Tuesday: Six Semi Final Games

- Livonia (#3) upset Aquinas (#2) 10-9 in a Class C game. All other games were won by the first and second seeds. Fairport beat Schroeder 9-8, Thomas beat Pittsford 10-8, Canandaigua beat Brighton 15-7 and Irondequoit was a 12-5 winner over McQuaid Jesuit. In the other Class C game, Penn Yan defeated Geneva 9-7. Teams now advance to the Championships on Friday, June 5th at St. John Fisher College.




Fairport 9 - Schroeder 8 

special --  With one exception which occurred in the third quarter, each team scored two goals in each quarter. Fairport scored three goals in the third quarter while holding the Warriors to their "usual" two goals and the Red Raiders won 9-8. Fairport and Schroeder both played exceedingly well and any lacrosse fan would have loved to watch this game.fpt-schr

Fairport dominated at the face-off as Mike Lehmann continued his dominating season with an 85% game, losing only three draws all day (1 technical loss and 5 technical wins). Schroeder dominated in the goalie play with Scott Tota finishing the game with 12 saves (57%). Tota was a key part in keeping the Raider scoring low and the game close.

Schroeder was much more judicious with their shots, with 30% resulting in goals. Fairport, on the other hand, took 11 more shots (with only 24% of their shots resulting in goals). The game was back and forth for its entirety with both teams taking momentum swings and Lehmann cutting Schroeder's momentum short with face-off wins as Tota cut Fairport's momentum short with key saves.

The scoring began with an inside dodge from Mark Saltrelli and a pass to Pete Noto. The Warriors came out strong just 2:06 into the game to take an early one goal lead. Less than one minute later and the game was tied for the first of three times. Martin Manilla, who also assisted the second goal from Fairport, looked inside to Brendan Saylor for the first of his three goals. Saylor, who also added 2 assists, was involved in over half of the Red Raider goals. A slow break feed from Manilla to Connor Lowe resulting in the first Fairport lead of the game at 8:03. Schroeder came back with their second goal of the quarter with a dodge from behind the cage from Cody Consul. Consul led all goal scorers with four for the Warriors. The score was tied 2-2 after the first quarter.

The second quarter started with Schroeder scoring their two goals right off the bat at 9:06 and 6:16. Both goals were scored as a result of the efforts of Chad Willmes, however, neither goal was scored by Willmes. In the former, Willmes drove from behind the cage up the right side with a high cut. He spun around as if to shoot, but instead fpt-schrfound Pete Noto who had followed his cut but stayed closer to the crease. Noto caught and shot to take the lead once again for the Warriors. The latter goal was scored when Willmes once again drove to the inside and instead of shooting, looked to Consul and got the assist. Schroeder led by two goals.

Fairport came back when, at 5:07, Saylor demonstrated once again his dominance in Section Five. Saylor took the ball behind and drove to the cage with nothing in his mind but putting the ball in the back of the net. He turned and twisted and finished with the goal. As the quarter drew to a close the Warriors had the ball and were looking to add to their lead. Willmes once again drove to the cage, but this time he shot. Kyle Hall came up with a key save for the Red Raiders and released the ball up to Connor Lowe for the clear. Lowe pushed the ball up to Saylor behind the cage, who waited for the opportunity and found Chris Button open for the goal with only 0:24 remaining. Once again the teams finished the quarter in a 2-2 tie. Halftime came with the score tied 4-4.

The third quarter made all the difference. The quarter began very much the same as the second with Schroeder scoring their two goals first and early. The first was scored with a flag down with Chris Mason pushing the ball up to Chad Willmes who fired from point blank. The Warriors once again took the lead and a penalty. The Red Raider man-down stayed strong and held the Warriors scoreless. With 7:20 remaining, Mark Saltrelli took an outside shot that made it past Hall to retake the two goal lead for the second time. Fairport scored one more than their usually by adding three before time expired on the quarter. fpt-schr

Derek DeJoe, Saylor and Manilla scored for the Red Raiders. Aaron Jones added an assist on the first goal from DeJoe during man-up. Saylor's unassisted goal was scored with another individual performance from him. The Warriors had doubled Saylor behind the cage, but the junior was not discouraged and still drove to the goal and scored with 3:52 remaining in the quarter. The final Red Raider goal of the third quarter came after a ride. Manilla scored alone on the crease after a feed from Saylor. The Red Raider finished the third quarter leading 7-6.

The fourth quarter was once again a 2-2 performance and the Fairport lead held. Fairport's Jones scored the opening goal with a right to left sweep at 11:03. Both defense stepped up and neither team scored for 9 minutes. As the end of the game approached and Fairport held onto a two goal lead the Warriors knew they had to come up big. During a late in the game man-up penalty, the Warriors struck with Johnny Murray feeding Consul for the goal. Schroeder caught up to within one goal and with two minutes remaining anything seemed possible.

However, Lehmann struck again for the Red Raiders winning his 17th face-off of the game and picking up his own ground ball. Lehmann went straight in from the midfield line and put the ball in the back of the net only 12 seconds after the Warrior goal. With 0:10 remaining the Red Raiders received another penalty and the Warriors took no time, scoring their final goal with 0:06 remaining when Mason passed the ball up to Consul waiting down low for the goal. However, with Lehmann facing, Fairport controlled the ball (James Cunningham with a wing ground ball) to hold the one goal win.

Scoring for Fairport were Saylor (3g-2a), Manilla (1g-2a), Jones (1g-1a), Lehmann (1g), Button (1g), DeJoe (1g) and Lowe (1g). Hall finished with five saves for the Raiders.

Scoring for Schroeder were Consul (4g), Willmes (1g-2a), Noto (2g), Mason (2a), Saltrelli (1g-1a) and Murray (1a).

fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics.


Irondequoit 12 - McQuaid Jesuit 5 

updated  -- Irondequoit's Drew Coholan teamed up with his brother Greg to combine for seven of twelve goals in their 12-5 win over McQuaid Jesuit. The Eagles move on to play Canandaigua in the Championship on Friday (St. John Fisher College, June 5th at 5:30 PM).

Scoring for Irondequoit were Ian Brooks (1g), Nick Doktor (4a), Greg Coholan (4g), Emmy Poccia (2g-3a), Drew Coholan (3g), Erik Kleehammer (2g). Tyler Nash play most of the game and recorded 16s/5ga (46 mins) and Eric Fischer added 1s/0ga (2 mins) for Irondequoit.

Scoring for McQuaid Jesuit were Ryan Williams (1g), Nick Wolak (1g), Eric Wright (1a), Mike Crawford (1g), John Jenkins (1g) and Chris Barilla (1g). Ethan Matteson made 9s/10ga (36 mins) and Pat Sheridan had 3s/2ga (12 mins) for the Knights who finish their 2009 campaign at 9-11.


Livonia 10 - Aquinas 9 

 --  This was a close game all the way through as Livonia took the first quarter 3-2 and Aquinas took the second quarter 3-2. Both teams scored two goals in the third. At the end of the game Justin Becker came up with three huge saves in the last minute (one in the final seconds). Junior midfielder Jeff Wester scored the game winner with 1:47 left in the game.

Scoring for Livonia were Wyatt Struble (1g), Mike Donals (3g), Chris Bausch (1g), Jeff Wester (5g-2a), Matt Girolmo (3a), Andrew Smith (1a). Justin Becker recorded 15s/9ga for the Bulldogs (14-6) who advance to play in the finals against Penn Yan (St. John Fisher College, June 5th at 3:30 PM).

Scoring for Aquinas were Austin Gorman (2g-1a), Cameron Corsaro (1a), Bernard Gauthier (3g), Anthony Bianchi (1g-1a), Klay Heston (1g-2a) and Mike Messina (2g). Kraig Heston had 18s/10ga for the Little Irish who finish their season at 16-4.


Canandaigua 15 - Brighton 7 

updated  --  Canandaigua too the first quarter 4-2 and the second 3-1 for a 7-3 halftime lead and then when on to defeat Brighton 15-7 in the second semi final game at St. John Fisher College tonight. The Braves scored five in the third and added three more in the last quarter while holding the Barons to two goals in each quarter. Nine players made the offensive scorebook for Canandaigua. Leading the scoring were Brian Scheetz with 5g-1a Tanner Scharr with 3g-1a and Marshall Johnson with 3g.

Scoring for Canandaigua were Deven Alves (1g-1a), Tanner Scharr (3g-1a), Brian Scheetz (5g-1a), Marshall Johnson (3g), Tom LaCrosse (1g), Bryan Peck (2g-1a), Gannon Osborn (1a), Sean Regan (1a) and John Klein (1a). Nick King played had 7s/6ga (44 mins) and Anthony DeLeo had 1s/1ga (4 mins) for the Braves (18-2) who take on Irondequoit for the title on Friday (St. John Fisher College 5:30 PM).

Scoring for Brighton were Mark Henrichs (3g-1a), Steve Cregan (1g-1a), CJ Wool (1g-1a), Evan Davis (1g) and Brackett Bourne (1g). Kyle Hohmann had 23s/15ga for the Barons who went from 0-16 last year to 14-4 this year.


Thomas 10 - Pittsford 8 

special --  Thomas held off the advances of Pittsford to win thom-pitt10-8 in the second semifinal match-up tonight. The Titans came out strong and secured a 9-2 lead before Pittsford switched goalies with 9:49 remaining in the third quarter, Pittsford finished the game with six goals, holding the Titans to one goal.

Thomas' efforts were led by Brad Hutton. Hutton scored five goals for the Titans, including four of the first five goals for Thomas who scored six of the first seven goals to take an early 6-1 lead with 5:34 remaining in the second quarter. Kenny Tomeno joined Hutton and scored the other two goals. Tomeno also assisted the opening goal of the second quarter with a face-off win and pass to Hutton only 0:06 into play. Tomeno finished at 58% at the face-off.

The Panthers scored one goal in each of the first two quarters. In the first, Craig Jerabeck looked inside to Thomas Rodenhouse for the goal. Rodenhouse finished with 2 goals from only 3 shots on cage for the Panthers (Rodenhouse took 11 total shots). In the second, Matt Gold scored with James Purpura coming up with an assist from behind the cage. Purpura was one of the major players in their attempted come-back. He assisted on two goals in the latter stretch and was 66% at the face-off draw after taking over in the third quarter.

The final goal of the second quarter was scored by Kyle LaVallee for the Titans with a straight drive from the top and a bounce shot against goalie Alex Howell. Howell, played the first half and two minutes in the third quarter, finished with four saves for the Panthers. The score was 7-2 at halftime with the Titans sitting on a sizable lead.

thom-pittThe third quarter started in a very similar fashion with Thomas scored two goals on their first two shots. The first goal, scored by Hutton and assisted by JT Hauck was scored during a face-break situation. The second goal, just over one minute later, was scored when Jack Hinderland took the ball on a left to right sweep to beat Howell. Senior Harry Goluses stepped in between the pipes with 9:49 remaining in the third quarter and held the Titan scoreless for the remainder of the quarter (3 saves on 5 shots). With Goluses stepping up on defense, the offense went to town, scoring four unanswered goals, from four different offensive players.

Rodenhouse, TJ Iuppa, Gold and Purpura each added a goal in the third quarter. Rodenhouse scored during man-up with Purpura assisting. This was the only man-up goal that Pittsford scored on 10 attempts. Iuppa scored the next goal unassisted. Iuppa, finished the game with 1 goal from 3 shots on cage and 12 shots overall. The Panthers in general only had 35% of their shots on cage with 20% of their shots resulting in goals. The Titans, conversely, had 51% of their shots on cage and 29% of their shots resulted in goals. Both teams were similar in goals from shots on cage (57% for Pittsford and 56% for Thomas).

Gold scored his goal with another assist from Purpura from behind the cage. The final goal of the quarter was scored by Purpura on a solo drive from behind the cage where he slipped the ball in between the pipes and goalie Austin Fox. Purpura, flicked his wrist so that the ball found its way to the back of the net in one of the prettiest goals of the game. Fox, who played the entire game for the Titans, finished with six saves. The third quarter, which Pittsford won 4-2, finished with the Titans leading 9-6.

In the fourth quarter, the Titans struck first with their final goal. Thomas' Tomeno scored with Hinderland assisting on a fast-break goal. Hinderland came down the left side of the field and found Tomeno open. With 2:21 remaining Alex Kober scored (unassisted) for the Panthers with a high bounce shot. Pittsford won the next face-off and thom-pittcalled a time-out after Justin McLiverty picked up the ground ball from the far wing. After the time-out the Panthers came out with a purpose. McLiverty set up on the far side away from the ball. A short stick set up with the ball, ready to run it over for the clear and four Titans set up for the ride. After faking the run, McLiverty crossed the line and caught the ball for the clear. Without hesitation, McLiverty ran towards the cage and put the shot just over the shoulder of Fox, to bring the game within two goals.

Thomas won the last face-off of the game with Tomeno picking up his own ground ball and the Titans calling a time-out. Thomas attempted to run off the remainder of the clock, but Pittsford had a couple more opportunities before the final clock expired but could not capitalize on any of them. The end of the game saw a penalty coming with 0:01 remaining.

Overall, the Panthers never gave up and kept challenging the Titans. Thomas stepped up to the challenge and demonstrated the talents and skills of their athletes. The Titans finished leading in the ground ball battle (42-25), at the face-off (13-8) and in one-on-one takes (6-5).

Goluses added one more save in the fourth quarter to finish with 4 saves on the game. Howell finished with four saves for the Panthers as well. For Thomas, Fox finished with six saves.

Scoring for Thomas were Hutton (5g), Tomeno (3g-1a), Hinderland (1g-1a), LaVallee (1g), Billy Gurowski (1a), Hauck (1a) and Nick Scalzo (1a).

Scoring for Pittsford were Purpura (1g-3a), Rodenhouse (2g), Gold (2g), Iuppa (1g), McLiverty (1g), Kober (1g) and Jerabeck (1a).

fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics.


Penn Yan 9 - Geneva 7 

 --  In the Class C semi-final opener before a large crowd at McCooey Field on the Hobart-William Smith campus, the upset minded Geneva Panthers scored the first two goals of the game and held the Penn Yan offense to just one goal in the first twelve minutes to take a 3-1 lead at the end of the first. Penn Yan's lone goal was scored by Preston Maciejewski with a feed from John Linnan.

The Mustang offense got back on track in the second, scoring five goals and holding Geneva to just one. Penn Yan tied the game at the 7:31 mark of the second in EMO when Matt Osgood picked up a blocked Cole Castle shot on the top of the crease and fired it past Geneva goalie Ross Dinan to tie the game at 3-3. Penn Yan added three more goals prior to the half, two by Adam Trombley, both set up by Osgood and a third by Cole Castle assisted by Linnan. The second quarter ended with Penn Yan up by a score of 6-4.

Geneva started the third with in EMO but was unable to convert while Penn Yan netted two more later in the quarter, one by Adam Trombley (unassisted) and Osgood's second of the game with an assist from Nate Nichols. At the end of three quarters, the Mustangs led by an 8-5 margin.

Penn Yan began the fourth quarter with possession in EMO but failed to convert. They did score soon after both teams were at even strength when Jordan Owen found Osgood on the wing for his third of the game to make it 9-5. Geneva was able to capitalize on a couple of Penn Yan miscues and penalties and pretty much controlled possession for the next several minutes while pulling to within two after scoring two goals. With 46 seconds remaining in regulation, Geneva received a one minute penalty. Penn Yan controlled the ball and ran out the clock for the 9-7 victory. At the face off "x", Ty Trombley won 9 of 17 while Mustang goalie, Ethan Kamholtz, recorded 13s/7ga while picking up 8 ground balls in the win.

Scoring for Penn Yan were: Matt Osgood (3g-2a), Adam Trombley (3g), Preston Maciejewski (1g-1a), Cole Castle (2g), John Linnan (2a), Nate Nichols (1a), and Jordan Owen (1a). Up next for Coach Hobart's Mustangs, a rematch of last year's Class C championship game with the Livonia Bulldogs this Friday (3:30 PM) at St. John Fisher College.