Friday: Greece Thunder Winners Today


The Greece Thunder (Ath//Ody) improved their record to 4-1 with a 21-0 victory of Bishop Kearney while Pal-Mac beat Newark 15-2 in the two games in Section Five today.


Pal-Mac 15 - Newark 2  

The book for Pal-Mac: Ben Reeves (1a), Edmund Williams (4g), Mike DeMar (2g-4a), Mike Benedict (2g-2a), Jeff Kier (1a), Mike Russell (5g-3a), Pat Russell (1g), Mike LeFever (1g), Goaltending: Matt Carkner 10s/2ga = 83% (48 mins)

The book for Newark: Jack Timerson (1g), Alex Peake (1g), Eli Ebanks (1a), Goaltending: Dominic Camblin 1s/8ga (12 mins), Nate Gardner 5s/7ga (36 mins).

 -- Pal-Mac killed six of seven penalties in a physical game that they won against their hosts at Newark, 15-2. There were nine different players making the offensive book for the Raiders who started with an 8-0 first quarter and a 9-1 half.


Ath/Ody 21 - Bishop Kearney 0  

The book for Ath/Ody: Danny Vyverberg (7g-4a), Anthony Merola (5g-2a), Gino Prestigiacomo (3g-3a), Matt Keough (2g-3a), Joe Trimboli (1g-2a), Clay Wyzykowski (2g), Eric Hostetter (1g), Tyler Gorgione (1a), Brandon Cheeseman (1a), Goaltending: Zack Rudgers 1s/0ga = 100% (35 mins), Steve Cole 0s/0ga (13 mins)

The book for Bishop Kearney:

 -- With the snow flying and cold temperatures, the Greece Thunder (Ath/Ody) lifted their record to 4-1 with a 21-0 shutout over the first year Varsity team from Bishop Kearney. Eight players made the offensive book including Joe Trimboli (1g-2a), Clay Wyzykowski (2g) and Eric Hostetter (1g)who each scored their first Varsity goals while nearly the whole bench made into the game.