g) and Matt Armstrong (1g) scored all six goals for the Kings.

Next up: Bath (5-1) plays at Aquinas on Saturday. Bishop Kearney (3-4) is off until Wednesday when they host Gananda.  return to top

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Pal-Mac 15 - Waterloo 1  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 4-2
3 8 2 2 0 15
     Record: 2-5
0 0 1 0 0 1

The book for Pal-Mac: Ben Reeves (3a), Mike DeMar (5g-1a), Mike Russell (1g), Stephen Morrell (3g-1a), Jeff Kier (2g-2a), Pat Russell (1g-1a), Mike Marvin (2g-1a), Kyle Ludwig (1g), Goaltending: Matt Carkner 7s/1ga = 88% (48 mins)

The book for Waterloo:


 --   Palmyra-Macedon defeated Waterloo 15-1 in a last afternoon game. The Red Raiders had eight different players make the scorebook. Leading the charge were senior Mike DeMar (5g-1a) and freshmen Stephen Morrell (3g-1a) and Ben Reeves (3a). In the cage, Matt Carkner recorded seven saves.  return to top


Marcus Whitman 9 - Bloomfield-Honeoye 8 in Overtime  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 2-5
1 4 1 2 0 8
 Marcus Whitman
     Record: 2-4
1 2 3 2 1 9

The book for Bloomfield-Honeoye: Luke Blain (1g-3a), Jered Maloney (4g), Jerrett Hertzel (1g-1a), Zach Hammond (2g-1a), Goaltending: Aaron Stevens 14s/9ga = 61% (49 mins)

The book for Marcus Whitman: Matt Hall (1a), Karl Gray (2g-3a), Jeffrey Bero (4g), Clay Wilson (1g), Matt Hey (1a), Taylor Lazzaro (2g-1a), Goaltending: Merritt Bailey 12s/8ga = 60% (49 mins).


 --  Junior midfielder Taylor Lazzaro picked up his own ground ball off the face-off draw and took the ball straight to the goal to secure an 9-8 overtime win for Marcus Whitman. His unassisted score was only 0:17 into overtime and gave Marcus Whitman a 9-8 win over Bloomfield-Honeoye. He finished the game with 2g-1a. Karl Gray (2g-3a) and Jeffrey Bero (4g) also contributed to the Wildcat win.

Bloomfield-Honeoye led 5-3 at halftime, but the Wildcats came back with one goal wins in the third and fourth quarters to force overtime. Defensively, Marcus Whitman stepped up, only letting The Pride score on 1 of 5 man-up opportunities. In the cage, freshman Merritt Bailey finished with 12 saves. For B-H, Jered Maloney finished with 4g and Luke Blain finished with 1g-3a. In the cage, Aaron Stevens finished with 14 saves.  return to top


Geneva 15 - Newark 2  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 5-2
7 1 4 3 0 15
     Record: 3-4
0 1 0 1 0 2

The book for Geneva: Sean Cunningham (5g-1a), Billy Eddington (3g-2a), Will Brennan (3g-1a), Chris Pitifer (1g), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Matt Miller (2g), Goaltending: Derek Grillone 6s/2ga = 75% (43 mins), Tom Lynch 2s/0ga = 100% (5 mins)

The book for Newark: Alan Caster (1g), Eli Ebanks (1g), Goaltending: Dominic Camblin 20s/15ga = 57% (48 mins).


 --   Updated  Geneva defeated Newark 15-2 this afternoon. The Panthers had six different players make the scorebook. Leading the charge was Sean Cunningham (5g-1a) and Billy Eddington (3g-2a). In the cage, Tom Lynch and Derek Grillone split time. Grillone played all but the last five minutes and recorded six saves. Lynch finished with two saves in the final minutes.

Alan Caster and Eli Ebanks each scored an unassisted goal and Dominic Camblin recorded 20 saves for the Reds (3-4). return to top