Tuesday: Out bracket Games for A and C - Gates Upsets Brockport


- There were two upsets in the Class A out bracket as the 12th seeded Gates Chili beat the 5th seeded Brockport and the 9th seeded Hilton upset the 8th seeded Rush-Henrietta. Schroeder, Churchville and penfield all won their games as seeded. In Class C all the higher seeded teams won. Moving on are Batavia, Geneva, Midlakes, Bath and Pal-Mac.




Hilton 10 - Rush-Henrietta 7 

special  --  Ninth seeded Hilton defeated eighth seeded R-H this afternoon in the last game to be played in the R-H stadium. The Royal Comets are building a new stadium for next season. The Cadets won 10-7. The game was won in the third quarter but it was the stepped up goalie play of Ken Stiles in the fourth quarter that really kept the game out of reach of the Royal Comets.

Stiles had two saves in the first 36 minutes of the game and finished the game with 6 saves, holding the Royal Comets scoreless in the final 12 minutes. Matt Gladstone played the entire game for the Royal Comets and finished with 10 saves.

The scoring throughout the game came in spurts. Hilton scored the first goal with Mike Crumlish finding Brett Endres open on the crease, at first it looked to be a save by Gladstone, however, the ball kept its forward momentum and resulted in a goal. RH scored the next four goals with Torry Whitcher and Brad Sauln each scoring twice. The scoring spanned two quarter, with the score 2-1 in favor of the Royal Comets after one quarter.

Hilton came back with three goals of their own before the end of the quarter with Endres scoring his second (assisted by Steve Bernsten), followed by Bernsten scoring with an assist from Kyle Youngman. Jimmy Gaffney scored the final Cadet goal of the quarter. The final goal of the half was all the doing of Gladstone. After Hilton pressed during a clear, Gladstone was left alone about 10 yards from the goal, however, instead of shooting he passed the ball off to Chris Aycock for the goal. The Royal Comets led 6-4 at the half.

Hilton scored the first four goals of the third quarter to move from a two goal deficit to a two goal lead. The Cadets played a solid twelve minutes, with nothing spectacular but strong solid fundamental lacrosse. The lone R-H goal came with 0:18 remaining during a man-up opportunity. Aycock scored the goal, with an assist from Jake Alvarez. The game's first half was penalty free but in the second half the officials decided to stop letting the teams play and began to call a multitude of penalties.

In the fourth quarter, Hilton added two more goals onto their lead, while Stiles held the Royal Comets scoreless to end the R-H sectional hopes. Matt Fracassi and Davis Smith scored (both unassisted) for the Cadets. The Cadets move on to the second round to face top-seeded Fairport.

Scoring for Hilton were Jimmy Gaffney (2g-1a), Steve Bernsten (2g-1a), Brett Endres (2g), David Smith (2g), Matt Fracassi (1g-1a), Kyle Youngman (1g-1a) and Mike Crumlish (1a).

Scoring for RH were Brad Sauln (3g-1a), Chris Aycock (2g-1a), Torry Whitcher (2g), Matt Gladstone (1a), Adam Hill (1a) and Jake Alvarez (1a).


Schroeder 17 - Lightning 0 

 --  Webster Schroeder defeated Greece Arcadia/Olympia 17-0. The Warriors won 3-0, 5-0, 6-0 and 3-0. In the cage, the Webster played both Scott Tota and Eric Saltrelli in the shut out. Tota finished with eight saves and Saltrelli with 1 save. Keifer Phillips and Shane Trost split time for the Lightning. Phillips made 9 saves and Trost had one. The Lightning finished there 2009 campaign at 4-12.

Scoring for Schroeder were Cody Consul (3g-2a), Pete Noto (2g-2a), Brett Farrell (2g-2a), Johnny Murray (1g-2a), Cody Henry (1g-2a), Chris Topping (2g), Mark Saltrelli (1g), Joe Nicodemi (1g), Alex Powell (1g), Chad Willmes (1g), Chris Mason (1g), Dylan DiFante (1g) and Jake Spadoni (1a).

fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics.


Gates Chili 9 - Brockport 7

updated  --  Sparked by the defensive play of Zack Kemp, Zack Smith and Adam Wacenske, Gates Chili, seeded 12th in the Class A tournament defeated Brockport (seeded 5th), 9-7 at Brockport tonight. The Spartan led 2-1 after the first quarter and 4-3 at half time. They extended their lead to 7-5 after the third quarter. Gates Chili will now travel to Webster Schroeder on Friday for a quarter final game.

Scoring for Gates Chili were Tyler Webb (4g), Grant Ferguson (2g-3a), Steve Campaniello (1g-2a), Cam Gormel and Doug Livingston with (1g) each and defenseman Zack Smith with (1a). Jason Baetzhold recorded 15s-7ga for the Spartans.

Scoring for Brockport were Jake Burns (3g-1a), Trevor Hayward (3g), Cody Hill (1g), Matt Lester (1a) and Ryan Pratt (1a). Dylan White had 15s/9ga for The Blue Devils who end their season at 10-7.


Churchville-Chili 12 - Spencerport 10 

 --  Spencerport made it a game until the end, continuing to push back time after time in its attempts to stay close to Churchville-Chili. The Saints finished the game with a 12-10 win in a Class A out bracket game.

Churchville-Chili started off the game strong with two goals from their leading scorers of the night, Alex Pavone and Zach Yehl. Pavone finished with 5g-1a and Yehl with 4g-1a. Kyle Mark, who finished the leader for the Rangers, scored his lone goal of the night at 7:59 remaining in the first quarter. Mark added six more assists before the game finished. Churchville-Chili's Pavone assisted on their third goal, finding Adam McWilliams for his 2nd goal of the season. Austin Hintz (who led the Rangers with four goals) scored the final Spencerport goal of the quarter. Yehl added two more goals for Churchville-Chili before the end of the quarter to give the Saints a strong 5-2 lead after one.

In the second quarter the Saints again scored first with Yehl passing the ball to Jon Hemink. The Rangers answered back with two of their own, both assisted by Mark. The Rangers pulled within two goals of the Saints for the second time. Yehl and Hintz traded goals for their respective teams and the score remained within two goals. However, before the quarter ended Pavone added two more goals for the Saints at 1:41 and 0:03. Churchville-Chili led 9-5 at the end of the first half.

Churchville-Chili, for the third straight quarter, scored the opening goal with Taylor Kolmer passing the ball to Ryan Yunker for the goal. The Rangers, much the same as in the second, came back with two goals of their own. Nick Fischer and Kristian Barbato scored (with assists to Mark and Hintz). The Rangers had come to within three goals, but the Saints came back with two more goals from Pavone (both goals were assisted by Keith Preston). The third quarter ended with the score 12-7.

In the fourth quarter, the Saints could not find their footing and the Rangers held them scoreless while adding three of their own. Their last push got close; however, the five goal lead the Saints had built up was too much to overcome. The final goal of the game for the Rangers was scored at 0:15 with Kevin Heacock assisting Hintz.

The ball was on the ground for nearly the entire game, between the weather and overall problems both teams seemed to have in keeping the ball. There were a total of 94 ground balls between the two teams. Preston led both teams with 18 ground balls. Nick Bruno (9) and Yunker (7) also had ground balls for Churchville-Chili while Heacock (7), Kelley(7) and the Ranger goalie (7) all had ground balls for Spencerport. Preston also did well at the face-off draw winning 18/19.

In the cage Adam Difulvio finished the game just over 50% with 11 saves and 10 goals against. The Spencerport goalie finished with 9 saves, but was unidentified.

Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Pavone (5g-1a), Yehl (4g-1a), Hemink (1g-2a), Preston (2a), Yunker (1g-1a), Adam McWilliams (1g) and Taylor Kolmer (1a).

Scoring for Spencerport were Mark (1g-6a), Hintz (4g-1a), Fischer (3g-1a), Heacock (1g-1a) and Kristian Barbato (1g).

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Penfield 22 - Thunder 5  

updated  --  Penfield defeated Greece Athena/Odyssey 22-5 this afternoon. The Patriots won the first quarter 9-2, the second 6-1, the third 4-1 and the fourth 3-1. Kyle Van Thof was 13/16 at the face-off and finished the game with 12 ground balls. Scotty Tam led the Thunder with 7 ground balls.

In the cage, Penfield split goalies at half time with Brady Del Pozzo finishing with 3 saves and Jamie Solomon finishing with 4 saves. Greece Thunder played three goalies with Steve Cole finishing with four saves, Zach Cox with 2 saves and Zach made one save, squarely off his leg.

Scoring for Penfield were Tucker Nelson (7g-2a), Kyle Van Thof (4g-4a), James Dwyer (1g-2a), Fred Crilly (2g), Jordan O'Brien (2g), Dan O`Brien (1g-1a), Matt Condon (1g-1a), Aaron Pulinski (1g), Tyler Zweifel (1g), Mike Malloy (1g), Kevin Westcott (1g), Nick Russell (1a) and Matt Bilak (1a).

Scoring for Greece were Nate Wallenhorst (1g-4a), Tyler Gorgione (1g-1a), Danny Vyverberg (1g), Derek Langdon (1g) and Phil Bond (1g).

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Batavia 13 - Waterloo 11  

 --  Batavia started out strong, outscoring Waterloo 4-0 in first quarter. Will Mulcahy had two goals in first two minutes and Joe Muoio added a goal and an assist in the first quarter. Batavia goalie Theo Hill made two saves on two shots during the first quarter. Waterloo capitalized on a Batavia penalty midway through the second quarter and scored four goals during the three minute nonreleasable penalty. Batavia bounced back with a goal just before halftime which ended with the Blue Devils up 5-4.

The third quarter was an all out shootout. Both teams went back an forth on the scoreboard. Batavia edged out Waterloo in the third quarter 5-3 and led 10-7. The fourth quarter was just as exciting as the third for the home fans of Batavia and the Waterloo faithful that took the long trip. Waterloo scored four goals in the fourth quarter, three of which were by Chance Lowry who was an inspiration for the Indians. Batavia's Vin Pedro added the final goal of the game and secured the Batavia 13-11 victory.

Scoring for Batavia were Kyle Maniace (1g), Will Mulcahy (4g-3a), Joe Muoio (5g-2a), Chip Chapman (1g), Vin Pedro (2g) and Brandon Williams (1a). Batavia goalie Theo Hill played the entire game between the pipes and saved 10 and allowed 11. He shut out Waterloo in first quarter with two saves on two shots. Batavia moves on to play at Penn Yan on Friday.

Scoring for Waterloo were Rob Goodenow (1g-1a), Jeff Wadhams (3g-2a), Dylan Chilson (1g-1a), Chance Lowry (4g-1a), Jon Asbury (1g-1a) and Joe Shaffer (1g-1a). Zach Ramirez had 11 saves in goal for Waterloo who finish their season at 6-12.


Geneva 15 - Marcus Whitman 1   

 --  In a miserable evening rain storm, Geneva defeated first year team, Marcus Whitman, 15-1 in out bracket play at Geneva. The score was 10-0 at the half and 14-0 after three quarters. Nine different Panthers made the scorebook. For Whitman, freshman Jeff Bero, who came up from JV for sectionals scored the lone goal, helping the Wildcats maintain a goal of no shut outs in their first Varsity year.

Scoring for Geneva were Will Brennan (7g-1a), Billy Eddington (1g-4a), Frank Triana (3g-1a), Chris Tapscott (1g-1a), Jeff Springmeier (1g-1a), Dan Pufnock (1g), Chris Pitifer (1g), Tyler Travis (2a) and Patrick Roll (2a). Ross Dinan had 1s/0ga (36 mins) and Phil Guard had 1s/1ga (12 mins).

Jeff Bero (1g) scored for Marcus Whitman. Nick Cosmano had 10s/14ga (36 mins) and Bobby Mason had 2s/1ga (12 mins) for the Wildcats who end their first season at 0-19.


Midlakes 11 - East Rochester 7 

 --  Midlakes used a first half effort to secure an 11-7 win over East Rochester in a Class C out bracket game at home. The Eagles won the first quarter 4-0 and the second quarter 7-4 for an 11-4 first half. The Bombers scored three goals in the third quarter and held the Eagles scoreless in the second half.

Scoring for Midlakes were Cory Gray (4g-1a), Matt Barilla (1a), Ben Uveges (1g-5a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (5g-1a), Tom Cheney (1a) and Travis Bevins (1g). Freshman goalie, Matt Brennessel had 8s/7ga for Midlakes who will travel to Geneva on Friday for a quarter final game.

Scoring for East Rochester were Jordan Michele (1g-1a), Nick Reiss (3g), Darnell Rhodes (1g-1a), Conor Boyer (1g-2a), Kyle Knopp (1g-1a) and Dan Strassner (1a). East Rochester finished their first Varsity season with a 0-15 record.


Bath 12 - Bloomfield-Honeoye 9  

updated  --  Bath defeated Bloomfield-Honeoye 12-9 on the shoulders of a 6-1 second quarter. The score was tied 2-2 after the first quarter. The Rams won the third and fourth quarters by one goal each (4-3 and 2-1). In the cage for Bloomfield-Honeoye Jay Nichols finished with 14 saves. For Bath, Chris Wolfer finished with 16 saves. Bath will play Aquinas on Friday.

Scoring for Bath were Nick Rossi (4g-3a), Brian Gable (4g-1a), Zach Reed (2g-2a), Tyler Reed (2g-2a) and Andy Nesbitt (1a).

Scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye were Luke Blain (4g), Luke Anderson (1g-1a), Zach Hammond (1a), Sean Beaney (3g) and Zach Blain (1g). Bloomfield-Honeoye finishes their season at 4-12.


Pal-Mac 10 - Mynderse 5  

 --  Palmyra-Macedon will advance in the Class C tournament to play at Livonia on Friday, having won their out bracket game against Mynderse 10-5.

Scoring for Pal-Mac were Ben Reeves (1g-2a), Mike DeMar (1a), Jeff Kier (2g-1a), Greg Kier (3g), Mike Russell (4g-1a) and Edmund Williams (1a).Tim Doyle made 14s/5ga for the Raiders.

Mynderse finishes their season with a record of 4-13.