Friday: Aquinas and Mynderse Win

- Aquinas won a GRALL game against Bath (13-10) and Mynderse beat Marcus Whitman 13-4 in Finger Lakes D-2 play today.


Aquinas 13 - Bath 10 

 --  Bath scored the first five goals and led at the end of the first quarter 5-0, but Aquinas, using face off wins and EMO goals, won a 7-1 second quarter and added a 13-10 GRALL league game tonight at Bath. Sophomore attackman Klay Heston led the offense for AQ with 6g-2a.

Scoring for Aquinas were Austin Gorman (1g), Bernard Gauthier (1g), Cameron Corsaro (3g-3a), Anthony Bianchi (1g-3a), Klay Heston (6g-2a), Brendan Hall (1g), and Anthony Starnino (1a). Kraig Heston had 22s/10ga for the Little Irish (12-3).

Scoring for Bath were Tyler Reed (2g-1a), Mark Martuscello (1g-2a), Nick Rossi (2g), Andy Nesbitt (2g), Drew Wager (1g-1a), Zach Reed (1g-1a), Tim Wolfer (1g) and Cole Beebe (1a). Chris Wolfer had 12s/12ga (42 mins) and Tyler Reed added 1s/1ga (6 mins).



Mynderse 13 - Marcus Whitman 4 

 --  Mynderse took the first two quarters 5-1, 5-1 and after leading 10-2 at the half went on to beat Marcus Whitman 13-4 in Finger Lakes Divsion-2 action this afternoon. Neither team scored in the last quarter.

Scoring for Mynderse were Matt Koopman (2g-2a), Charlie Barbay (3g-3a), Nick Giovannini (1g), Brett Wood (1a), AJ Bachman (3g-1a), Dan Galusha (1g-1a) and Mike Warrick (3g). Tim Trickler had 6s/4ga (32 mins) and Brad Dove had 3s/0ga (16 min) for the Blue Devils.

Scoring for Marcus Whitman were Whitman Sean Allen (1g-1a) Mark Personale (1g) Justin Ferguson (2g) and Brendan Personale (1a). Nick Cosmano recorded 8s/13ga for the Wildcats.