Saturday: Canandaigua - In Overtime 12-11


There has been a great deal of talk about the Canandaigua-Fairport game and the game itself met all expectations. With neither team leading my more than two goals, and with Fairport sending the game into overtime with two goal scored in the last seconds of the game, the estimated eleven hundred lacrosse fans were treated to a great game.

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Canandaigua 12 - Fairport 11  

The book for Canandaigua: Brandon Thomson (4g-1a), Adam Knapton (2g), Deven Alves (2a), Tom LaCrosse (2g), Gannon Osborn (2g), Bryan Peck (1g-2a), Collin Peck (1g), Goaltending: Nick King 11s/11ga = 50% (50 mins)

The book for Fairport: Martin Manilla (3g), Brendan Saylor (3g-1a), Chris Button (2g-1a), Andrew Hays (1g-1a), Stephen Danylyshyn (1g), Derek DeJoe (1g), Goaltending: Blaze Riorden 5s/12ga (50 mins).

 -- special report Billed as one of the "Must See" games of the year, Fairport traveled to Canandaigua Academy tonight where the Braves won in overtime 12-11 on a goal by Brandon Thomson, assisted by Bryan Peck.

It was a spectacle at Exhibition Field, with an estimated eleven hundred fans in attendance. Canandaigua supporters encouraged their fans (and others) to put coins in milk bottles as noise-makers. The coins were later collected to support the Jeff Milano-Johnson foundation. Before the game, "little guy" lacrosse players were paraded in front of the crowd by teams from 2-4 graders through the JV unit.
Canandaigua scored the first two goals, less than a minute apart starting at 8:50. Gannon Osborn, cutting across the high crease received the ball from Bryan Beck and scored with a shot high and in the left corner. Adam Knapton received the ball in a similar fashion from Brandon Thomson and the Braves went up 2-0 until Martin Manilla scored for the Red Raiders at 5:57. Manilla capitalized on a shot that bounced off ca-fptCanandaigua goalie Nick King's chest and went to ground, where Manilla scooped up the ball and popped it over King's shoulder. The quarter ended with CA up 2-1.

There was a great deal of scoring in the second quarter as Fairport scored four and Canandaigua scored three, all in a period of about four and one half minutes. The Raiders tied the score when Derek DeJoe picked up a ground ball on a broken Canandaigua clear and turned around quickly for an open net goal. The Braves came back with two (thirty seconds apart) as Deven Alves hit Osborn cutting to the crease on the first goal and Alves hitting Peck on an inside feed for the second. The Brave's two goal lead lasted for a minute and a half before Manilla scored on a drive from the right which was quickly followed by Stephen Danylyshyn picking up his own face off ground ball and taking it right to the goal. The game was tied again (4-4). Twenty seconds later, Canandaigua went ahead when a ball was kicked down field about twenty yards to Thomson who scooped it up and won a one-on-one with Fairport goalie Blaze Riorden. Thirty second after that goal, Fairport tied the game again when Andrew Hays found Manilla high, but centered right on the goal. At the half the teams were tied at 5-5.
There was great determination shown throughout the game. Canandaigua would take the lead and Fairport would come right back. Although schools teams pride themselves as "complete teams", numerous players on both sides "stepped up" today and made things happen.

ca-fptCanandaigua once again started the scoring with an unassisted goal by Thomson, who started by drive the alley only to turn back quickly and send off a bounce shot scoring at 9:39. The Red Raiders returned with two goals, the first by Chris Button (unassisted) and the second by Hays on the crease with a turn-around jump shot. He received his inside feed from Button, high at the top of the box. With only nine seconds left in the quarter, Lacrosse took the ball behind the goal and drove with a tight crease cut to shoot just past the goal line extended. At the ensuing face off, Colin Peck picked up the ball and from outside the box, bounced the ball into the cage with 0:0.9 seconds on the clock, giving the Braves an 8-7 lead after thirty-six minutes.

All American Attackman, Brendan Saylor stepped up in the third quarter, scoring three unassisted goals and assisting on one other in the final stanza. His first, at 10:43, was on a cut from behind the goal, fading at the last second and popping backwards before firing off a shot in to the upper corner. Knapton gave the Braves yet another one goal lead with his medium range shot from the right side. Saylor scored again at 7:37, but Thomson returned a minute later when he received the ball from Peck as he cut across the crease. With 3:45 remaining, Lacrosse scored an unassisted goal, shooting from the top of the box, with a powerful overhand shot from outside. It looked at this point as though the Braves' two goal lead would be enough, but Saylor brought ca-fptthe Raiders closer by one with a wide cut from behind and his goal with 0:25.6 left on the clock. Fairport won the face off and took the ball down field. Manilla took a shot, saved by King, but was picked off the ground by Saylor and passed to Chris Button who scored with no time left in regulation. The game was tied at 11-1 and went into overtime.

Fairport won the face off and took the ball behind the cage. Saylor was in shutoff and Manilla had the ball. His drive from behind the cage was turned away by a pair of Raider defensemen, and Manilla took the ball back behind to flip pass it to Saylor who drove hard to the goal but missed with his underhand shot. Canandaigua picked up the ground ball and Coach Mulheron called time out. After clearing the ball and taking some time to set up, the Braves took two shots, missing but still maintained possession. Brandon Thomson's goal was scored on a pass from Bryan Peck at 1:47 in the overtime period.

This game met all expectations. There was excellent play at both ends of the field. There were a large number of players playing at their best and more trying their hardest. One key difference was in the goalie's experience. Nick King, a senior with a State Championship under his belt was credited with eleven saves. Sophomore Blaze Riorden made some great saves in the game, but lacked the experience of King. The defensive units were well prepared and match ups were well thought out. Both teams had a shot in overtime, and Canandaigua keeps their winning streak alive at twenty-nine in a row. return


HFL 19 - Arc/Oly 2  

The book for Arc/Oly: Robert Kitchen (1g), Kendrick Heintzelman (1g), Goaltending: Tyler Catalfano 12s/8ga = 60% (24 mins), Shane Trost 4s/11ga (24 mins)

The book for HFL: Nick Weston (5g-3a), TJ Walsh (1g), Alex Holton (1g), Eric Boike (3g-1a), Clai Kuhn (2g-1a), Tom Ramsdell (1a), Jason Breau (2g-8a), Jordan Gushue (1g-1a), Jeff Roth (4g), Goaltending: Jay Tallon 1s/1ga = 50% (31 mins), Stephen Leonard 1s/1ga = 50% (17 mins).

  --  HFL easily defeated Greece Arc/Oly 19-2. The Lightning scored one goal each in the second and third quarters. HFL came out early to an 8-0 lead in the second quarter before Greece scored their first goal with 5:49 remaining in the first half. Kendrick Heintzelman scored the first Greece Arc/Oly goal unassisted. The second Greece Arc/Oly goal was scored with 4:18 remaining in the third quarter.

The Cougars were led by Jason Breau, who finished with 2g-8a; along with Breau Nick Weston (5g-3a), Jeff Roth (4g) and Eric Boike (3g-1a) all made significant scoring contributions. The Lightning only got four shots in cage in the entire game with two resulting in the goals. Heintzelman led in ground balls for the Lightning with seven. Goalie Tyler Catalfano, who played the first half and finished with 12 saves, also had five ground balls for Greece. For the Cougars, midfield face-off man Jordan Gushue led in ground balls with eight and finished 17/21 (81%) at the face-off draw. Also making significant ground ball contributions were defenseman Keenan O'Brien (7) and Roth (5).

In the cage, Shane Trost played the second half for the Lightning and finished with four saves. For HFL, Jay Tallon played 31 minutes and had one save and one goal against. Stephen Leonard finished the game and also accrued one save and one goal against. return


Brighton 12 - Gates Chili 10  

The book for Gates Chili: Matt Dakin (2a), Grant Ferguson (2g), Steven Campaniello (2g), Tyler Webb (2g-1a), Matt Martin (2g), Joe Drabin (1g), Brian Eckam (1g), Goaltending

The book for Brighton: Steven Cregan (2g-4a), Brackett Bourne (1g), Kurt Minges (3g), Justin Ryan (1g), CJ Wool (4g), Dan Pierce (1g-1a), Goaltending: Jordan Carey 15s/10ga = 60% (48 mins).

  --  Injury plagued Brighton played a close game with Gates Chili but won 12-10 at Gates. The Barons led 4-3 at the end of the first quarter and 8-4 at the half, but the Spartans took the third quarter 3-1 and both teams scored three goals in the last quarter.

Led by CJ Wool (4g), Steven Cregan (2g-4a) and Kurt Minges (3g), the Barons had six players on the offensive book, while Jordan Carey recorded 14 saves (10ga) in the goal.

Tyler Webb scored 2g-1a and Matt Martin, Grant Ferguson and Steve Campaniello added two goals each for the Spartans. return


Livonia 19 - Eastridge 5  

The book for Eastridge: Mike Mortillaro (2g), Ethan Printy (1g), Kevin Stewart (1g), Chris Giruzzi (1g-1a), Goaltending: TJ Ennis 13s/19ga (48 mins)

The book for Livonia: Ryan Smith (3g), Mike Donals (4g), Wyatt Struble (1g-2a), Chris Bausch (3g-3a), Jeff Wester (5g-3a), Josh Wester (1g-2a), Phil Wallace (1g), Jake Fox (1g), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 12s/5ga = 71% (42 mins), Joe Simpson 2s/0ga = 100% (6 mins).

  --  Their extra man offense scoring four for four, Livonia defeated Eastridge this afternoon 19-5.

The Bulldogs started right off with a 6-1 first quarter and led 14-4 at the half. Jeff Wester (5g-3a), Mike Donals (4g) and Chris Bausch (3g-3a) led in the offensive book for Livonia (6-5).

Mike Mortillaro (2g) led offensively for the Lancers. return



Baldwinsville 12 - Penn Yan 11  

The book for Baldwinsville:

The book for Penn Yan: Nate Nichols (2g), Adam Trombley (4g-1a), Bradley Voigt (1g), Preston Maciejewski (1a), Anthony Luppino (1g), Jordan Owen (1g-1a), JJ Voigt (1g), Adam Stork (1g), Goaltending: Cody Richardson 11s/12ga (51 mins).

 --  Baldwinsville's Dom Darcangelo scored the winner at 1:24 of first overtime as the Bees defeated Penn Yan 12-11.

The Mustangs led 5-1 after the first quarter and 10-9 after three. Adam Trombley led the offensive efforts with 4g-1a for the Penn Yan (6-4). return


Irondequoit 14 - Schroeder 3  

The book for Irondequoit: Erik Kleehammer (2a), Emmy Poccia (2g-1a), Mike Utz (3g), Ian Brooks (1g), Greg Coholan (3g-1a), Matt Wolfe (1g-1a), Nick Doktor (1g-1a), Max Kostyk (2g-1a), AJ Donoghue (1g), Jake Schmidt (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Nash 6s/2ga = 75% (36 mins), Eric Fischer 8s/1ga = 89% (12 mins)

The book for Schroeder: Scott Tota (1g), Johnny Murray (1g), Parrish McKnight (1g), Goaltending: Scott Tota 10s/12ga (40 mins), Nick Russo 0s/2ga (8 mins).

  --  Tyler Nash made six saves (2ga) in the first three quarters of play as the Irondequoit Eagles beat visiting Webster Schroeder Warriors 14-3.

Ten different players made the offensive book for the Eagles (6-5) including Greg Coholan (3g-1a) and Mike Utz (3g).

Goalie, Scott Tota, Johnny Murray and Cody Consul each scored a goal for the Warriors.



Spencerport 14 - Brockport 9  

The book for Spencerport: Nick Fischer (4g-1a), Austin Hintz (3g-1a), Ben Tribunella (3g), Marcus Palvino (1g-2a), Seth Miller (2g), Matt Kaser (2a), Kristan Barbato (1g), Steve Iachetta (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 11s/9ga = 55% (48 mins)

The book for Brockport: Jack Burns (2g-2a), Trevor Hayward (2g-2a), Nick Sutphen (2g), Bryan Johnson (1g-1a), Jake Burns (1g), Bill Russell (1g), Kevin Bentley (1a), John Pacitto (1a), Goaltending: Paul Duthoy 15s/11ga = 58% (36 mins), Chris Ioannone 2s/3ga (12 mins).

  --  Brockport started out with a 3-1 first quarter lead, but fell to Spencerport's five goals in the second and last quarters to give the Rangers a 14-9 victory at home.

Leading the offense for the Rangers were Nick Fischer (4g-1a), Austin Hintz (3g-1a) and Ben Tribunella (3g). Tyler Schweikert recorded 11 saves (8ga) for Spencerport (5-5). Trevor Hayward (2g-2a) led the Blue Devil offense. return


Batavia 11 - Ath/Ody 10  

The book for Batavia: Will Mulcahy (5g), Joe Pedro (2g-1a), Kyle Maniace (1g), Robert Henning (1g), Chip Chapman (2g-3a), Kyle King (1a), Chad Luce (1a), Goaltending: Theo Hill 19s/10ga = 66% (48 mins)

The book for Ath/Ody: Danny Vyverberg (3g-1a), Gino Prestigiacomo (2g-2a), Tyler Gorgione (2g-1a), Anthony Merola (2g), Tyler LePore (1g), Joe Trimboli (1a), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 15s/11ga = 58% (48 mins).

  --  No reports from either team at press time. return