Monday: Newark wins in Four Overtime Periods

- It took nearly three hours to play the game, but in the fourth overtime period, Newark beat Waterloo 12-11. Livonia was a 12-9 winner over Midlakes, Schroeder beat Rush-Henrietta 12-3 and Churchville-Chili was a 16-9 victor over Aquinas.


Livonia 12 - Midlakes 9 

 --  Starting out with a 2-1 first quarter, Livonia added four more for a 6-2 half on the way to a 12-9 victory over visiting Midlakes. Midlakes pulled within one goal in the third quarter but were unable to get to a tie.

Coach Brett Wood commented, "Our defense kept strong in the fourth quarter on an illegal stick and didn't allow them a goal for a good part of that penalty." The Bulldogs have a demanding league schedule this week. "We hope to improve every game and this week will be a test, especially with two league games (Tuesday against Bath and Thursday against McQuaid Jesuit).

Scoring for Livonia were Wyatt Struble (1a), Mike Donals (2g), Chris Bausch (3g-3a), Jeff Wester (5g-1a), Matt Girolmo (1g-3a) and Adam Wingate (1g). Justin Becker had 4s/9ga for the Bulldogs (8-4).

Scoring for Midlakes were Mike Newland (1g-1a), Matt Barilla (1g), Cory Gray (1g), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (2g-3a), Nick Judge (3g) and Tom Cheney (1g). Tucker Jensen had 11s/12ga for the Eagles (6-4).


Newark 12 - Waterloo 11   4 OT

 --  It took three hours and four overtime periods for Newark to beat Waterloo 12-11 tonight in Newark. There were twenty-seven penalties (Waterloo with 14 and Newark with 13) in this game that was played hard by both teams.

Newark took a 3-1 lead in the first quarter but Waterloo came back for a 5-4 lead at the half. Newark led 7-6 after three quarters and the teams were tied at 11-11 at the end of regulation. Sophomore attackman Jack Timerson (2g-2a) scored the game winner at 3:02 in the fourth over time.

Co-Head Coach Henry Kuperus was very pleased with his Newark defense,"[They found] themselves man down in each of the first three overtimes but came through with great saves by Dominic Camblin and his brother [Robert] cleaning up the garbage on the ground balls."

Scoring for Newark were Jack Timerson (2g-2a), John Gonzalez (1g), RJ VanDeMortel (1g-1a), senior defensemen Robert camblin (1g), Eli Ebanks (2g) and Cody Skinner (4g). Freshmen goalie Dominic Camblin scored the first goal of the game and recorded 16s/11ga in 61 minutes for the Reds.

Scoring for Waterloo were Rob Goodenow (1g), Chance Lowry (4g-1a), Jeff Wadhams (3g-2a), Pete Vacca (2g-2a) and Dylan Chilson (1g-2a). Zach Ramirez had 14s/12ga for Waterloo.


Churchville-Chili 16 - Aquinas 9

updated  --  With both teams missing key players, Churchville-Chili ended up a 16-9 winner over Aquinas in a non-league game at Churchville. The Little Irish was able to keep the Saint's leading scorer, Jon Hemink from scoring, although he had two assists in the game. Four other Saints picked up the banner, scoring 13 of the team's 16 goals as Zach Yehl had five, Keith Preston had three, Taylor Kolmer had three and Nick Gray added two. Keith Preston was 15 for 20 and Yehl was 5 for 5 on face offs for the Saints.

Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Zach Yehl (5g), Taylor Kolmer (3g), Jon Hemink (2a), Alex Pavone (2g-1a), Keith Preston (3g), Ryan Yunker (1g-5a) and Nick Gray (2g). Adam Difulvio had 11s/9ga for the Saints (5-6).

Scoring for Aquinas were Austin Gorman (3g), Bernard Gauthier (1a), Cameron Corsaro (2g), Anthony Bianchi (1g-2a), Sam Torchia (1a), and Klay Heston (3g). Brendan Hall had 7s/16ga for the Little Irish (11-3).


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Schroeder 12 - Rush-Henrietta 3 

updated  --  Webster Schroeder started out slowly, taking the first quarter 2-1, but then scored six unanswered goals before the half (8-1) and ending the game with a 12-3 victory in Monroe County D-1 play.

Scoring for Schroeder were Cody Consul (5g-2a), Chris Topping (1g-1a), Brett Farrell (2g-2a), Chris Mason (2g-1a), Pete Noto (2a), Johnny Murray (1g) and Alex Powell (1g). Scott Tota had 9s/3ga and Eric Saltrelli had 1s/0ga for the Warriors (5-5).

Scoring for Rush-Henrietta were Mark Mattiacio (2g-1a) and Chris Aycock (1g). Matt Gladstone made 8s/12ga for the Royal Comets.


fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics.