Tuesday: One and Done - The Tournament Begins


There were ten out bracket games played in the Section today and only one team that beat a higher seeded team. In the Class A bracket, Hilton (#9) beat Gates Chili (#8) and will play Fairport. Churchville-Chili be the Lightning and moves on to Pittsford. In Class B, Spencerport beat Eastridge and will take on CA next and HFL beat Brockport and will play Thomas on Thursday. Six games were played in Class C. Winners included Bath, B-H (who won their first ever Sectional game), Midlakes, Livonia, Geneva and Pal-Mac.

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Churchville-Chili 17 - Arc/Oly 2  

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (3g), Taylor Kolmer (2g-2a), Adam McWilliams (1a), Dan Traugott (1g-1a), Jimmy Koch (1g), Alex Pavone (2g-2a), Jacob Shepard (1g), Zach Yehl (2g-1a), Trevor Hodgins (1g), Pat Bonafede (2g), Jon Hemink (2g), Goaltending: Wolodia Huley 0s/1ga (24 mins), Jack Corcoran 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins)

The book for Arc/Oly: Billy Slapar (1g), Richard Fischer (1g-1a), Goaltending: Shane Trost 17s/17ga = 50% (48 mins).

  --  Seventh seeded Churchville-Chili defeated tenth seeded Greece Arcadia/Olympia 17-2. The Saints scored the first eleven goals of the contest spanning the first two quarters before the Lightning added the final goal of the first half with 0:25 remaining in the quarter. Billy Slapar scored with Richard Fischer assisting. The Saints led 11-1 going into halftime.

In the second half, Churchville-Chili scored the first two goals of the half to take a 12 goal lead for the first time with a goal from Pat Bonafede (assisted by Adam McWilliams). The second Greece Arc/Oly goal was scored with 8:31 remaining with an unassisted goal by Fischer. Churchville-Chili's Jacob Shepard scored unassisted for the 12 goal lead. The final goal of the game was scored by junior Jimmy Koch. This is the first season playing lacrosse for Koch and his first career goal.

In the cage for Churchville-Chili, Wolodia Huley played the first half and did not record a save; while Jack Corcoran played the second half and recorded two saves. Shane Trost played the entire game for the Lightning and finished with 17 saves. return

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Spencerport 14 - Eastridge 3  

The book for Spencerport: Matt Kaser (3g-2a), Marcus Palvino (2g-2a), Seth Miller (1g-3a), Nick Fischer (2g-1a), Austin Hintz (2g), Kristian Barbato (2g), Ben Tribunella (2g), Levi Basynnski (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 17s/3ga = 85% (48 mins)

The book for Eastridge: Mike Mortillaro (2g), Ethan Printy (1g), Chris Giruzzi (1a), Goaltending: TJ Ennis 12s/14ga (48 mins).

  --  It was a 14-3 victory for Spencerport (#8) over Eastridge (#9) tonight as the Rangers scored four in the first and four in the second, while holding the Lancers to one goal in each of the first three quarters.

Matt Kaser (3g-2a) and Marcus Palvino (2g-2a) led the group of eight players on the offensive scoreboard and Schweikert made 17 saves in the goal for the Rangers (9-8) who move on to the quarter finals and play Canandaigua on Thursday. return


HFL 10 - Brockport 6  

The book for HFL: Nick Weston (1g), Alex Holton (1g), Drew Tallon (2g), Eric Boike (1g-2a), Clai Kuhn (2g), Jason Breau (2g), Alex Moyer (1g), Jeff Roth (1a), Goaltending: Jay Tallon 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins)

The book for Brockport: Bryan Johnson (2g), Nick Sutphen (2g), Jake Burns (1g-1a), Charlie Mannix (1g), Goaltending: Paul Duthoy 16s/10ga = 62% (48 mins).

 --  Seventh seeded HFL scored the first goal of the game and led or tied for the entire contest. HFL defeated tenth seeded Brockport 10-6. HFL took the lead early in the first half and held off the late advances from the Blue Devils in the second half. HFL's first five goals were scored by five different Cougars. Clai Kuhn, Alex Moyer, Drew Tallon, Alex Holton and Eric Bioke each scored one goal for HFL. The Cougars led 5-1 going into halftime.

In the second half the game was closer with both teams adding five goals each. The second half was also significant for a rise in penalties. In the first half there were two technical fouls in the second half there were eight personal fouls and one technical foul. Additionally, the second quarter was plagued with two, three minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalties (one for each team).

In the third quarter the scoring went back and forth after Brockport added the first two goals of the quarter. The Blue Devils brought the game within two goals three times, but could not get closer than that. The third quarter ended with HFL's Tallon scoring his second goal of the game with 0:52 remaining in the third quarter. HFL led 8-5 after three quarters.

HFL added the first two goals of the fourth quarter. The first goal of the quarter was scored during a 5-on-4 situation with an unassisted goal by Jason Breau. The final goal of the contest was scored by Brockport's Nick Sutphen with an assist from Jake Burns.

In the cage, Jay Tallon played the entire game for HFL and Paul Duthoy played the entire game for Brockport. Tallon finished with seven saves and Duthoy finished with eleven saves. Face-off man Jordan Gushue finished at 79% for HFL (15/19). return

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Bath 20 - East Rochester 8  

The book for Bath: Matt Nesbitt (1a), Drew Wager (1g-1a), Zach Reed (3g-7a), Brian Gable (5g-1a), Mark Martuscello (6g-1a), Nick Rossi (4g-2a), Jeff Chapman (1g-1a), Goaltending: Andrew Clark 7s/6ga = 54% (36 mins), Adam Force 1s/2ga (12 mins)

The book for East Rochester: Torin Hudson (2g), John Reiss (3g), Darnell Rhodes (2g), Jordan Michele (1g), Goaltending: Liridon Dervisholli 12s/17ga (36 mins), Jonathan Caton 0s/3ga (12 mins).

  --  Eighth seeded Bath easily defeated ninth seeded East Rochester 20-8. The Rams won each of the four quarters and took the 12 goal lead with 10:17 remaining in the game. Overall the game was plagued be penalties with 20 penalties (9 for Bath, 11 for East Rochester) including two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Bath scored the first seven goals of the game. Zach Reed, who led the Rams with 3g-7a, was involved in the first four goals for Bath. Reed assisted the first and third, while scoring the second and fourth. Darnell Rhodes scored the two East Rochester goals in the first quarter with unassisted goals at 1:58 and 1:00. The first quarter ended with Bath leading 7-2.

East Rochester scored the first goal of the second quarter with an unassisted man-up goal by Jordan Michele to bring the score within three goals. Bath added another two with another goal from Reed and Mark Martuscello scored his second goal of the game. Scoring for both teams continued, including a double man-up goal by East Rochester with John Reiss scoring. The second quarter ended with Bath leading 12-5.

East Rochester scored the first goal of the third quarter as well with another goal by Reiss. Bath followed with the next five goals before the end of the quarter. Bath's Nick Rossi added two, with Martuscello adding another two and Brian Gable adding the fifth. Two of the goals were assisted by Reed and two were scored during man-up. The third quarter ended with Bath holding a 17-6 lead.

For the fourth quarter, the Bombers scored the first goal of the quarter once more. Torin Hudson scored unassisted only 0:15 into the quarter. Thirty seconds later, Brian Gable scored with Martuscello assisting. Bath added two more goals to take the 12 goals lead. East Rochester's Hudson scored the last goal of the game during man-up.

In the cage, both teams played two goalies. Bath's Andrew Clark played the first three quarters with Adam Force finishing the game. For East Rochester, Liridon Dervisholli played the first three quarter with Jonathan Caton finishing the game. Clark finished with seven saves and Force finished with one save for the Rams. Dervisholli finished with twelve saves and Caton finished without recording a save. return

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the full statistics.


Bloomfield-Honeoye 14 - Newark 4  

The book for Bloomfield-Honeoye: Jered Maloney (3g), Luke Blain (2g-1a), Luke Anderson (4g-1a), Sean Beaney (2g-2a), Zach Hammond (1a), Ben Cratsley (1g), Keeton Mashtare (1a), Zack Starke (1g), Travis Young (1g), Goaltending: Jay Nichols 4s/0ga = 100% (28 mins), Aaron Stevens 4s/4ga = 50% (20 mins)

The book for Newark: Ryan Kommer (3g), Tom Barrett (1a), Alex Peake (1a), Jeff Nowak (1g), Goaltending: Dominic Camblin 13s/12ga = 52% (33 mins), Nate Gardner 3s/2ga = 60% (15 mins).

  --  The Pride won their first sectional tournament game in their team's history as they beat Newark 14-4 tonight in their out bracket game. Bloomfield-Honeoye (#4) shut out the Reds (#13)for the first three quarters of the game, while putting up three goals in the first and six more before the half.

Luke Anderson (4g-1a), Season Beaney (2g-2a), Jered Maloney (3g) and Luke Blain led the group of nine players making the offensive book for the Pride.

Senior Jay Nichols and sophomore Aaron Stevens shared the goal keeping responsibilities, each making four saves.

Bloomfield-Honeoye plays a quarter final game at Midlakes on Friday. return


Livonia 19 - Batavia 4  

The book for Livonia: Mike Donals (6g-1a), Chris Bausch (4g-2a), Jeff Wester (4g-6a), Wyatt Struble (1g-2a), Andrew Smith (2g), Josh Wester (1a), Phil Wallace (1g), Ryan Smith (1g), Kenny Lane (1a), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins), Joe Simpson 3s/3ga = 50% (24 mins)

The book for Batavia: Joe Pedro (1g-1a), Will Mulcahy (3g), Goaltending: Theo Hill 8s/18ga (36 mins), Dylan Buchholtz 2s/1ga = 67% (12 mins).

  --  Scoring seven in the first and ten more before the half, Livonia (#7) won their out bracket game with a 19-4 victory over Batavia (#10).

Nine players made the offensive book for the Bulldogs who were led by Jeff Wester (4g-6a), Mike Donals (6g-1a) and Chris Bausch (4g-2a).

"I give Batavia a lot of credit for the way they played," reported Livonia Head Coach Brett Wood after the game. "They played with a lot of class and composure in a game that a lot of teams would have turned physical. Their coaching staff was gracious and complementary to our kids and team and we really appreciated that."

Senior attackman Will Mulcahy scored three goals for Batavia. Livonia (10-7) moves on to the quarter finals where they travel to the winner of Penn Yan and Bishop Kearney, who play on Wednesday. return


Geneva 16 - Marcus Whitman 3  

The book for Geneva: Billy Eddington (3g), Patrick Roll (4g-1a), Frank Triana (3g-2a), Will Brennan (1g-1a), Sean Cunningham (3g), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Zach Koczent (1g), Sam Rollo (1a), Matt Miller (1a), Goaltending: Ross Dinan 8s/3ga = 73% (24 mins), Derek Grillone 3s/0ga = 100% (24 mins)

The book for Marcus Whitman: Jaime Vogt (1g), Shawn Allen (1g), Clay Wilson (1g), Goaltending: Bobby Mason 10s/10ga = 50% (48 mins).

  --  Geneva took a quick lead making it 1-0 in the first minute of the game. Whitman scored the next two to take a 2-1 lead with 10:14 to go in the first quarter, but Geneva tied it with 7:36 before taking the lead for good with 5:49 left. Geneva (#3) led at the half, 9-3 and finished with a 16-3 out bracket win against Marcus Whitman (#14).

Marcus Whitman saw one goal each by Jaime Vogt, Shawn Allen and Clay Wilson and Bobby Mason made ten saves in the cage for the Wildcats.

Nine different players made the offensive book for the Panthers who were led by Billy Eddington (3g), Patrick Roll (4g-1a), Frank Triana (3g-2a) and freshman middie, Sean Cunningham (3g). Geneva moves into the quarter finals hosting Pal-Mac on Friday. return


Pal-Mac 17 - Mynderse 8  

The book for Pal-Mac: Dom Chapman (1g), Mike Russell (2g-2a), Jeff Kier (3g-2a), Thomas Marble (1g), Mike DeMar (5g-1a), David Ellsworth (2g-2a), Ben Reeves (3g-2a), Doug Ellsworth (1a), Matt Carkner (1a), Goaltending: Matt Carkner 11s/8ga = 58% (48 mins)

The book for Mynderse: Mike Clark (4g), Aaron Peterman (1g-2a), Brett Wood (2g-1a), Jerry Jones (1a), Matt Koopman (1g-2a), Goaltending: Tim Trickler 11s/17ga (48 mins).

  --  Scoring seven goals in the first quarter, Pal-Mac (#6) took a 10-5 lead at the half and will advance in the tournament with a 17-8 win over Mynderse Academy (#11).

Mike DeMar (5g-1a), Ben Reeves (3g-2a) along with Mike Russell and David Ellsworth (2g-2a each) led the offense for the Red Raiders (12-5).

Mynderse ends their season at 5-12 while Pal-Mac goes to Geneva on Thursday. return


Hilton 15 - Gates Chili 12  

The book for Gates Chili:

The book for Hilton: Mike Meeks (6g), Kyle Youngman (3g-3a), Jake Montgomery (2g), Cory Endres (2g), Dylan Hickey (1a), Mike Barbone (1a), David Smith (2g), Goaltending: Mitch Smith 18s/12ga = 60% (48 mins).

  -- In the only seeding upset of the day, Hilton (#9) defeated Gates Chili (#8) 15-12 tonight in Gates.

Leading the Cadets were Mike Meeks with 6g and Kyle Youngman with 3g-3a. Mitch Smith has 18 saves for Hilton (4-13) who will play at Fairport on Friday. No report from Gates-Chili on game night. return


Midlakes 17 - Waterloo 5  

k for Midlakes: Matt Barilla (2g-3a), Cory Gray (4g-2a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (4g-1a), Nick Judge (6g-1a), Erik Baker (1g), Goaltending: Matt Brennessel 14s/5ga = 74% (48 mins)

The book for Waterloo:

 --  Midlakes (#5) beat Waterloo (#12) this afternoon 17-5 as Nick Judge (6g-1a), Cory Gray (4g-2a) and Tyler Brooks-Lambert (4g-1) led the Eagles on the offensive end of the field. Matt Brennessel recorded 14 saves for Midlakes (13-4) who will travel to B-H on Friday. return