Wednesday: Whitman wins on Senior Night - AQ over Timon


There were two game played on Wednesday. Marcus Whitman celebrated senior night with a 10-5 victory over visiting Newark. Aquinas traveled to Buffalo and beat Bishop Timon 11-7.

Marcus Whitman 10 - Newark 5  

The book for Marcus Whitman: Shawn Allen (5g-1a), Jaime Vogt (1g-2a), Clay Wilson (1g), Dalton Ormsbee (1g), Jeffrey Bero (1g), Collin Ayers (1g), Taylor Lazzaro (1a), Goaltending: Bobby Mason 13s/5ga = 72% (48 mins)

The book for Newark: Ed Facer (1a), Tom Barrett (1a), Eli Ebanks (3g), Alex Peake (1g), Ryan Kommer (1g), Goaltending: Dominic Camblin 10s/9ga = 53% (47 mins), Nate Gardner 0s/1ga (1 mins).

  -- Marcus Whitman defeated the visiting Newark Reds 10-5 tonight during senior night in Rushville. "This was a great win tonight for this team. Especially the seniors to be able to win one under the lights at home on senior night,: said a happy Head Coach Bruce Teague, Jr. "Bobby Mason played a great game in the goal to give us the opportunity to put the game away."

Shawn Allen and Jaime Vogt combined for 6 goals and three assists to lead the seniors while Collin Ayers recorded his first varsity goal. The defense led by Collin Ayers, Tyler Brahm and Justin Englin held Newark to only five goals. The Wildcats finish up at Bloomfield-Honeoye tomorrow.

Eli Ebanks (3g) led the offensive effort for Newark and Dominic Camblin recorded 10 saves. The Reds finish out their season hosting Waterloo on Thursday.


Aquinas 11 - Timon / St. Jude 7  

The book for Timon / St. Jude:

The book for Aquinas: Klay Heston (1a), Austin Gorman (5g-3a), Bernard Gauthier (1g-1a), Mike Messina (2g), Brendan Hall (2g), Dave Mason (1a), Jake Vogl (1g), Goaltending: Erich Wischmeyer 9s/7ga = 56% (48 mins).

  --  Aquinas improved their record to (12-3) as they defeated Bishop Timon (12-5) of Section Six, 11-7 today in Buffalo.

It was slow start as both teams played conservatively, and with a great deal of transition, as each team forced turnovers. Aquinas scored first when Klay Heston sent the ball to Bernard Gauthier. After four minutes of quite, Timon evened the score for a short time, until AQ ended the quarter up 2-1.

Timon tied the game with a goal just 0:32 into the second quarter. The goal served as a wake up call for the Lil Irish who then scored five goals in a three and a half minute period and led 9-3 at the half. Austin Gorman scored six points (5g-1a) in the second quarter and ended the game with ended the game with 5g-3a. Play slowed in the third quarter with Aquinas scoring one and Timon adding two. Erich Wischmeyer made nine saves for Aquinas who host Livonia on Friday. return