Tuesday: CA over Schroeder, R-H over C-C


 Canandaigua continues it's winning streak (27 games) with it's 9-4 win over Schroeder. Rush-Henrietta scored six goals in the first quarter and eight in the last for their 17-9 win over Churchville-Chili. Other winners today included Aquinas over Gates, Victor of Spencerport, Geneva over Waterloo and Thomas over Livonia. Penn Yan though tied in the fourth quarter, lost to Lakeland/Panas (section 1) 8-6.

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Rush-Henrietta 17 - Churchville-Chili 9  

The book for Rush-Henrietta: Jake Alvarez (7g-2a), Joe Perkins (3g-3a), Chris Aycock (1g-3a), Brad Sauln (2g), Chauncey Scissum (1g), Torry Whitcher (1g), Austin Freudenvoll (1g), Kenny Pattridge (1g), Goaltending: Corey Spuck 10s/9ga = 53% (48 mins)

The book for Churchville-Chili: Ryan Yunker (3g), Alex Pavone (2g-3a), Zach Yehl (2g), Trevor Hodgins (1a), Jon Hemink (2g-1a), Goaltending: Wolodia Huley 14s/17ga (48 mins).

 -- special report At the beginning of the game it was hard to decide who would be the victor, but at the end it was Rush-Henrietta over the visiting Churchville-Chili Saints, 17-9. Churchville scored the first goal when senior middie Zach Yehl drove from the top of the box to the right wing. The Royal Comets scored the next four goals. Senior attackman Joe Perkins started with the ball behind the cage and ran a close cut around the crease for the unassisted goal at 8:18. On their next offensive set, junior attackman Austin Freudenvoll caught the crease feed from Jake Alvarez. Several minutes later, Alvarez, looking to feed on a drive from behind the cage, found no one open, so he took the shot, aiming for the Saint's goalie Wolodia Huley's ankles. The fourth goal was scored on a fast break from the face off, one of several goals scored this way by the Royal Comets. This time it was Perkins from r-h - c-cAlvarez. Churchville broke up the run at 1:53 with another unassisted goal by Yehl, running straight at the goal after a clear by the Saints. With 0:38 left in the quarter senior middie Chris Aycock found Perkins alone on the crease and eight seconds later, Alvarez scored on a face off fast break pass from Perkins. The quarter ended with Rush-Henrietta up 6-2.

Rush scored on their first offensive set in the second as Alvarez circled back behind the net and cut close to the crease for his fourth (of seven) goal at 8:33. Soon after, the Saints added their lone goal of the quarter when Alex Pavone hit Jon Hemink on the high crease for the goal. The Royal Comets led at the half 7-3.

The R-H defense let the Saints back in the game after the half time break, as the Saints outscored R-H 5-2 in the third quarter, finishing one goal back at 9-8 Rush. It was back-and-forth for the first few goals, with Rush-Henrietta scoring the first (Alvarez from Aycock in man up). Hemink scored on an outside bounce shot and a pass from Alex Pavone at 10:36 and R-H returned with goal from their clear (Torry Whitcher from Alvarez). The next four goals, spanning a period of a little over three minutes came from Churchville. Yunker scored after picking up a loose ball that bounced off senior goalie Cory Spuck's save. He scored again on an unsettled clear. Pavone then scored on a broken clear and a pass from Hemink as r-h - c-cSpunk came out of the cage to try to smother the one-one-one. Finally, at 1:10, Trevor Hodgins passed the ball to Pavone, all alone in front of the goal on another fast break from the clear. The quarter nded with R-H up by one goal (9-8).

The Royal Comets returned to their game in the last quarter, outscoring the Saints 8-1 starting with two goals early in the quarter. Alvarez scored another unassisted goal when he found himself undefended on the left post. Aycock, like several other R-H offensive players, set himself up with the late-day sun in Huley's eyes and bounced the ball in for a goal. Yunker added another for C-C, this time in man up and a bounce shot from the left. That was the last goal for Churchville, but the Royal Comets added another six unanswered goals before the end of the game. Perkins scored on a broken clear, Alvarez scored on a drive from behind and Kenny Pattridge scored on a pass from Perkins in another clear to fast break goal. Brad Sauln scored on an outside shot in front of the sun, Chauncey Scissum scored from the top of the box (assisted by Aycock) and Sauln scored an open-net goal, when Huley was caught on a clearing attempt.

Brad Sauln won 15/23 face offs for R-H and Chris Aycock added three more (3/4). Corey Spuck had just over fifty percent in the cage (10s/9ga=53%) while Wolodia Huley was under fifty percent by saw thirty-one shots on goal (14 saves).

This was not a good game for Churchville-Chili and they certainly have played better games this year. Rush-Henrietta, however, often took advantage of the mistakes and made some very fine plays on their own. Their lapse at the end of the second and throughout the third quarter, not withstanding, they controlled the pace of the game and commanded the ball on both ends of the field. return

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Canandaigua 9 - Schroeder 4  

The book for Schroeder: Cody Consul (1g), Alex Powell (1g), Pete Noto (2g), Goaltending: Scott Tota 9s/9ga = 50% (48 mins)

The book for Canandaigua: Collin Peck (1g), Deven Alves (1g-1a), Evan Helming (1g), Gannon Osborn (1g-1a), Brandon Thomson (2g), Adam Knapton (2g-1a), Tom LaCrosse (1g-1a), Goaltending: Nick King 7s/3ga = 70% (46 mins), LaShawn Williams 0s/1ga (2 mins).

 -- special report The Braves were cool and collected in their 9-4 win over Schroeder this afternoon at McAvoy Park. Both teams played strong defense, however the two defining characteristics of the game came from Canandaigua's defensive strength and their ability to keep the ball away from the Schroeder offense. The Braves held the Warriors to a clearing percentage of only 43.5%. The Warriors, even when their defense stopped the Braves, could not get the ball out of their defensive end of the field. Conversely, when Schroeder was on offense, the strong defensive (led by goalie Nick King) kept the Warriors from scoring. Canandaigua held Schroeder scoreless for 24:21 spanning three quarters.

The game started off extremely close, with both teams playing hard, fast lacrosse. Canandaigua won the opening face-off, but it was Schroeder that scored first. Only 0:48 seconds into play, Pete Noto took the ball on fast-break and put it into the back of the net to give the Warriors the early lead. The Warriors had six chances in a row to clear the ball to their offensive side; however the riding Braves kept that ball on their offense continuously, only allowing Schroeder one more shot on cage in the entire quarter. They held off the advances of Braves on two more attempts at the cage before attackman Deven Alves took the ball after a whistle behind the cage. Alves drove from behind and scored unassisted to tie the game at 1-1. The first quarter ended with the tie intact.

In the second quarter, Schroeder once again scored the opening goal. This time, after taking two minutes off the clock, attackman Alex Powell drove around behind the cage for goal. However, the Braves kept the game close and on the ensuing face-off, came straight down for a goal of their own. Tom LaCrosse took the ball down from midfield and put it into the back of the net. The Braves added six more goals before Schroeder scored their third goal two minutes into the fourth quarter. In the second quarter, Canandaigua kept up the pressure and scored three more goals before time expired. Canandaigua's third goal came after an interference call against Schroeder set up and unsettled situation with Collin Peck open on the crease (assist from Alves). With 2:55 remaining in the game, Canandaigua got their first of two man-up goals with a cross crease pass from Adam Knapton to Brandon Thomson. The Warriors won the next face-off; however, the Braves quickly took the ball back and held on for the shot. With 0:05 remaining, Knapton drove from behind the cage in a wide arc and finished into the back of the net. At halftime the Braves led 5-2.

In the third quarter it was all Canandaigua. The Braves defense held the Warriors to only two shots all quarter (both on cage). Additionally the first three attempts the Warriors had to clear the ball were all stopped by Canandaigua's midfield. Midfielder Gannon Osborn stopped the first and third with impressive checks from behind and LaCrosse stopped the middle clear with his own take. The Braves added two more goals while continuing to hold the Warriors scoreless. Thomson scored the first goal (assisted by LaCrosse) with 9:23 remaining during their second extra-man opportunity. With only 1:53 remaining in the quarter Osborn scored with a high sweep and an outside shot. The score was 7-2 going into the final quarter.

Canandaigua opened up the scoring in the fourth with a goal at 9:40. Schroeder goalie Scott Tota made two back to back saves, however on the third rebounded shot, attackman Evan Helming scooped up a ground ball and put the ball between the pipes for the goal. On the next face-off, Noto picked up his own ground ball and took it all the way down for his second goal of the game just 0:06 after the Canandaigua goal. Noto finished the game with a 64% winning percentage at the face-off draw. Knapton scored the final Canandaigua goal with 4:11 remaining with after a cross-crease feed from Osborn. In the final minutes of play, Schroeder was assessed an illegal body check penalty. However, after getting the ball back after an errant pass, the Warriors cleared the ball up-field on a fast-break goal and scored man-down with an unassisted goal by Cody Consul.

Overall, the game was closer then the score suggests. Canandaigua demonstrated why they are the defending Champions and learned and adapted to the Schroeder play. The Braves played stronger during transitions and on their defensive side of the field, at that was all they needed to come away with the win. At the face-off, nearly half of the draws were decided by technical with Canandaigua winning four by technical and Schroeder winning three. In the cage, Canandaigua's King played a majority of the game, only coming out for the final two minutes of play. King finished with a total of seven saves, including three spectacular saves that on a lesser goalie would have gone in. LaShawn Williams finished the game for the Braves and only faced one shot (which was a goal). For Schroeder, Tota played all but the final 0:07 (when he was assessed a penalty and forced to come out) and finished with nine saves (50%). Nick Russo played the remainder of the game, but did not face a shot.   return

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Aquinas 17 - Gates Chili 9  

The book for Aquinas: Austin Gorman (5g-1a), Bernard Gauthier (2g-1a), Klay Heston (3g-2a), Brendan Hall (1g), Mike Messina (2g), Anthony Bianchi (3g), Billy Lombardi (1g-1a), Goaltending: Erich Wischmeyer 3s/7ga (36 mins), Tom Mscichowski 2s/2ga = 50% (12 mins)

The book for Gates Chili:

 -- Although the game started off even with the first quarter 2-1 and the half at 7-5, Aquinas scored nine goals in the third quarter and ended up with a 17-9 win over Gates Chili in a twilight game at Aquinas.

Seven players made the offensive book for the Little Irish, led by Austin Gorman with five goals and an assist and Klay Heston with three goals and two assists.

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Victor 17 - Spencerport 4  

The book for Spencerport: Kristian Barbato (1g), Ben Tribunella (1g), Seth Miller (1g), Nick Fischer (1g), Marcus Palvino (1a), Goaltending: Tyler Schweikert 12s/15ga (36 mins), David Konko 0s/2ga (12 mins)

The book for Victor: Mitch Rupp (2g-1a), Collin O`Shea (1a), Max Hill (2g-4a), Connor Kimball (1a), Andy Poitras (1g-1a), Pat D`Angelo (2g-1a), John Maloney (1g-1a), Brian Gilbert (2g), Kyle Benwitz (2g), Trevor O`Shea (3g-1a), Mike Ewanechko (1g-1a), Dale Mattice (1g-1a), Goaltending: Steve Basile 5s/2ga = 71% (24 mins), John Phillips 8s/2ga = 80% (24 mins).

-- special report Victor defeated Spencerport 17-4 in the early game on the day. The Blue Devils started with a 5-1 quarter and took a twelve goal lead into the second half, after scoring 14 goals in the first two quarters. Victor had twelve different players make the scorebook.

Overall, the Blue Devils played well in all statistical aspects. Victor led in ground balls 33-13. Leading for the Blue Devils were defensemen Alex Davis (5), Nick Waseleski (4) and Scott Masingil (4) as well as midfielder Collin O'Shea (4). For Spencerport, midfielder Marcus Palvino (4) led the Rangers with goalie David Konko (2) and midfielder Zach Haas (2) contributing.

Both teams split goalies in the cage with Victor splitting at the half and Spencerport splitting after three quarters. For Victor Steve Basile started the game and finished with five saves (71%) and John Phillips finished the game with eight saves (80%). For Spencerport, Tyler Schweikert played the first three quarters with twelve saves and David Konko finished the game without a save.

At the face-off, O'Shea finished at 57% for the Blue Devils (8/14). Seth Miller was 11/12 for the Rangers with Palvino going 1/1. The Blue Devils rode the ball well, holding Spencerport to only a 35% clearing percentage.

The Rangers had a difficult time in defense today. When they came, slides were late and a number of goals were scored by undefended attackmen. Miller was aggressive and passionate in the goal, but often was facing one-on-one shots from close range. Victor took advantage of clearing passes that often resulted in ground balls, but the Ranger offense, when they got the ball, was able to set up offensive attempts.

With the win, Victor moves to 4-4 with games against Irondequoit and next week. Spencerport falls to 2-4 with a game against HFL later in the week. return

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Geneva 17 - Waterloo 2  

The book for Geneva: Patrick Roll (2g), Billy Eddington (1g-4a), Will Brennan (6g), Frank Triana (4g-1a), Chris Pitifer (1a), Zach Koczent (1a), Steve Fabrizio (1g), Schuyler Helmer (1g), Andrew Ritter (1g), Sam Rollo (1g-1a), Goaltending: Ross Dinan 2s/1ga = 67% (36 mins), Cory Parish 1s/1ga = 50% (12 mins)

The book for Waterloo: Cody Riegel (1g), Tim Freier (1g), Dylan Chilson (1a), Tim Wright (1a) Goaltending: Zach Ramirez 1s/4ga (24 mins), Josh Bailey 7s/13ga (24 mins).

 -- Geneva had a twelve goal lead going into the second half, on their way to a 17-2 win over Waterloo.


Thomas 18 - Livonia 7  

The book for Thomas: Jack Hinderland (6g-2a), Kenny Tomeno (5g), Kyle Rothfuss (3g-1a), JT Hauck (2a), Brad Hutton (1g), John Zawacki (1g), Zach Crawford (1g), Nick Soures (1g), Ben Morrill (1a), Rob Guenther (1a), Goaltending: Don Grace 9s/2ga = 82% (24 mins), Zack Mayer 4s/5ga (24 mins)

The book for Livonia: Mike Donals (2g), Chris Bausch (1g-1a), Wyatt Struble (1g-1a), Jeff Wester (3g-2a), Josh Wester (1a), Goaltending: Ethan Jamison 17s/18ga (48 mins).

 -- The Bulldogs took the first quarter 4-3, but Webster Thomas came back the second with six goals and six more in the third for an 18-7 win over visiting Livonia. return




Lakeland/Panas 8 - Penn Yan 6  

The book for Lakeland/Panas:

The book for Penn Yan: Nate Nichols (2g-3a), Dylan Yonts (1a), Bradley Voigt (2g), Adam Trombley (1g-1a), Anthony Luppino (1g) Goaltending: Cody Richardson 11s/8ga = 58% (48 mins).

 -- Class A's Lakeland/Panas (Section I) scored two late goals in the fourth
quarter to defeat Penn Yan 8-6. The Rebels, currently ranked 19 in the Class A NYS Poll, improve to 8-2 on the season, while the Mustangs fall to 5-2. The Mustangs tied the score at 6-6 with 6:54 remaining in the game. The Mustangs took the early 1-0 lead after the first quarter but the Rebels scored four goals in the second quarter and pulled ahead 4-2 at halftime. return