Saturday: Schroeder takes Amherst 9-3

- Webster Schroeder beat visiting Amherst of Section 6 (Buffalo), 9-3 in an early afternoon game in Webster. Amherst (10-3) is currently ranked 9th on the NYS Class B poll. Midlakes won their game with Pal-Mac. Other winner today were Eastridge, Brockport, Aquinas, Penn Yan and Bloomfield-Honeoye. Waterloo beat Marcus Whitman 9-2 in a game that was shortened due to the weather.




Midlakes 11 - Pal-Mac 7 

updated --  "I was extremely pleased with the defense today. They did exactly what we wanted them to do," said Midlakes Coach Rich Doan after the game." Midlakes and Palmyra-Macedon tied in the first quarter (3-3) but the Eagles scored four answered goals in before the half on their way to an 11-7 FL-2 win at home.

Scoring for Midlakes were Matt Barilla (1g-1a), Ben Uveges (1g-3a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (2g-1a), Nick Judge (4g-1a), Justin Huntsman (1a) and Cory Gray (2g). Tucker Jensen had 3 saves in the first half and added 5 more in the second for 8s/8ga for the Eagles (8-7).

Scoring for Pal-Mac were Sean Nolan (1a), Edmund Williams (2g), Mike DeMar (1a), Jeff Kier (1g-1a), Greg Kier (2g), Mike Russell (1g-1a), Travis Bevins (1g), and Ben Reeves (1g). Tim Doyle had 12s/11ga for the Red Raiders.


Schroeder 9 - Amherst 3  

 --  Webster Schroeder defeated Amherst (Section VI), 9-3. Amherst (10-3) just came off a one goal loss to Hamburg earlier in the week. The Warriors have won their last three games (Penfield and HFL). Schroeder lost to Hamburg by one goal earlier in the season.

Schroeder scored two unanswered goals in each of the first two quarters to take a 4-0 lead at halftime. Pete Noto scored the first two goals for the Warriors (both unassisted). In the second quarter Brett Farrell (assisted by Cody Consul) scored the first goal and Consul scored unassisted with 0:28 remaining in the half.

In the third quarter the Warriors outscored the Tigers 5-2. Amherst scored the first goal with an unassisted score from Chris Farmelo with 5:03 remaining in the quarter. The Warriors scored four goals in the next 3:16. Consul scored two and assisted on a third with Mark Saltrelli adding two goals and Chris Mason added two assists. With 0:19 remaining in the quarter Tom Pieto and Sean Smith hooked up for the Tigers. Consul added his fourth goal of the game with 0:01 remaining in the third quarter, this was the final Warrior goal. The score was 9-2 after three quarters.

Amherst scored the lone goal of the fourth quarter with Farmelo finding Clifton Jackson during extra-man offense with 3:36 remaining in the game.

Conor McNally played the entire game for the Tigers and finished with 3 saves. Eric Saltrelli played the final four minutes of the game for Schroeder and finished with two saves; Scott Tota played the majority of the game and had 13 saves (87%). Schroeder had success in the face-off with Chris Topping going 5/7 and Noto going 6/7.

Scoring for Schroeder were Consul (4g-2a), Mark Saltrelli (2g), Noto (2g), Mason (2a) and Farrell (1a).

Scoring for Amherst were Farmelo (1g-1a), Jackson (1g), Pleto (1g) and Smith (1a).

fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics.


Brockport 13 - Batavia 8   

 --  Brockport was a 13-8 over Batavia in their Monroe County D-3 game this morning. Brockport came out with the first goal (Jake Burns, unassisted) but Batavia answered back with three goals including two from Kyle Maniace. Brockport then answered with three more goals from Trevor Hayward and Ryan Pratt. Brockport led at the end of the first quarter 4-3.

Batavia controlled the second quarter outscoring Brockport 4-2 with two goals from Chip Chapman and Will Mulcahy. At halftime Batavia led 7-6.

Brockport came out strong in the third quarter, dominating at both ends of the field and shut out Batavia 5-0 giving them an 11-7 lead.

Scoring for Brockport were Jake Burns (4g-1a), Trevor Hayward (3g-1a), Pat Steves (2g), Ryan Pratt (1g-2a), Matt Lester (1g-2a), John aq-gcPacitto (1g), Cody Hill (1g) and Bryan Johnson (1a). Dylan White made 9s/8ga for Brockport (9-5).

Scoring for Batavia were Will Mulcahy (3g-2a), Kyle Maniace (3g), Chip Chapman (2g-1a) and Vin Pedro (3a). Theo Hill had 23s/13ga for Batavia.


Aquinas 11 - Gates Chili 6 

 --  The Spartans took a 4-3 first quarter lead, but Aquinas held them scoreless for the next two quarters while scoring five of their own.

Scoring for Aquinas were Austin Gorman (2g-3a), Cam Corsaro (1g-1a), Bernard Gauthier (1g-1a), Anthony Bianchi (1g-3a), Klay Heston (3g-2a), Mike Messina (2g) and Brendon Hall (1g). Kraig Heston had 11s/6ga for the Little Irish (14-3).

Scoring for Gates Chili were Steve Campaniello (2g), Tyler Webb (2g), Grant Ferguson (1g-2a) and Brian Eckam (1g-1a). Jason Baetzhold had 12s-11ga for the Spartans.




Waterloo 9 - Marcus Whitman 2  Terminated 

updated --  Waterloo took the 9-2 win over Marcus Whitman in a game terminated by lightning at 4:33 in the third quarter.

Scoring for Waterloo were Pete Vacca (2g-3a), Jeff Wadhams (2g), Dylan Chilson (2g), Chance Lowry (1a) and Jon Asbury (3g-1a). Zach Ramirez had 5s/2ga for the Indians.

Scoring for Marcus Whitman were Adam Chapman (1g), Mortensen (1g) and Clay Wilson (1a). Nick Cosmano made 4s/9ga for the Wildcats.


Penn Yan 12 - Geneva 6 

updated --  As both teams took the field this afternoon in Geneva, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and the refs ordered both teams to their locker rooms. Following a 75 minute delay, Penn Yan and Geneva took to the field for a Finger Lakes 1 match up. Penn Yan tallied the first goal with a Cole Castle to Matt Osgood connection. The Panthers scored the next two goals to take the lead at the 5:00 minute mark of the first quarter, 2-1.

The Mustang defense clamped down for the next two periods, shutting out Geneva in the second while scoring 5 goals to take a 7-2 lead at the half and allowing the Panthers just one goal in the third, while scoring three of their own to take a 10-3 lead at the end of the third quarter. Coach Hobart was able to look to the bench late in the third, shuffling players on and off the field for the remainder of the game. The game ended in a 12-6 Penn Yan victory.

Leading the way on offense for the Mustangs was Matt Osgood who tallied 6 goals and 2 assists while scooping up 3 ground balls. On the defensive side of the field, Tim Dyer picked up 5 ground balls and recorded one of Penn Yan's 6 takes. Ty Trombley won 58% of his draws going 11/19 and recording 7 ground balls. Between the pipes, senior Ethan Kamholtz played 46.5 minutes and saved 67% of the shots he faced (10s/5ga). Freshman Cody Richardson played the final 1.5 minutes and went 1s/1ga. With the win, the Mustangs move to 14-2 heading into the final week of the regular season.

Scoring for Penn Yan were: Matt Osgood (7g-2a), Preston Maciejewski (3g-1a), Adam Trombley (2g-1a), Baird Wilber (1g), Adam Stork (2a), John Linnan (2a), Cole Castle (1a), and Nate Nichols (1a).


Bloomfield-Honeoye 19 - Mynderse 12  

updated  -- Bloomfield-Honeoye won a 19-12 victory over Mynderse on Senior Day at Honeoye. The Bombdogs took a 5-1 first quarter lead, but the Blue Devils, inspired by lots of EMO play in the second, scored seven goals for an 8-8 tie at the half. The Bombdogs won the third quarter 6-2 and then ended with a 5-3 last quarter win.

Scoring for B-H were Luke Blain (5g-3a), Luke Anderson (6g-2a), Zach Hammond (1g-3a), Sean Beaney (2g-2a), Zach Blain (3g-2a), Ben Cratsley (1g-1a) and Jake Stevens (1g). Jay Nichols had 1a and made 18s/12ga in the cage for the Bombdogs.

Scoring for Mynderse were Dan Galusha (1g-1a), Mike Warrick (2g-1a), Charlie Barbay (2g-4a), Nick Giovannini (5g-1a), Steve Lucchesi (1a), AJ Bachman (1g) and Brett Wood (1g). Tim Trickler had 9s/19ga for the Blue Devils.


Eastridge 11  - Spencerport 7

updated  -- It was Eastridge over Spencerport 11-7.

Scoring for the Eastridge were Matt Doeller (2g-4a), Curtis Scott (2g-1a), Patrick Moynihan (2g), Trevor Horne (1g), Kevin Stapleton (1g), Mike Mortillaro (2g), and Kevin Stewart (1g). Jake Czwilinski made 8s/7ga for the Lancers.

Scoring for Spencerport were Nick Fisher (1g), Austin Hintz (2g-2a), Kyle Mark (1g-1a), Kristian Barbato (1a), Kevin Heacock (1g-1a), Sean DeMers (1g-2a) and Pat Crumb (1g). Tyler Schweikert made 10s/11ga for the Rangers.


Hilton at Victor  

 --  The game has been rescheduled.