Thursday: Penn Yan over Aquinas 14-6


 Penn Yan, currently ranked first in the SportsFive Class C list and Aquinas, currently ranked second played tonight at Aquinas with the Mustangs winning 14-6. Of the other thirteen games played today all were won by five or more and seven were won by ten or more.

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Penn Yan 14 - Aquinas 6  

The book for Aquinas: Bernard Gauthier (1g), Klay Heston (2g), Austin Gorman (1a), Anthony Bianchi (1g), Mike Messina (2g), Goaltending: Erich Wischmeyer 5s/14ga (46 mins), Tom Mscichowski 0s/0ga (2 mins)

The book for Penn Yan: Adam Trombley (1g-4a), Adam Stork (1g), Bradley Voigt (6g-1a), Nate Nichols (2g-3a), Matt Dean (1a), Preston Maciejewski (4g-4a), Goaltending: Cody Richardson 5s/6ga (48 mins).

  -- special report Penn Yan led off strong with five goals in the first quarter on their way to a 14-6 win at Aquinas. The Mustangs led for the entire game. Although the Little Irish came within two goals in the second quarter (7-5), the Mustangs were in solid control for the entire game. Stand outs for the Mustangs included eighth grader Bradley Voigt with six goals along with seniors Preston Maciejewski (4g-4a) and Adam Trombley (1g-4a). All together the three attackman finished with 11g-9a, which accounted for 74% of the scoring for the Mustang, and every single Penn Yan goal had one of the three attackman either scoring or assisting.

Once again Penn Yan was exceedingly focused and patient with the ball. In the first half, the Mustangs scored with every shot that they put on the cage. Overall, the Mustangs only missed the cage five times and 58% of their total shots resulted in goals. A great majority of Penn Yan's goals came from careful passing and looking for the open man. On more than one occasion the Mustangs looked for another pass after they were already open for the shot. In fact, the final Penn Yan goal of the game was scored during a fast-break where the Mustangs took the ball down field and after three crisp passes Nate Nichols was open on the crease. Instead of finishing in the back of the net, he continued his cut past GLE and rolled back to find Maciejewski open for the goal.

b_hobartAnother example of exceptional feeding was found with the first goal of the third quarter. Trombley cut towards the cage from the right side and after being turned back by his defenseman, he passed behind the back to Voigt (who himself was cutting towards the crease). Overall the Mustangs appeared to be on top of their game and were looking like defending Sectional Champions. Aquinas was not without their moments; the Little Irish did well at capitalizing on Penn Yan's mistakes (what few they made). Three of the first five goals for the Little Irish were scored during unsettled clearing situations. The first goal of the game came during a broke clear with defenseman Manny Magliocco picking up the ground ball after a bad Mustang pass and finding Bernard Gauthier open near midfield. Gauthier took the ball all the way down and scored himself.

The second quarter was by far the strongest for the Little Irish and it was the only quarter they outscored the Mustangs. In the second quarter two of their four goals were scored in unsettled clearing situations. The first was scored when Mike Messina stripped the ball from the clearing Mustang defenseman and after picking up his own ground ball, ran it down and into the goal. Additionally, the fourth Little Irish goal was scored after Penn Yan failed a clear with a failure to advance call and Klay Heston took the ball from nearly midfield all the way to the crease before finishing in the back of the net.

At the face-off draw, junior Anthony Luppino took all but one draw for the Mustangs and finished at 61% (14/23). He also led his team in ground balls with six. Defenseman Baird Wilber also had six ground balls with three of them coming during face-offs. For the Little Irish, Billy Lombardi and Messina split time at the face-off. Lombardi finished 7/15 and Messina finished 3/9. Long stick midfielder Anthony Starnino finished with a team leading seven ground balls for the Little Irish (with four during face-offs). Both goalies finished the game with five saves. For Penn Yan, Cody Richardson played the entire game and for Aquinas Erich Wischmeyer played all but the final minutes (when he was forced to come out with a penalty). The Mustangs did not shoot on back-up goalie Tom Mscichowski. return

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Thomas 18 - Rush-Henrietta 12  

The book for Thomas: Jack Hinderland (8g-1a), Kenny Tomeno (5g-1a), JT Hauck (3g), Brad Hutton (1g), Zach Crawford (1g), John Zawacki (1a), Goaltending: Zack Mayer 7s/6ga = 54% (22 mins), Don Grace 10s/6ga = 63% (26 mins)

The book for Rush-Henrietta: Joe Perkins (2g), Jake Alvarez (1a), Torry Whitcher (3g-1a), Chauncey Scissum (1g-1a), Chris Aycock (6g-1a), Goaltending: Corey Spuck 2s/8ga (17 mins), Mark Wagner 8s/10ga (31 mins).

  -- special report Although a close first half, Webster Thomas scored seven goals in the third quarter to pull ahead and win 18-12 over visiting Rush-Henrietta. The first half was near devoid of defense as time- after-time, whichever team had the ball, dodged a single player and scored the unassisted goal. In fact, by the end of the game only three Titan goals (out of 18) and only four Comet goals (out of 12) were assisted.

The Royal Comets started out in grand fashion, scoring the first three goals of the game, starting with one right from the initial face off as senior midfielder Chris Aycock picked up his own face off ground ball and ran in for the goal at 11:47. Chauncey Scissum scored from a step or two above goal line extended after receiving the ball from Torry Whitcher. After clearing the ball at just over the six minute mark, Whitcher scored again on a sweep to the left. Thomas then scored three goals of their own, starting with a fast break set up from John Zawacki to Jack Hinderland who ended the day thom-rhwith 8g-1a for the Titans. On the next face off Kenny Tomeno took the ball straight to the goal for his first of 5g-1a in the game. Tomeno won twelve of eighteen face offs for the Titans. Hinderland beat his man and then dodged one more before scoring at 2:46. Rush came back with one more in the quarter; an outside side arm blast from Aycock. Thomas finished the quarter with two goals in the last thirty seconds. Tomeno ran straight to the goal with no opposition at 0:20 and fifteen seconds later Hinderland drove from the left for a side arm shot on the run. The Titan led at the end of the first twelve minutes, 5-4.

thom-rhThomas opened up their lead with three more goals at the top of the second quarter. Senior middie Zach Crawford scored the first (drive left), Hinderland added the second (drive GLE) and JT Hauck scored the third from an outside shot. Rush-Henrietta scored the last two of the half as Joe Perkins after a dead ball startup and a pass from Aycock. Thirty second later Aycock scored alone and the half ended with Thomas up 8-6.

Thomas scored six unanswered goals in the third starting at 9:20 and over the next four minutes. Only the first goal (Brad Hutton from Hinderland) was assisted and all were on sweeps and single dodges. Hinderland and Hauck each had two and Tomeno had the other. Aycock broke the streak at 2:20 with a hard side arm shot rising high into the corner after a Royal Comet clear. Hinderland added another unassisted goal at 0:52, but Aycock returned at 0:22 and a feed from Jake Alvarez to close the third quarter with Thomas up 15-8.

Tomeno scored two more for Thomas at the start of the last quarter and after the Titans started their substitutions Rush-Henrietta added four unanswered goals with Whitcher scoring the first two (unassisted, the second in EMO). With the score 17-10, the Royal Comets scored at 2:20 when Aycock put a high side arm into the next from the outside. Thirty seconds later Scissum threw a cross field pass to Perkins to take the score to 17-12 at 3:09. Hinderland cut to the crease and received the ball form Tomeno for the last goal of the game and twenty-one seconds left in play.

Thomas (7-3) takes the rest of the week end off and travels to Victor on Tuesday. Rush-Henrietta also takes the rest of the week off as they prepare to play Schroeder next Thursday. return



Batavia 9 - Arc/Oly 2  

The book for Batavia: Will Mulcahy (4g), Kyle Maniace (1g-1a), Chip Chapman (3g-1a), Joe Pedro (1g-4a), Kyle King (1a), Goaltending: Theo Hill 17s/2ga = 89% (48 mins)

The book for Arc/Oly: Dylan Mahan (1g), David Powlowski (1a), Kendrick Heintzelman (1g), Goaltending: Tyler Catalfano 5s/6ga (24 mins), Shane Trost 13s/3ga = 81% (24 mins).

 --  Batavia held Greece Arcadia/Olympia scoreless for over two quarters on their way to a 9-2 victory.

The Lightning scored one goal in the first and fourth quarters.

Leading the scoring for Batavia were Joe Pedro (1g-4a) and Will Mulcahy (4g). Dylan Mahan and Kendrick Heintzelman scored the two goals for Greece.


Schroeder 16 - Brockport 3  

The book for Brockport: Bryan Johnson (1g), Nick Sutphen (1g), Trevor Hayward (1g), Goaltending: Paul Duthoy 14s/16ga (48 mins)

The book for Schroeder: Cody Consul (5g-1a), Alex Powell (2g-3a), Tyler Mason (2g), Johnny Murray (3g), Pete Noto (2g-2a), Brett Farrell (1g-3a), Dylan DiFante (1a), Cody Henry (1g-1a), Goaltending: Scott Tota 4s/2ga = 67% (32 mins), Eric Saltrelli 1s/1ga = 50% (12 mins), Nick Russo 0s/0ga (4 mins).

 --  Schroeder scored five goals in the first and second quarters on their way to a 16-3 win over Brockport. The Blue Devils added one goal in each of the first three quarters, with midfielder Bryan Johnson and attackmen Nick Sutphen and Trevor Hayward each scoring one goal. Schroeder saw scoring from eight different players with attackman Cody Consul leading the pack with 5g-1a.

Schroeder won the ground ball battle 43-15. Midfielder Pete Noto led with six ground balls, additionally; attackman Alex Powell and defenseman Ryan Martin both added five ground balls. Attackman Dominic Trento led the Blue Devils with four ground balls. The Warriors played three different goalies between the pipes. Scott Total played the majority of the game and finished with four saves. Eric Saltrelli played twelve minutes and made one save. Nick Russo finished the remaining four minutes, but did not face a shot. For Brockport, Paul Duthoy played the entire game and finished with 14 saves. return

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Pittsford 15 - Churchville-Chili 2  

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (1g), Taylor Kolmer (1g), Alex Pavone (1a), Goaltending: Wolodia Huley 3s/7ga (29 mins), Jack Corcoran 3s/8ga (19 mins)

The book for Pittsford: TJ Iuppa (1g-3a), James Burke (2g), Matt Palmer (1a), Craig Jerabeck (1a), Thomas Rodenhouse (1g), Steven Troup (1g), Jack Lauroesch (1g), Corey Parke (1g), Alex Kober (2g-3a), Matt Gold (1g-1a), James Purpura (5g-1a), Goaltending: Alex Howell 4s/2ga = 67% (36 mins), Conor Quinn 1s/0ga = 100% (12 mins).

--  Pittsford dominated against Churchville-Chili, holding the Saints to only two goals (both of which were in the first quarter) and winning 15-2. The Panthers scored the first five goals of the game before the Saints even got on the board.

James Purpura was the leading scorer for the Panthers with 5g-1a. He added two of his goals in the first quarter. Additional scoring in the first quarter came from Corey Parke, Thomas Rodenhouse and James Burke. The two Churchville-Chili goals were scored by Ryan Yunker (unassisted) and Taylor Kolmer (assisted by Alex Pavone). The final Churchville-Chili goal was scored during man-up with 0:50 remaining in the first quarter.

Pittsford continued their pressure adding six more goals in the second quarter and four more goals in the third quarter, before running out the time in the fourth quarter. The Panthers added three of their goals during extra-man opportunities (out of seven attempts). Pittsford won the ground ball battle 35-24 with thirteen players picking up at least one ground ball. Leading the ground ball charge for the Panthers were defenseman Ryan Sullivan (6), Burke (5), Tyler Aycock (4) and Justin McLiverty (4). For the Saints, defenseman Nick Bruno (5) and Kolmer (4) led in production.  return

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Bath 19 - Bishop Kearney 0  

The book for Bath: Matt Nesbitt (2g-2a), Drew Wager (2g-1a), Jeff McKinley (1g), Zach Reed (5g-5a), Brian Gable (1g-1a), Mark Martuscello (1g-1a), Dylan Losey (1g), Matt Ross (2a), Eric Dickson (1g), Nick Rossi (3g-1a), Jeff Chapman (1g-1a), Tim Wolfer (1g), Goaltending: Robert Masti 3s/0ga = 100% (30 mins), Adam Force 3s/0ga = 100% (18 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney: Goaltending: Kyle Miller 2s/3ga (6 mins), Andrew Clarkowski 7s/16ga (42 mins).

 --  Bath held Bishop Kearney scoreless in their 19-0 win. The Rams increase their record to 4-4. Bath took a total of 43 shots, while holding the Kings to 13 shots (only 6 on cage). Of the 43 shots, 28 were on cage with 19 resulting in goals. The Rams were led in scoring by Zach Reed (5g-5a). Reed finished the game with eight shots (five on cage).

The Rams had 19 different players make the statistical scorebook with twelve having at least a goal or assist. Of the twelve, three scored their first points of their Varsity career. Sophomore midfielder Jeff McKinley (1g) and junior midfielder Dylan Losey (1g) scored the first goals of their careers; junior attackman Matt Ross got his first and second points of his career with two assists. The Rams finished the game leading the ground ball battle 54-22. The 54 ground balls were spread out over all 19 players; leading the charge were midfielder Drew Wager (5), LSM Tyler Hutcheson (5) and midfielder Jeff Chapman (5). For Bishop Kearney, midfielder Nat Kessler finished with a leading four ground balls.

In the cage, both teams played two goalies. Robert Masti played the first thirty minutes and finished with three saves and Adam Force finished the game with another three saves. For Bishop Kearney, Kyle Miller played six minutes with two saves and Andrew Clarkowski finished with seven saves spanning the remainder of the game. return

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Spencerport 9 - Eastridge 3  

The book for Eastridge: Mike Mortillaro (1g), Kevin Stewart (1g), Nick Manaci (1g), Ethan Printy (1a), Brandon Burley (1a), Goaltending: TJ Ennis 7s/9ga (48 mins)

The book for Spencerport: Levi Byznski (3g), Marcus Palvino (1g-2a), Kristan Barbato (2g), Nick Fischer (1g-1a), Matt Kaser (1g), Seth Miller (1a), Ben Tribunella (1g), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 15s/3ga = 83% (48 mins).

 --  After no scoring by either team in the first and fourth quarters, the Rangers put up six goals in the second quarter and three more in the fourth quarter to give Spencerport a 9-3 win over Eastridge.

Levi Byznski (3g), Marcus Palvino (1g-2a) and Kristan Barbato (2g) led the Ranger offense while Tyler Schweikert recorded 15s/3ga for Spencerport (4-5).

Three different players scored for Eastridge whose goalie TJ Ennis recorded 17 saves for the Lancers.


Irondequoit 15 - Gates Chili 2  

The book for Irondequoit: Nick Doktor (3g-1a), Ian Brooks (1g-1a), Greg Coholan (3g), Mike Utz (2g), Erik Kleehammer (1g-2a), Max Kostyk (3g), Emmy Poccia (1a), Briele Caples (1g), Jordan Napierala (1a), AJ Donoghue (1g), Alex Torpey (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Nash 3s/0ga = 100% (24 mins), Eric Fischer 3s/2ga = 60% (24 mins)

The book for Gates Chili: Tyler Webb (2g), Pete DiLaura (1a), Goaltending: Brian Lane 16s/14ga = 53% (48 mins).

--  updated Irondequoit scored ten unanswered goals before Gates-Chili scored their first goal 29:59 into the game. The Eagles won 15-2. Both of Gates-Chili's goals were scored by Tyler Webb; with the latter assisted by Pete DiLaura with 0:44 remaining in the game. Irondequoit had eleven different players make the scorebook. Leading the charge for Irondequoit were Max Kostyk (3g), Nick Doktor (3g-1a) and Drew Coholan (3g).

In the cage, Tyler Nash and Eric Fischer split time in the cage for the Eagles. Nash played the first half and held the Spartans scoreless while accruing three saves. Fischer finished with three saves in the second half of the game (60%). For the Spartans, Brian Lane played the entire game and finished with 16 saves (53%). return

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HFL 17 - Hilton 5  

The book for HFL: Nick Weston (1g-1a), Alex Holton (1g), Drew Tallon (1g), Eric Boike (2g-7a), Clai Kuhn (2g-1a), Benjamin Stewart (1g), Mickey Allan (1g), Jason Breau (6g-1a), Jordan Gushue (1a), Jeff Roth (2g-1a), Goaltending: Jay Tallon 7s/2ga = 78% (32 mins), Stephen Leonard 3s/3ga = 50% (16 mins)

The book for Hilton: Jake Montgomery (1g-1a), David Smith (3g), Cory Endres (1a), Mike Barbone (1a), Mike Meeks (1g), Goaltending: Mitch Smith 6s/17ga (48 mins).

--  HF-L took Hilton to running time with their 17-5 win over the Cadets. The Cougars held Hilton scoreless for 34:24 spanning all four quarters. Hilton outscored HF-L 3-1 in the fourth quarter, scoring three goals early in the fourth quarter.

HFL's Benjamin Stewart scored the opening goal with an assist from Eric Boike. Boike finished the game with 2g-7a for the Cougars. Hilton scored two back-to-back goals to take the lead 2-1 with 6:58 remaining in the first quarter. HF-L came back and scored fourteen goals straight before Hilton answered. Midfielder David Smith scored three goals for the Cadets, including the first goal and two of the last three. In the fourth quarter, Mike Barbone and Jake Montgomery assisted Smith; and Mike Meeks scored the final Hilton goal.

HF-L had ten different players make the scorebook. Aside from Boike, HFL also saw scoring from Jason Breau (6g-1a), Clai Kuhn (2g-1a) and Jeff Roth (2g-1a). In the cage, Jay Tallon played a just less than three quarters and finished with seven saves (78%); Stephen Leonard finished the remainder of the game and had three saves (50%). For Hilton, Mitch Smith played the entire game and finished with five saves. At the face-off, Gushue took every draw for HFL and finished at 72% (18/25). return

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Penfield 11 - Victor 6  

The book for Victor: Max Hill (1g), Pat D`Angelo (1g), John Maloney (2g-1a), Dale Mattice (2g-1a), Goaltending: Steve Basile 13s/11ga = 54% (48 mins)

The book for Penfield: Dan O`Brien (1g-1a), Matt Condon (1g-1a), Tucker Nelson (1g-3a), Will Schoeneck (2g), Matt Bilak (2g-1a), Alex Miles (4g), Goaltending: Jamie Solomon 13s/6ga = 68% (48 mins).

 --  Penfield's first quarter scoring held solidify their win over Victor 11-6. The Patriots scored five goals in the first quarter, while holding the Blue Devils to only one goal.

Penfield started the scoring with an unassisted goal by Alex Miles. Miles finished the game with ten shots (eight on cage) and four goals. The starting attack for the Patriots (Miles, Tucker Nelson and Will Schoeneck) accounted for 19/28 shots and accounted for 7g-4a. Penfield continued the pressure with a man-up goal by Matt Bilak (assisted by Matt Condon). Victor's Dale Mattice scored only 0:38 after the Penfield goal, to keep the game close early. However, the Patriots added three more goals before the end of the quarter and five more goals before the end of the half. The Blue Devils did not add to the scoreboard for another twenty-three minutes. Miles added two more of his goals along with goals from Condon, Schoeneck and Dan O'Brien before the Blue Devils scored again.

Victor's John Maloney added the second Victor goal with 9:38 remaining in the third quarter and followed that goal up with an assist to Max Hill at 6:52. Hill scored his goal during a man-down situation. Penfield added two more goals (both of which were assisted by Nelson) from Schoeneck and Miles. Maloney added his second goal late in the third and the quarter ended with Penfield leading 10-4. In the fourth quarter, Victor added two goals and held Penfield to only one goal. Dale Mattice and Pat D'Angelo scored the two goals for the Blue Devils; while Nelson added the Patriot goal.

Penfield's ground ball tally was spread out over 15 players; leading the count were Schoeneck (3) and Aaron Pulinski (3). Leading the ground ball charge for Victor were Alex Davis (7), Connor Kimball (6) and Collin O'Shea (5). In the cage, Steve Basile played the entire game for Victor and finished with 13 saves. For Penfield, Jamie Solomon finished with 13 saves spanning the entire game.

 fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the full statistics from Penfield.

 fullstatsFor a more complete look check out the full statistics from Victor.


Geneva 12 - Pal-Mac 6  

The book for Pal-Mac: Ben Reeves (1g-2a), Mike Marvin (1g-1a), Mike DeMar (3g-1a), Sean Nolan (1a), Mike Russell (1g), Goaltending: Matt Carkner 11s/12ga (48 mins)

The book for Geneva: Patrick Roll (2g-1a), Will Brennan (3g-1a), Frank Triana (4g-1a), Chris Pitifer (2g-1a), Zach Koczent (1a), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Mike Warner (2a), Goaltending: Ross Dinan 10s/6ga = 63% (48 mins).

 --  Geneva started off strong with six goals in the first quarter on their way to a 12-6 win over Pal-Mac.

The Panthers had seven different players make their score book, including sophomore Steve Fabrinzio (1g) and defenseman Mike Warner (2a). Pal-Mac eighth grader Ben Reeves made a significant contribution with 1g-2a.

The Red Raiders were led by junior Mike DeMar with 3g-1a. All of the players making the Pal-Mac scorebook were underclassman.


Bloomfield-Honeoye 16 - Marcus Whitman 10  

The book for Marcus Whitman: Shawn Allen (4g), Jaime Vogt (3g), Taylor Lazzaro (1g), Clay Wilson (1g), Perry Mortensen (1g), Karl Gray (1a), Goaltending: Bobby Mason 11s/16ga (48 mins)

The book for Bloomfield-Honeoye: Jered Maloney (4g-2a), Schyler Welch (2g-6a), Luke Anderson (1g-1a), Sean Beaney (2g-2a), Zach Hammond (1g-1a), Ben Cratsley (2g-1a), Pat Marble (1g), Zach Blain (2g), Zack Starke (1g), Goaltending: Jay Nichols 9s/6ga = 60% (36 mins), Aaron Stevens 2s/4ga (12 mins).

 --  Bloomfield-Honeoye continued it's winning record (7-1) with a 16-10 win over Marcus Whitman.

After a 5-1 first quarter and 10-4 half, the two teams each scored two goals in the third and four goals in the last quarter.

Schyler Welch (2g-6a) and Jered Maloney (4g-2a) led the offensive book for the Pride and Shawn Allen (4g) and Jaime Vogt added 3g for the Wildcats. return


Brighton 14 - Ath/Ody 4  

The book for Brighton: CJ Wool (5g-1a), Brackett Bourne (5g), Kurt Minges (2g-1a), Alex Ballatori (1g), Justin Ryan (1g), Steven Cregan (4a), Goaltending: Jordan Carey 5s/1ga = 83% (33 mins), Matt Ingalls 2s/3ga (15 mins)

The book for Ath/Ody: Gino Prestigiacomo (3a), Anthony Merola (1g), Nick Kraft (1g), Matt Keough (1g), Joe Trimboli (1g), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 8s/14ga (48 mins).

 --  After a 6-0 first quarter and a 10-1 half, Brighton finished with a 14-4 win over the Greece Thunder (Ath/Ody) at Brighton tonight.

The Brighton defense was aggressive and limited the Thunder to only eleven shots whereas the Barons put twenty-two on cage. Ground balls and face-offs were even. An head-to-head collision caused a delay while one player was taken by ambulance for a checkup.

CJ Wool, Brackett Bourne and Steve Gregan led the offensive book for the Barons while four different players scored the goals for the Thunder with the help of three assists by Gino Prestigiacomo.


Midlakes 15 - Mynderse 4  

The book for Mynderse: Brett Wood (1g-1a), Nick Giovannini (1g), Aaron Peterman (1g), Andrew Baker (1g), Goaltending: Tim Trickler 14s/15ga (48 mins)

The book for Midlakes: Matt Barilla (1g-2a), Cory Gray (3g), Brandon Sauve (1g-2a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (5g), Nick Judge (4g), Rob Buchwald (1g-1a), Goaltending: Matt Brennessel 4s/2ga = 67% (36 mins), Tucker Jensen 2s/2ga = 50% (12 mins).