Thursday: Brockport over ER by One, Pittsford Takes OP


Pittsford traveled to Orchard Park (Section Six, Buffalo) where the Panthers and the Quakers played great defense, took home a 4-2 victory. Brockport overcame their deficit and scored the winning goal, late in the game as the Blue Devils beat ER 10-9. Other winners today included CA, Eastridge, C-C, Brighton, HF-L, BK and Livonia. Bishop Kearney and C-C are currently 3-0.

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Brockport 10 - East Rochester 9  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 East Rochester
     Record: 1-2
0 4 3 2 0 9
     Record: 1-2
3 1 3 3 0 10

The book for East Rochester: Torin Hudson (1g-1a), John Reiss (2g), Clayton Vaughn (1g), Darnell Rhodes (1g), Jordan Michele (2g-1a), Raymond Shalvoy (2g), Goaltending: Liridon Dervisholli 14s/10ga = 58% (48 mins)

The book for Brockport: Bill Russell (2g), Geoff Catlin (1a), Benjamin Madafferi (1g-1a), Nick Sutphen (3g), Jack Burns (2g), Dominic Trento (2g-1a), Goaltending: Paul Duthoy 2s/9ga (48 mins).


  --  Special report  When the outcome was on the line, Brockport stepped up and scored two goals to cement their victory over East Rochester 10-9. Brockport started and finished the game strong. Conversely, East Rochester, spent nearly the entire game fighting its own interests and allowed Brockport to get back into the game. The game had over twelve minutes of penalties, including two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for one East Rochester player.

Brockport started the game looking like the dominant team. East Rochester had two of their players out for the first quarter to do disciplinary problems and they were missed. The Blue Devils held the Bombers to only one shot in the first quarter while taking twelve of their own. In addition, Brockport won the ground ball battle in the first quarter 12-3 and won 3/4 face-offs. Brockport scored the first goal of the game during man-up with Nick Sutphen scoring (unassisted) with an outside shot from the top right. Dominic Trento scored the next goal with a sweep across the top left and then Benjamin Modafarri scored off a face-off fast-break. The first quarter ended with Brockport leading 3-0.

With the addition of their missing athletes, East Rochester looked like a different team. For the remainder of the game the Bombers were the stronger team, but couldn't keep out of the penalty box. The big scorer for East Rochester was Jordan Michele with 2g-1a including two unassisted goals late in the second quarter to tie the game. Michele was important in the Bombers success. Raymond Shalvoy scored the first goal for East Rochester with an unassisted goal at 9:44. Brockport's Bill Russell scored during a fast-break with an assist from Modafarri. Clayton Vaughn scored his lone goal of the game with a drive from behind the cage.

Michele's two goals brought the score to 4-4 at halftime. With 0:07 remaining in the first half, the game devolved. Brockport, with a flag down, crosscheck's an ER player. A second flag was thrown against Brockport. After the play, the ER player took a swing at the Brockport player and was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Brockport held the ball as time expired. When the game clock reached zero, the ER player took his cross and threw it outside the stadium (from the penalty box). The official threw a second flag and assessed another unsportsmanlike penalty for 2 minutes the player was ejected.

At the beginning of the third quarter, East Rochester was down for 2:53 (non-releasable) and Brockport was down for 1:53 (releasable). Brockport began with the ball. Goalie Liridon Dervisholli came up with his first of several impressive saves and cleared the ball. ER, knowing the penalty situation, held the ball for nearly the entire penalty time. With 10:16 remaining (0:07 before Brockport's penalty expired), John Reiss cut towards the crease and scored for the Bombers and gave them their first lead of the game. As the goal was scored, Brockport had a late hit and sent a player back to the penalty box. The game remained at 5-5.

Brockport won the face-off and 12 second later they scored with an unassisted goal from Trento. Brockport again won the face-off. They took a couple more shots at the goal, and Dervisholli made another stellar save. During this time, ER was given another penalty (a hold). ER was then down two men and Brockport was still down one. Two of the three penalties expired and were released and Brockport took the lead with a single-man-up goal by Sutphen.

The third quarter continued and ER tied the game again with an unassisted goal by Darnell Rhodes. Shalvoy scored the go ahead goal on the most impressive shot of the game. Torin Hudson, sitting at the top of the restraining box, lobbed the ball into the crease. Shalvoy cut towards the crease, picked the ball out of the air and scored. The play looked, although not a pre-set play, to be planned and Shalvoy and Hudson demonstrated the precision the Bombers team can have at times. Brockport kept the game close when an outside shot by Sutphen scored only 0:12 later. The score was tied 7-7 after three quarters. With 0:07 remaining, ER had yet another penalty and Brockport held the ball for possession.

Dervisholli stepped up again making two saves during the man-up period to keep the game tied. East Rochester's next goal came after a broken cross from Brockport required them to sub out a defenseman. During the ensuing chaos, Michele fed Reiss across the cage for the goal and the lead. 0:25 later Brockport tied the score again when Jack Burns drove straight from the top of the restraining line past three defensemen. Hudson came back with a goal of his own after a dodge from the top to put the Bombers in the lead for the last time. Brockport won the face-off and started to work the ball around. Trento fed the inside crease to Bill Russell for the final tying goal with 4:25 remaining. With 3:16 remaining, Brockport scored the winning goal. It was scored by Burns during a fast-break. Geoff Catlin assisted the final goal. The final three shots by Brockport were all goals.

Brockport won another face-off and took the ball down and into a stall. However, with 1:59 remaining, they stepped out of the box and lost possession. East Rochester cleared the ball and called a time out with 1:40 remaining; they had one more shot at the goal. When play resumed, ER attempted to drive towards the box, but Brockport stripped the ball and Trento came up with the ground ball. Brockport cleared the ball up the field and this time kept it in the box for the final two minutes. With 0:59 remaining, two different ER players got one minute penalties and the final minute of the game was played two men down by the Bombers.

Dervisholli was impressive in the cage and kept his team in the contest when Brockport could have run away with it early in the game. He finished with 14 saves (58%). For Brockport, Paul Duthoy finished with two saves for Brockport. Brockport finished with twice the shots as ER (40-20) with over twice on cage (24-11). 45% of the East Rochester's shots resulted in goals while only 25% of the Blue Devil's did the same.

Catlin and Cameron Witthun were impressive at the face-off draw. They finished 7/10 and 4/5 respectively. Midfielder Trento finished with a team leading nine ground balls including two on the wing. Long stick Connor Moore (6) had three face-off ground balls. Paul Kysor (5) and Carlos Ross (5) also contributed to the tally. For ER, Hudson and Rhodes both finished with three ground balls.  return to top

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HFL 13 - Arc/Oly 6  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-3
2 2 2 0 0 6
     Record: 1-3
2 5 4 2 0 13

The book for Arc/Oly: Bryan Collister (1g), Robert Kitchen (1g), Nick Capone (1g), Dylan Mahan (3g-1a), Goaltending: Tyler Catalfano 8s/13ga (48 mins)

The book for HFL: Drew Tallon (5g-1a), James Spencer (2g-3a), Connor Flaherty (1g-3a), Ryan Kelly (2g-1a), Keanan O`Brien (2g), Mitchell Kinney (1g), Goaltending: Nick Beniamino 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins).


  --  HF-L defeated Greece Arcadia/Olympia 13-6. HF-L had six different players make the score book while Greece Arc/Oly had four. The Cougars were led by attackman Drew Tallon (5g-1a). The ball washfl at arc on the ground for a significant portion of the game and at the end HF-L won that battle 44-37.

Leading the charge for HF-L was midfielder James Spencer on the face-off wing. Spencer finished with 18 ground balls for the Cougars. Defenseman Keanan O'Brien finished with 2g and five ground balls. For the Lightning, Dylan Mahan finished with a team leading 7 ground balls. Dylan Frank (5) and Robert Kitchen (5) also contributed to the count.

The two teams were evenly matched in the first quarter, with each team scoring two goals. Kitchen scored the opening goal of the game with an unassisted goal at 8:23. Ryan Kelly scored the first goal for HF-L (assisted by Spencer). Dylan Mahan (unassisted) scored the second Lightning goal and Tallon (assisted by Connor Flaherty) scored the second Cougar goal. The score was 2-2 after the first quarter and the Lightning was feeling confident.

In the second quarter, however, HF-L stepped up their goal production. Tallon scored the first two goals of the quarter (both unassisted) to increase their lead to 4-2. Bryan Collister scored the first Lightning goal of the quarter. HF-L added three more before halftime with Mitchell Kinney, Spencer hfl_arcand Tallon each adding one goal. They led 7-3 at halftime. Mahan added his second goal of the game during man-up with an unassisted shot at the cage.

In the third quarter, HF-L kept up their pressure outscoring the Lightning 4-2. Flaherty scored the opening goal with an assist from Spencer. 0:37 later, Spencer scored with an assist from Tallon. Mahan added his third goal for the Lightning again during man-up. With 0:08 remaining in the quarter, Tallon added his fifth goal of the game with another unassisted goal.

In the fourth quarter, O'Brien scored both goals (the first assisted by Spencer and the second unassisted). In the cage, Tyler Catalfano finished with 8 saves for the Lightning. Nick Beniamino finished with seven saves for the Cougars.  return to top

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Canandaigua 12 - Spencerport 5  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 1-1
2 1 1 1 0 5
     Record: 3-1
3 1 4 4 0 12

The book for Spencerport: Marcus Palvino (1g-1a), Ben Tribunella (1a), Dom Gruttadauria (3g), Matt Kaser (1g-1a), Jeff Nitti (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 19s/12ga = 61% (48 mins)

The book for Canandaigua: Dave Serron (1g-1a), Matt Scharr (4g-1a), Nic Wood (2g-3a), Mark Greer (1g), Connor Moore (3a), Evan Helming (2g-2a), Taylor Spike (1g-1a), Dan LaCrosse (1g), Goaltending: Michael Cuciti 4s/3ga = 57% (24 mins), Corey Griffin 6s/2ga = 75% (20 mins), Anthony Laudisi 1s/0ga = 100% (4 mins).


  --  Canandaigua improved to 3-1 with their 12-5 win over Spencerport. The Braves had scoring from eight different players and played three different goalies between the pipes. Leading the charge was Matt Scharr with 4g-1a. For Spencerport Dom Gruttadauria finished with 3g.

Canandaigua struck first with a goal from Evan Helming and an assist from Nic Wood only 1:15 into the first quarter of play. Spencerport played well in the first quarter and added the next two goals to take the lead. Marcus Palvino and Gruttadauria each added one goal. With 5:46 remaining in the first quarter the Rangers were leading. Wood scored his only two goals of the game back to back. The first was assisted by Helming and the second was assisted by Connor Moore. The Braves had retaken the lead and led 3-2 after the first quarter.

Scharr scored his first goal of the game 0:48 into the second quarter to increase the Braves' lead to 4-2. With 0:01 remaining in the first half, Gruttadauria added his second goal (assisted by Jeff Nitti) to keep the game a one goal game.

In the third quarter the Braves stepped up their offense and kept a hold on Spencerport's offense. They outscored the Rangers 4-1 in both the third and fourth quarters. Scharr (twice), Dave Serron and Mark Greer all scored for the Braves. Matt Kaser scored the lone goal for Spencerport. The third quarter ended with the Braves controlling the game 8-4. In the fourth, Scharr, Taylor Spike, Helming and Dan LaCrosse each scored for Canandaigua. Gruttadauria's final goal was the last goal of the game with 2:49 remaining.

In the cage, Canandaigua split three goalies; Michael Cuciti, Corey Griffin and Anthony Laudisi. Cuciti finished with four saves, Griffin with six saves and Laudisi with one save. For Spencerport, Tyler Schweikert played the entire contest and finished with 19 saves.  return to top


Pittsford 4 - Orchard Park 2  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
 Orchard Park
     Record: unavailable
0 2 0 0 0 2
     Record: 4-0
0 1 2 1 0 4

The book for Orchard Park:

The book for Pittsford: James Burke (1a), Albie DiPasquale (1g-1a), Timmy Cooper (1g), Alex Kober (1g), Stephen Quinzi (1g), Goaltending: Conor Quinn 7s/2ga = 78% (48 mins).


  --  In a defensive battle, Pittsford defeated Orchard Park (Section VI) 4-2. The Panthers played a patient game and in the end came out with the win. Orchard Park's goalie Nick Own had an impressive day with 13 saves (77%) and added an assist. Of the four goals scored against him, three were from point blank on the crease. The senior goalie had a number of close range saves and was a key component for the Quakers.

The first quarter was a back and forth defensive battle. The Panthers took eight shots (four on cage) and the Quakers took three shots (two on cage) with neither team recording a goal.

In the second quarter, Pittsford made the first goal of the game with sophomore attackman Albie DiPasquale scoring on the crease after a feed from James Burke. Two minutes later Orchard Park got themselves on the scoreboard. Own, after making a stop, hit attackman Austin Goltz with a 60 yard outlet pass resulting in the goal. Own hit the pass perfectly, giving the ball to Goltz just where he needed it, between Pittsford defensemen. Ten seconds later Orchard Park took the lead with a face-off fast-break goal. Dan Murphy picked up the ball off the face-off wing and went straight in for the goal. The Quakers had the momentum shift, but could not get any other goals to fall. The first half ended with Orchard Park leading 2-1.

In the third quarter, Tim Cooper scored with an outside shot (feed from DiPasquale). Four minutes later and freshman Stephen Quinzi scored the first Varsity goal of his career. Quinzi picked up a loose ball near the crease and finished into the back of the net. The Panthers led 3-2 after three quarters.

In the last quarter, Alex Kober scored after a ground ball on the crease.

For Pittsford, Conor Quinn played the entire game between the pipes and finished with seven saves (78%). At the face-off draw, Orchard Park's Mitch Wilson finished 6/7 (3-1 in technicals). Murphy led the Quakers in ground balls with four. Tim Wagner (3), Wilson (2) and Peter Goltz (2) also contributed. For the Panthers, Tyler Aycock (5) led with Matt Gold (4), Kober (4) and Kevin Sanna (4) contributing. Sanna was also impressive with three one-on-one takes.  return to top

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Eastridge 12 - Ath/Ody 9  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 0-3
3 3 1 2 0 9
     Record: 2-3
3 3 3 3 0 12

The book for Ath/Ody: Tyler Gorgione (2g), Mason Rosso (1a), Gino Prestigiacomo (3a), Scotty Tam-Grimshaw (2g-1a), Anthony Merola (4g), Anthony Crawford (1a), Nick Caracci (1g), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 12s/11ga = 52% (47 mins), Ken Mohrman 0s/1ga (1 mins)

The book for Eastridge: Ethan Printy (2g-1a), Markus Lembcke (2g), Chris Giruzzi (2g-1a), Mike Mortillaro (2g-1a), Danny Ott (4g-1a), Goaltending: TJ Ennis 18s/9ga = 67% (48 mins).


  --  Eastridge defeated Greece Athena/Odyssey 12-9 with a strong second half. The Lancers scored five straight goals spanning the second and third quarters to move from down by three to leading by two. Once they took the lead, they held off the late advances by the Thunder to secure the win.

The Thunder's Anthony Merola (4g) started off the scoring with the first goal (assisted by Anthony Crawford). Eastridge's Danny Ott (4g-1a) scored his first goal with an assist from Ethan Printy less than a minute later. Merola scored his second goal next (this one assisted by Gino Prestigiacomo). Printy, who finished the game 7/16 at the face-off draw, won the next face-off and took the ball straight to the goal. Eastridge took their first lead of the game when Ott scored his second goal (assisted by Mike Mortillaro). Greece kept the game close with Merola's third goal with 1:56 remaining in the opening quarter (this one assisted by Scotty Tam-Grimshaw). The score was tied 3-3 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter Greece started off strong, scoring three goals right off the bat. Tyler Gorgione, Tam-Grimshaw and Merola scored the goals with Prestigiacomo assisting the latter two goals. With 7:37 remaining in the half, The Thunder had a three goal lead. Eastridge scored five unanswered and eight of the next nine goals. By the end of the third quarter, Eastridge led 9-7.

In the fourth quarter, unassisted goals from Printy and Mortillaro took the Lancers to their largest lead (11-7). Tam-Grimshaw and Gorgione scored the final two goals for the Thunder. Junior midfielder Chris Giruzzi scored the final goal of the game with 2:16 remaining.

In the cage, TJ Ennis played the entire game for Eastridge and recorded an impressive 18 saves. For the Thunder, Zach Rudgers played nearly the entire game and recorded 12 saves. While Rudgers was serving a penalty, Ken Mohrman played between the pipes but did not record a save. Tam-Grimshaw finished 13/24 at the face-off draw with a team leading nine ground balls. Nick Caracci (3) and Rudgers (2) also contributed. For Eastridge, Printy (9) led with George Bauer (4), Matt Hess (3) and Ennis (3) adding to the tally.  return to top

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Churchville-Chili 12 - Victor 5  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 3-0
5 2 4 1 0 12
     Record: 2-3
0 2 1 2 0 5

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (4g), Taylor Kolmer (1g-1a), Adam McWilliams (2g), Trevor Hodgins (1g-1a), Pat Bonafede (1g-1a), Jeff Gurbacki (1g), Kevin Widzinski (2a), Nick Gray (2g), Goaltending: Jack Corcoran 8s/5ga = 62% (48 mins)

The book for Victor: Connor Kimball (2g-1a), John Maloney (2a), Kyle Benwitz (2g), Roy Young (1g), Goaltending: Steve Basile 16s/12ga = 57% (48 mins).


  --  Churchville-Chili improved their record 3-0 with a win over Victor, 12-5. The Saints came out to a 5-0 lead at the end of the first quarter and never looked back. Churchville-Chili's defense (Scott Shamp, Bobby Wheeler, Pat McMahon, Steven Rink and goalie Jack Corcoran) were impressive duringC-C vs Victor the contest. During a period in the third and fourth quarters, the defense stopped 14 straight extra-man shots from entering the goal (13 off-cage and 1 save).

Churchville-Chili scored four unassisted goals on their first six shots. Trevor Hodgins, Pat Bonafede, Nick Gray and Ryan Yunker each added one goal. Adam McWilliams scored (assisted by Hodgins) for the fifth goal of the first quarter. In the second quarter, Victor scored the first two goals of the quarter with Roy Young and Kyle Benowitz each scoring. Connor Kimball assisted Benwitz's goal. Churchville-Chili responded scoring four straight and seven of the next eight spanning three quarters. At the end of the first half Churchville-Chili led 7-2.

In the third quarter, the Saints kept up the pressure with goals from Kolmer and Jeff Gurbacki. Kimball scored the Victor goal in the third quarter with an assist from John Maloney. The final three Churchville-Chili goals of the game were scored by Yunker (assisted by Bonafede, unassisted and assisted by Kolmer). At the end of three quarter the score was 11-3. The final two goals of the game were scored by Victor with one by Benwitz (assisted by Maloney) and the other by Kimball (unassisted).

In the cage, Steve Basile finished with 16 saves for Victor and Corcoran finished with 8 saves for Churchville-Chili. For the Saints, Kolmer finished 7/12 at the face-off draw. For Victor, TJ DiSanto was 7/15 and Brian Gilbert was 4/4.  return to top

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Brighton 18 - Gates Chili 11  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 3-1
6 4 1 7 0 18
 Gates Chili
     Record: 1-2
2 2 4 3 0 11

The book for Brighton: Kurt Minges (2g-3a), CJ Wool (3g-1a), Dan Pierce (3g), Brackett Bourne (2g), Alex Ballatori (4g), Alex Lebowitz (1g), Casey Kopp (2g), Steven Cregan (1g-3a), Sam Burgess (2a), Goaltending: Tom Hilling 6s/11ga (48 mins)

The book for Gates Chili: Matt Dakin (1g-2a), Grant Ferguson (7g-3a), London Booker (1g), Matt Martin (1g-2a), Steve Eaton (1g), Goaltending: Brian Lane 8s/16ga (42 mins), Tyler Jacobson 2s/2ga = 50% (6 mins).


  --  Brighton defeated Gates-Chili 18-11. The game was close for the first three quarters, it wasn't until the fourth quarter that the Barons opened up the scoring and ran away with the game. With 9:26 remaining in the fourth quarter, Gates-Chili only trailed by two (11-9).

Brighton's CJ Wool scored only 0:26 into the contest and the game was never tied again. The Spartans kept the game close, but never came closer than two goals. Long-stick defenseman Dan Pierce scored the first of his three goals off the face-off only 0:39 later. Gates-Chili scored their first goal when Matt Dakin assisted Grant Ferguson. Ferguson finished the game playing a hand in 10/11 goals for the Spartans (7g-3a). Brighton kept up the pressure and scored the next three goals. Brackett Bourne and Casey Kopp each added one goal during man-up situations and face-off man Lebowitz scored unassisted with 0:56 remaining in the quarter. Three goals were scored in the final minute of the quarter. Ferguson scored his second (again assisted by Dakin) with 0:21 remaining. The final goal of the quarter was the second goal from Pierce. The first quarter ended with Brighton leading 6-2.

In the second quarter, Brighton added two more goals in the first two minutes. Wool and Alex Ballatori each scored (assisted by Kurt Minges and Kopp). Ferguson added two more goals in the second quarter (on an assist by Matt Martin and one unassisted). Going into halftime, the Barons led 10-4.

In the third quarter Gates-Chili began pushing the score closer. Ferguson scored another unassisted goal with 10:49 remaining in the third. Brighton midfielder Steven Cregan scored the only Baron goal of the quarter. Gates-Chili added three more goals before the end of the quarter. Martin and Steve Eaton each scored one (both assisted by Ferguson). With 0:33 remaining in the quarter Ferguson added his fifth goal of the game. The quarter ended with Brighton's lead cut to three (11-8).

In the fourth quarter, Ferguson scored his last goal of the game with 9:26 remaining (assisted by Martin). The goal was scored during man-up and brought the game within two goals. That was as close as Gates-Chili got. The Barons scored the next five goals. Ballatori (twice), Minges, Pierce and Wool all scored. Brighton looked dominant on the field and on the sidelines. The Barons were worked up and excited, while the Spartans looked downtrodden. Dakin added his first goal of the game (assisted by Ferguson) with 4:47 remaining. The last Gates-Chili goal was scored by London Booker and was the only goal Ferguson was not involved in. The final goal of the game was scored by Koop (assisted by Wool) with 2:11 remaining. The Barons held the ball for the final two minutes).

Brighton face off man Alex Lebowitz finished with21/27 (78%) and was helped by wing man, Dan Pierce who picked up a number of impressive ground balls.

In the cage, Brian Lane finished with eight saves for the Spartans. Tyler Jacobson finished the game for Gates-Chili and recorded two saves. For Brighton, Tom Hilling got the start and played the entire game recording six saves.  return to top

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Bishop Kearney 10 - Batavia 8  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 0-4
3 0 3 2 0 8
 Bishop Kearney
     Record: 3-0
1 2 3 4 0 10

The book for Batavia: Chad Luce (4g-2a), Alex Cliff (1g), Kyle King (2g-1a), Tyler Hoye (1g), Goaltending: Eric Mancuso 11s/10ga = 52% (48 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney: Dylan Miller (4g-1a), Matt Armstrong (2g-3a), Nate Kessler (3g-2a), Trevor Pitt (1g), Goaltending: Kyle Miller 20s/8ga = 71% (48 mins).


  --  Bishop Kearney defeated Batavia to move to 3-0 on the season. Bishop Kearney won 10-8 after coming into the final quarter tied at 6-6. Junior Dylan Miller finished with 4g-1a and senior Nate Kessler finished with 3g-2a for the Kings. For the Blue Devils, Chad Luce finished with 4g-2a and Kyle King finished with 2g-1a.

Bishop Kearney defensemen John Dilal, Mike Flaherty, Tim Schreiber and freshmen Louie Perez and Brandon Link stepped up after an injury left them depleted in their normal defense. Flaherty finished with a team leading seven ground balls. Dilal helped to keep the lead with a great one-on-one take in the fourth quarter to stop Batavia from scoring. In the cage for Batavia, Eric Mancuso finished with 11 saves (52%). Kyle Miller recorded 20 saves (71%) for the Bishop Kearney.  return to top


Livonia 10 - Marcus Whitman 5  

game summary s5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Tot
     Record: 2-1
3 2 3 2 0 10
 Marcus Whitman
     Record: 0-2
1 2 0 2 0 5

The book for Livonia: Cody Cisco (2g-1a), Wyatt Struble (6g-1a), Josh Wester (1g-4a), Jake Fox (1g-1a), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 13s/4ga = 76% (45 mins), Joe Simpson 2s/1ga = 67% (3 mins)

The book for Marcus Whitman: Matt Hall (2g), Jeffrey Bero (1g), Clay Wilson (1g), Matt Hey (1g), Karl Gray (2a), Goaltending: Merritt Bailey 16s/10ga = 62% (48 mins).


  --  Livonia led 3-1 after the first quarter on their way to a 10-5 win over Marcus Whitman. The Bulldog's scoring was led by Wyatt Struble (6g-1a). Sophomore attackman Josh Wester also had an impressive day with 1g-4a. Freshman Matt Hall led in scoring for Marcus Whitman with 2g. Livonia vs MWSophomore Karl Gray had 2a for the Wildcats.

Coach Brett Wood was impressed with his team at their home opener. After the game he said "Looking back at the game, we did some things very well tonight and did some things not so well in a hard played game."

One major problem for the Bulldogs was penalties. Although they were in the box more than they would have liked, the man-down defense stepped up and kept Marcus Whitman scoreless on extra-man. At one point, in the third quarter, Livonia was three men down. However, they took possession and ran out the clock on the penalty.

In the cage for Livonia, Ethan Jamison played the majority of the game and recorded 13 saves. Joe Simpson played the final three minutes and recorded two saves. For Marcus Whitman, freshman Merritt Bailey finished with 16 saves.   return to top