Tuesday: Fairport over Pittsford, Penfield over Penn Yan


There were fifteen games in Section Five today, as the regular season is winding down. Fairport hosted Pittsford and defeated the Panthers 13-5. Penfield defeated visiting Penn Yan 9-6, East Rochester beat Spencerport 11-10 and Bloomfield-Honeoye beat Mynderse 15-14. Canandaigua was a 7-4 winner over Irondequoit and Victor was an 11-8 winner over HFL.

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Fairport 13 - Pittsford 5  

The book for Fairport: Brian Martin (1g), James Manilla (3g), Chris Button (1g-1a), Brendan Saylor (1g-3a), Martin Manilla (3g-2a), Spencer Wright (1a), Andrew Hays (4g), Goaltending: Kyle Bowerman 6s/5ga = 55% (48 mins)

The book for Pittsford: James Burke (1a), Steven Troup (1g), Jack Lauroesch (1g), Alex Kober (1g), James Purpura (1g-1a), David Belias (1g), Goaltending: Alex Howell 3s/9ga (36 mins), Conor Quinn 0s/4ga (12 mins).

 -- In a game that has been sold as a potential Class A championship game, the Red Raiders came out to prove their dominance with a 13-5 win over visiting Pittsford. Fairport played solid defense and held Pittsford to only three goals before the final two minutes. The Panthers scored the last two goals of the game in the final two minutes of play. Fairport dominated the play offensively and defensively. The Red Raiders led the ground ball battle 35-25, outshot the Panthers 41-15, and had twice as many takes (12-6). The Panthers had difficulty clearing all night but finishing with 65% at the clear. Fairport also dominated at the face-off draw as Stephen Danylyshyn finished the game at 75% (12/14).

fpt-pittFairport scored the first three goals of the game with goals at 6:01, 4:11 and 3:58. The first goal for the Red Raiders was scored during a fast-break with defenseman Spencer Wright passing the ball across the field to Brian Martin. The second goal demonstrated the Red Raiders presence on the field. Midfielder Chris Button subbed in and drove straight down towards the goal, calling for the ball as he ran. Attackman Brendan Saylor heard the call and fed him the ball. The third goal came 0:13 later. After Saylor missed a shot, Martin Manilla took the ball out from behind the cage and defeated his defenseman for the one-on-one goal. The Panthers got the ball back on their offensive end and held it until time was about to expire. The Panther's James Purpura drove from behind the cage; although he was turned back by his defenseman, he looked to the crease and found Jack Lauroesch open for the first Panther goal. Fairport led 3-1 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Red Raiders continued the pressure. After a short-stick had marked up on Saylor behind the cage, he looked to drive. The Panthers defense looked to switch to a long-stick; however, it was too late at the he came around from behind the cage and jumped, putting the shot on the top-shelf. Pittsford scored their second goal with a drive from behind by Purpura. The Panthers kept the game within two goals at 4-2. Fairport scored the last goal of the second quarter with a score by Andrew Hays. Martin Manilla started the play with a drive from behind and a feed to the crease. The crease player for the Red Raiders missed the pass; however, Hays was ready and grabbed the ball after a single bounce and finished into the back of the net. Manilla and Hays scored a second goal the exact same manner later in the game. Fairport increased their lead to three (5-2) at the half.

fpt-pittIn the third quarter, the Red Raiders pulled away. Fairport scored four goals while holding the Panthers scoreless. Hays added his second goal with a drive from the sideline whistle. The next goal for the Red Raiders began with an interception by the Panther goalie (Alex Howell). Howell intercepted the ball after a cross-crease pass and looked up field for the quick outlet. However, Tim Modesti was waiting for the pass and intercepted the outlet pass from Howell. Modesti looked up the field and found Button about five yards out directly in front of the goal. However, instead of shooting, Button looked one more pass to Martin Manilla, who was wide open on the crease. The third goal of the quarter was scored by James Manilla. J. Manilla drove from behind the cage and found a tiny opening above the right shoulder of Howell to put the ball into the back of the net. The final goal of the quarter was scored with a straight drive from the top of the restraining line after a time-out by Hays. Fairport led 9-2 after three quarters and were in complete control of the game.

In the fourth quarter, Pittsford came right out of the opening face-off and scored 0:14 into play. Midfielder Tyler Aycock picked up the ground ball off the face-off and looked back to face-off man James Burke. Burke looked up field and found Alex Kober open for the goal. Fairport added another four goals before the subs went into the game. M. Manilla scored unassisted with a straight drive from the outside. Three minutes later, J. Manilla scored with a assist from Saylor. Saylor drove to the cage and found J. Manilla open on the crease. The third Fairport goal was scored in the same manner, with a drive by Saylor and a pass to J. Manilla on the crease. fpt-pittThe final goal of the game for Fairport was scored by Hays (with an assist from M. Manilla) with a similar play as earlier in the game. After two time-outs late in the game (Fairport with 3:15 remaining and Pittsford with 2:19 remaining), both teams had put some of their subs into the game. With 1:59 remaining in the game, attackman David Belias drove from behind the cage and put the ball into the back of the net. On the ensuing face-off, Timmy Cooper picked up his own ground ball after the face-off draw and found Steven Troup open on GLE. Troup drove in dodging his defenseman for the goal with 1:45 remaining.

Leading in ground balls for Fairport was long-stick midfielder James Cunningham with seven; Wright (4) and Danylyshyn (4) also added to the totals. For Pittsford, Purpura (4) and Aycock (4) both led in ground balls. In the cage, Kyle Bowerman finished with six saves for the Red Raiders. Alex Howell played the first three quarters for Pittsford and finished with three saves. Conor Quinn finished the game, but did not record a save. return

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Canandaigua 7 - Irondequoit 4  

The book for Canandaigua: Brandon Thomson (2g), Adam Knapton (1g-1a), Deven Alves (1g-2a), Gannon Osborn (2g), Bryan Peck (1a), Collin Peck (1g), Goaltending: Nick King 19s/4ga = 83% (48 mins)

The book for Irondequoit: Mike Utz (2g), Greg Coholan (2g), Erik Kleehammer (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Nash 15s/7ga = 68% (48 mins).

  --  Two unanswered goals in the first quarter and an additional goal in the second quarter was the difference for the Braves as they defeated visiting Irondequoit 7-4 tonight in Canandaigua.

Brandon Thomson (2g) led goal production for Canandaigua while Adam Knapton and Deven Alves each added 1g-2a. Senior goalie Nick King recorded 19 saves for the Braves (14-1) who finish up their regular season hosting Brockport on Thursday.

Scoring for Irondequoit were Mike Utz and Greg Coholan with two goals each and Erik Kleehammer with an assist. Tyler Nash had seven saves for the 9-6 Eagles who finish up their pre-tournament season at Thomas on Thursday. return


Thomas 16 - Churchville-Chili 10  

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (1g), Taylor Kolmer (3g), Alex Pavone (1g-2a), Zach Yehl (1g), Trevor Hodgins (1g-1a), Steven Rinck (1a), Pat Bonafede (1g), Nick Gray (1g), Jon Hemink (1g-1a), Goaltending: Wolodia Huley 4s/7ga (18 mins), Jack Corcoran 8s/9ga (30 mins)

The book for Thomas: Jack Hinderland (5g-3a), Brad Hutton (4g), Kyle Rothfuss (3g-2a), Kenny Tomeno (3g), Zach Crawford (1g), JT Hauck (2a), Ben Morrill (2a), John Hart (2a), Conor Smith (1a) Goaltending: Don Grace 4s/4ga = 50% (36 mins), Zack Mayer 3s/6ga (12 mins).

  --  Thomas took an early lead against Churchville-Chili and held on to defeat the Saints 16-10. The Titans scored the first seven goals in the first quarter while holding the Saints scoreless. Thomas led the ground ball battle 39-36 as well as leading in shots 38-30 and shots on cage 27-16.

The Titans had three goals from Jack Hinderland, two goals from Brad Hutton and one goal each from Kenny Tomeno and Kyle Rothfuss in the first quarter. Churchville-Chili came back and scored the first two goals of the second quarter at 9:42 and 9:01. Zach Yehl scored the opening Saint goal (unassisted) which was followed by Alex Pavone passing the ball to Taylor Kolmer. Kolmer finished 9/17 at the face-off draw and had six ground balls. Trevor Hodgins (who finished 7/12 at the draw) led the Saints with seven ground balls. Thomas scored three more goals before the Saints scored again; Tomeno (from Rothfuss), Rothfuss (from Ben Morrill) and Hutton (from John Hart). The final goal of the first half was scored by Hodgins (assisted by Jon Hemink) during extra-man offense. Churchville-Chili was 2/2 at man-up. Thomas led 10-3 going into halftime.

Thomas scored three more goals to start the third quarter. Churchville-Chili didn't score their fourth goal until 1:56 remaining in the quarter with a face-off fast-break. Long-stick Steven Rinck picked up the ball on the face-off and found Ryan Yunker open for the goal. Thomas added the final goal of the third quarter when Hinderland scored his fifth and final goal of the game with 0:38 remaining in the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Thomas scored the first goal and Churchville-Chili added the final six goals of the game to bring the score from 15-4 Thomas to 15-10 Thomas. Five different players scored the final six goals for the Saints. Taylor Kolmer was the only Saint to score more than one goal. Jon Hemink, Pavone, Pat Bonafede and Nick Gray scored for the Saints. The first of Kolmer's goals was the second man-up goal for Churchville-Chili.

Thomas' ground balls were led by midfielder JT Hauck with six. Also adding to the tally were face-off man Tomeno (5) and midfielder Zach Crawford (5). Tomeno finished 7/10 at the face-off draw. In the cage for the Titans, Don Grace played the first three quarters and finished with four saves. Zach Mayer finished the game and had three saves. For Churchville-Chili, Wolodia Huley played the first 18 minutes and recorded four saves. Jack Corcoran finished the game with eight saves.  return

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Schroeder 21 - Gates Chili 4  

The book for Schroeder: Cody Consul (6g), Alex Powell (4g), Scott Tota (1a), Joe Nicodemi (2a), Nick Powell (1g), Parrish McKnight (1g-1a), Tyler Mason (1g-1a), Johnny Murray (1g-1a), Pete Noto (3g-1a), Brett Farrell (1g-4a), Dylan DiFante (1g), Cody Henry (2g), Goaltending: Scott Tota 4s/4ga = 50% (36 mins), Eric Saltrelli 2s/0ga = 100% (9 mins), Nick Russo 0s/0ga (3 mins)

The book for Gates Chili: Grant Ferguson (1g-2a), Tyler Webb (1g), Pete DiLaura (1g), Brian Eckam (1g), Goaltending: Brian Lane 13s/21ga (48 mins).

  --  Although Gates-Chili scored the first goal, Schroeder scored the next eleven on their way to a 21-4 win over the Spartans. Schroeder led 13-2 going into the half and took the twelve goal lead with 7:57 remaining in the third quarter.

Schroeder had twelve different players have at least one goal or one assist. The Warrior's Cody Consul led the scoring efforts with six goals, attackman Brett Farrell led in assists with 1g-4a. The Warriors also led in ground balls 36-13. Leading the charge for the Warriors was defenseman Ryan Martin (8). Also making contributions were midfielders Johnny Murray (5) and Joe Nicodemi (4) and attackman Brett Farrell (4) as well as Josh Reed (4). Leading the ground ball charge for the Spartans was midfielder Pete DiLaura with six ground balls.

At the face-off, Murray finished 9/11 and Reed finished 8/11 for the Warriors. In the cage, Schroeder played three goalies; Scott Tota finished with four saves spanning 36 minutes, Eric Saltrelli finished with two saves spanning nine minute and Nick Russo played three minutes without facing a shot. For Gates-Chili Brian Lane played the entire game and finished with 13 saves. return

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Ath/Ody 20 - Arc/Oly 6  

The book for Ath/Ody: Danny Vyverberg (5g-2a), Tyler Gorgione (4g-1a), Matt Keough (3g-2a), Andrew Prestigiacomo (2g), Mike LoFaso (2g), Joe Trimboli (1g-1a), Brandon Cheeseman (1g-1a), Nick Kraft (1g), Eric Hostetter (1g), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 4s/3ga = 57% (32 mins), Steve Cole 2s/1ga = 67% (10 mins), Zach Cox 0s/2ga (6 mins)

The book for Arc/Oly: David Powlowski (2g-1a), Richard Fischer (1g-1a), Kendrick Heintzelman (3g) Goaltending: Shane Trost 16s/19ga (48 mins).

  --  The first quarter was close with Thunder scoring 3 and Lightning scoring 2 but Ath/Ody scored five unanswered goals in the second quarter and then eleven more in the second half for the 19-6 win in the second Greece "Storm" game of the year.

The Thunder won 16/24 faceoff and won the ground ball game 51-30, with Joe Trimboli picking up nine and Brandon Cheeseman picking up seven. Dan Vyverberg (5g-2a), Tyler Giorgione (4g-1a) and Matt Keough (3g-2a) led the scoring for Ath/Ody while
Zack Rudgers, Steve Cole and Zach Cox shared the goal tending duties for the 10-5 Thunder who travel to Spencerport for their last game of the regular season.

Shane Trost made sixteen saves for the lightning while David Powlowski (2g-1a), Kendrick Heintzelman (3g) and Rich Fischer (1g-1a) scored for Arc/Oly who finish up their pre-tournament schedule with Eastridge on Thursday. return


Rush-Henrietta 19 - Hilton 9  

The book for Hilton: Evan Pace (1g), Mike Meeks (3g-1a), Jake Montgomery (2g), David Smith (2g-1a), Mike Barbone (1g-1a), Cory Endres (1a), Goaltending: Mitch Smith 16s/19ga (48 mins)

The book for Rush-Henrietta: Kenny Pattridge (4g), Torry Whitcher (5a), Jackson Sadowski (1g), Chris Aycock (2g), Austin Freudenvoll (3g), Jake Alvarez (5g-2a), Tyler Badger (1a), Joe Perkins (2g), Chauncey Scissum (1g), Brad Sauln (1g), Goaltending: Corey Spuck 10s/9ga = 53% (48 mins).

  --  Rush-Henrietta scored seven goals in the first quarter and added five more before the half as they defeated host Hilton 19-9 tonight. The Royal Comets won the ground ball game 53-19 and outshot the Cadets 45-26.

Leading the offensive charge for Rush-Henrietta were Jake Alvarez (5g-2a), Kenny Pattridge (4g) and Torry Whitcher (5a) while Cory Spuck helped on the defensive stats with ten saves. The Royal Comets travel to Pittsford on Thursday for the last regular season game.

Hilton was led by Mike Meeks (3g-1a) and David Smith (2g-1a). The Cadets will host Penfield on Thursday in their last regular game. return


Victor 11 - HFL 8  

The book for HFL: Tommy O`Leary (1a), Nick Weston (1a), Drew Tallon (1a), Eric Boike (4g-1a), Keanan O`Brien (1a), Mickey Allan (1a), Jason Breau (4g), Jeff Roth (1a), Goaltending: Jay Tallon 6s/11ga (48 mins)

The book for Victor: Mitch Rupp (1g), Max Hill (1g), Connor Kimball (3g), Andy Poitras (2a), Pat D`Angelo (4g-2a), John Maloney (1a), Trevor O`Shea (1a), Dale Mattice (2g), Goaltending: Steve Basile 18s/8ga = 69% (48 mins).

  --  Victor defeated HFL 11-8 tonight at Honeoye Falls. The Blue Devils scored six unanswered goals spanning the third and fourth quarters to go from being tied 5-5 to leading 11-5. The Cougars scored the last three goals of the game. The game in general was plagued by penalties. Overall there were 25 penalties spanning 20 minutes of play. Victor scored on two extra-man opportunities and HFL scored on three opportunities.

HFL led 3-2 after the first quarter. In the second quarter, Victor tied the score with an unassisted goal by Dale Mattice with 8:16 remaining. Only 0:16 later, Breau added his third goal with an assist from Boike to retake the lead. The first half end with the Cougars holding the one goal lead 4-3.

In the second half, Victor took off scoring eight of the next nine goals. Victor's Mattice added another unassisted goal to tie the score at 4-4 only 0:13 into the quarter. Victor took their first lead of the game with a goal by Connor Kimball (assisted by Trevor O'Shea) with 10:40 remaining. HFL kept the game close, tying the score at 5-5. Defenseman Keanan O'Brien assisted Boike for his second goal of the game. Victor scored the next six goals, spanning 18 minutes, before the Cougars scored again. Victor added two more goals before the end of the quarter. Victor held a 7-5 lead after three quarters.

In the fourth quarter, Victor scored the first four goals of the fourth quarter. Pat D'Angelo scored three of the goals and assisted the fourth goal to Kimball. Victor held the 11-5 lead with 5:53 remaining in the game. The Cougars scored the last three goals of the game. Boike added two goals with Breau adding the third. Mickey Allan and Drew Tallon each added an assist in the final three goals. In the cage for HFL, Jay Tallon finished with six saves. For Victor, Steve Basile played the entire game. Victor reported that Basile finished with 18 saves (HFL reported 12 saves). return

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the full statistics from Victor.

fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the full statistics from HFL.


Penfield 9 - Penn Yan 6  

The book for Penfield: Tucker Nelson (1g-4a), Alex Miles (4g), Dan O`Brien (2g-2a), Will Schoeneck (1g), Matt Condon (1g), Matt Bilak (1a), Goaltending: Jamie Solomon 12s/6ga = 67% (48 mins)

The book for Penn Yan: Nate Nichols (3g), Adam Stork (1g-1a), Anthony Luppino (1g), Bradley Voigt (2a), Jordan Owen (1g-1a), Goaltending: Cody Richardson 6s/9ga (48 mins).

  --  updated The teams were tied 1-1 after the first quarter and the Mustangs lead 4-2 at the half. The Patriots scored five goals in the third and two more in the last quarter, while holding the mustangs to one goal in each quarter.

Freshman face off phenom, Connor Russell gave the Patriots a possession advantage, winning 13 of 18 draws and picking up nine ground balls. Three goals, scored in one and a half minutes in the third quarter made a difference and junior, Alex Miles, led Penfield in scoring with four goals. Tucker Nelson (1g-4a), who assisted on two Miles goals in the third quarter and Dan O`Brien (2g-2a) led the Patriot offense. Senior goalie Jamie Solomon made 12 saves for the Patriots who finish their regular season at Hilton on Thursday.

Nate Nichols led the Mustang scoring with three goals. Penn Yan travels to Amherst on Saturday to finish their regular season against the strong Section Six Class B team.  return


East Rochester 11 - Spencerport 10  

The book for Spencerport: Ben Tribunella (3g-1a), Nick Fischer (2g-2a), Matt Kaser (1g-3a), Kristan Barbato (2g), Marcus Palvino (2a), Seth Miller (1g), Austin Hintz (1g), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 19s/11ga = 63% (48 mins)

The book for East Rochester: Darnell Rhodes (2g-3a), Raymond Shalvoy (5g-2a), Torin Hudson (1g-1a), Nick Reiss (2g), Jordan Michele (3a), John Reiss (1g), Goaltending: Liridon Dervisholli 16s/10ga = 62% (48 mins).

 --  East Rochester held on to defeated Spencerport 11-10. The Rangers scored the final six goals of the contest and eight out of the last nine goals. With 6:22 remaining in the third quarter the Bombers were leading 10-2.

East Rochester started the scoring with an unassisted goal by Darnell Rhodes only 1:34 into the game. The Bombers kept up the pressure with two goals from Ray Shalvoy (the second assisted by Nick Reiss). Shalvoy then assisted Torin Hudson for the fourth East Rochester goal. The Bombers took the 4-0 lead only eight minutes into the game. Spencerport scored their lone goal of the first quarter with an unassisted goal by Kristan Barbato with 3:23 remaining. The Bombers led 4-1 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter East Rochester did not let up, scoring the first two goals before Spencerport added their second with 1:46 left in the half. Reiss passed the ball to Hudson for the first goal and then got a pass from Shalvoy to score the second goal of the quarter himself. Spencerport's Matt Kaser scored the lone Spencerport goal of the quarter with an assist from Nick Fischer.

East Rochester, much like in the first two quarter, scored the opening goals of the quarter and Spencerport scored the last. East Rochester added another four goals (three unassisted goals fro0m Shalvoy and one unassisted goal by John Reiss). The Bombers were in control of the game halfway through the third quarter. Spencerport changed the game around scoring eight of the next nine goals. To finish the third quarter Matt Kaser passed the ball to Fischer for his lone goal of the game. At the end of the third quarter the Bombers led 10-3.

Spencerport scored the first goal of the quarter only 1:20 in. Marcus Palvino passed the ball to Fischer for his second goal. East Rochester's final goal of the game was scored when Jordan Michele assisted Rhodes with 9:43 remaining. The Rangers slowly chipped away at the Bombers lead, coming within one goal with 1:05 remaining in the game. Spencerport had scoring from Seth Miller, Barbato, Ben Tribunella and Austin Hintz in their comeback.

In the cage for Spencerport, Tyler Schweikert played the entire game and finished with 19 saves. No report from East Rochester. return


Geneva 16 - Waterloo 1  

The book for Waterloo: Tim Freier (1g), Dylan Chilson (1a), Goaltending: Zach Ramirez 7s/8ga (14 mins), Josh Bailey 3s/8ga (34 mins)

The book for Geneva: Will Brennan (6g-3a), Billy Eddington (3g-1a), Patrick Roll (2a), Zach Koczent (3a), Chris Pitifer (1g), Sean Cunningham (1g), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Mike Warner (2g), Frank Triana (1g), Sam Rollo (1g), Goaltending: Ross Dinan 4s/1ga = 80% (48 mins).

  --  updated Geneva simply outgunned the Indians, winning 16-1 in Waterloo. The Panthers scored seven goals in the first quarter and three more before the half.

Leading the offensive book for the Panthers were junior attackmen Will Brennan (6g-3a) and Billy Eddington (3g-1a). Senior midfielder Zach Koczent added three assist and senior defenseman Mike Warner added two goals for Geneva (12-3).

The Panthers, who with this win, take the Finger Lakes League Championship, will end their regular season when they host Pal-Mac on Thursday.

Senior Midfielder Tim Freier scored for Waterloo who travel to Newark for their final regular season game on Thursday. return


McQuaid Jesuit 22 - Bishop Kearney 3  

The book for McQuaid Jesuit: Mike Crawford (1g), Kyle Strowe (1g-1a), Alex Paroda (3g), Joe Napier (4g-1a), Max Phelps (3g), Chris Barilla (2g-4a), Brian Nally (2g), Duncan Ayer (1g-3a), Clark Hadley (1g-2a), Alex Pochodylo (2g-2a), Josh Bauer (1g), David Haseley (1g), Goaltending: Pat Sheridan 3s/2ga = 60% (26 mins), Jon Crawford 0s/1ga (22 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney: Zach Agliata (1g), Matt Armstrong (2g) Goaltending: Andrew Clarkowski 30s/22ga = 58% (48 mins).

  --  It was running time in the third quarter as McQuaid Jesuit won a 22-3 victory from Bishop Kearney at St. John Fisher College this afternoon. The Knights won the first quarter 3-1 and led at the half 9-2, but broke it open after the half time break with nine more goals in the third and four more in the fourth.

Twelve different players made the offensive book for McQuaid, led by junior attackman Chris Barilla (2g-4a) and senior midfielder Joe Napier (4g-1a). The Knights (12-4) will now wait for the seeding meeting on Sunday to determine their next game.

Bishop Kearney saw goals by Matt Armstrong (2g) and Zach Agliata (1g). The Kings host Bloomfield-Honeoye on Friday. return


Midlakes 19 - Pal-Mac 7  

The book for Pal-Mac: Mike DeMar (4g), Ben Reeves (1a), Thomas Marble (1g), Pat Russell (1g), Matt Carkner (1g), Goaltending: Mike Benedict 19s/7ga = 73% (40 mins), Jeff Kier 0s/0ga (8 mins)

The book for Midlakes: Matt Barilla (3g-1a), Cory Gray (1g-4a), Brandon Sauve (4g-3a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (5g-2a), Nick Judge (4g-2a), Rob Buchwald (2g), Goaltending: Matt Brennessel 5s/5ga = 50% (42 mins), Tucker Jensen 1s/2ga (6 mins).

  --  Midlakes led at the half 10-4 and finished with 19-7 as they defeated host Pal-Mac tonight. Tyler Brooks-Lambert (5g-2a), Brandon Sauve (4g-3a), Nick Judge (1g-4a) and Cory Gray (3g-1a) led the scoring for the Eagles who host Mynderse on Thursday.

There was no report form Pal-Mac on game night. return


Bloomfield-Honeoye 15 - Mynderse 14  

The book for Mynderse: Nick Giovannini (3g), Brett Wood (1g-1a), Aaron Peterman (3g-3a), Matt Koopman (5g-1a), Mike Clark (1g), Danny Galusha (1g-1a), Goaltending: Tim Trickler 23s/15ga = 61% (48 mins)

The book for Bloomfield-Honeoye: Jered Maloney (2g), Luke Blain (2g-1a), Sean Beaney (6g-2a), Zach Hammond (1g), Ben Cratsley (3g), Schyler Welch (1g-1a), Goaltending: Jay Nichols 7s/14ga (48 mins).

  -- updated The Pride scored three goals in the last 1:10 of the game to tie the game at 14-14 and Jered Maloney scored the game-winner in OT on a pass from Luke Blain for a 15-14 win over Mynderse.

Sean Beaney scored the first two goals in the first minute but Mynderse's Nick Giovannini scored the next two goals to tie the game at 2. The Pride came back with two goals to take a 4-2 lead after the first quarter. Mynderse goalie, Tim Trickler had 12 saves in the first quarter.

The Blue Devils won the second quarter 5-3, but after each team traded goals at the top of the quarter. Mynderse scored four goals in a row, but Luke Blain scored the last two goals of the half to secure a 7-7 tie at the half.

Mynderse came out strong in the third, winning 5-1 and led after third quarters 12-8 and increased their lead to 13-8 just 0:22 into the last quarter. The Pride started their comeback at 10:35 with three goals in a row (13-11) and after Mynderse returned with one goal, the Pride scored three goals in the last 1:10 of the game for a 14-14 tie.

Sean Beaney (6g-2a), Luke Blain (2g-1a) and Ben Cratsley (3g) led the scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye who finish their regular season with Marcus Whitman on Thursday and Bishop Kearney on Saturday.

Matt Koopman (5-1), Aaron Peterman (3g-3a) and Nick Giovannini (3g) led the scoring and Tim Trickler had 23 saves for the Blue Devils who travel to Midlakes on Thursday. return