Tuesday: Lots of Rain - Batavia sets School Record

- Batavia set school records for most goals scored as well as fewest goals allowed in a single game in their 20-4 win over the Greece Lightning. McQuaid Jesuit won a GRALL victory with an 8-7 win over Livonia. Penfield defeated Churchville-Chili 12-9 and Fairport took Pittsford 10-4. Other winners included Canandaigua, Brighton, Midlakes, Brockport, Pal-Mac and Hilton.



Batavia 20 - Lightning 4   

  updated --  Batavia defeated the Greece Lightning 20-4, setting school records for most goals scored as well as fewest goals allowed in a single game. The Blue Devils outscored the lightning in each quarter (7-1, 4-2, 4-1, 5-0).

Batavia jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter before Greece midfielder Kendrick Heintzelman scored. Batavia added four more goals before the end of the quarter. Junior attackman Will Mulcahy scored three goals and one assist in the first quarter and finished the game with a team high 7g-2a. Senior Joe Muoio finished the game with 5g-4a for the Blue Devils.

Batavia scored the last five goals of the game, holding the Lightning scoreless in the fourth quarter. Greece had 13:30 in penalties; the Blue Devils extra-man offense played a strong game finishing with 7 goals on 12 attempts.

Scoring for Batavia were Joe Muoio (5g-4a), Will Mulcahy (7g-2a), Joe Pedro (2g-1a), Chip Chapman (4g-2a), Kyle Maniace (1g-3a), and Conor Holvey (1g). Goalie Theo Hill finished the game with 18 saves (82%).

Scoring for Greece were Kendrick Heintzelman (2g-1a), Brandon Wood (1a), Billy Slapar (1g) and Richard Fischer (1g). In the cage, Greece played three different goalies; Shane Trost finished with 1 save, Keifer Phillips finished with 3 saves and David Edwards played for 4 minutes without a save.


McQuaid Jesuit 8 - Livonia 7   

 --  A four goal fourth quarter surge gave McQuaid Jesuit the 8-7 win in GRALL action tonight at McQuaid Jesuit. Livonia took a 4-1 lead after the first quarter, led at the half 6-4 and also led after three quarters 6-4.

Scoring for McQuaid Jesuit were Alex Pochodylo (1g), Mike Crawford (1a), Chris Barilla (3g), Nick Wolak (1a), Eric Wright (1g), Jack Pomeroy (1g), Alex Pautler (1g) and Tim Caton (1g). Ethan Matteson had 1s/6ga in half the the game and Pat Sheridan made 2s/1ga and the other half for McQuaid Jesuit (5-7).

Scoring for Livonia were Wyatt Struble (1g), Mike Donals (1g-1a), Chris Bausch (2g-1a), Matt Girolmo (1g-2a), Andrew Smith (1g) and Ryan Smith (1g). Senior goalie Justin Becker 9s/8ga for the Bulldogs.


Penfield 12 - Churchville-Chili 9  

  --  Penfield came out strong in the first quarter to defeat Churchville-Chili 12-9. Penfield's Kyle Van Thof returned and scored a goal in his first game back for the Patriots; while Churchville-Chili lost two more players to injury to bring their season total to three ( Scott Shamp, Ben Swan and Austin Kuntz). Slavic Hurley, a freshman, joined the Saints roster to keep them at 14 athletes suited up.

Churchville-Chili was lead by their attack with 9g-1a (all but 1a) from attackmen Ryan Yunker and Jon Hemink. The Saints took 17 shots (14 of which were taken by attackman). Penfield's scoring was also attack based with 9g-6a coming from their attack. Tucker Nelson and Alex Miles had stand out games with 3g-3a and 5g-3a respectively.

The game was close for the first half, with the third quarter being the defining quarter for the Patriots. Penfield scored the first two goals and led 5-2 after the first quarter. The Saints won the second quarter 5-2; tying the game at 5-5, 6-6 and then 7-7 going into halftime. The third quarter made the difference as Penfield held the Saints scoreless. Nelson assisted Miles on the first goal of the quarter with Mike Malloy scoring the second goal of the quarter with 0:13 remaining with an assist from goalie Brady Del Pozzo. Del Pozzo also finished with 8 saves for the Patriots.

The Patriots outscored the Saints 3-2 in the final quarter. Yunker scored both of the last two goals for Churchville-Chili. Nelson scored the first and Miles the latter two for the Patriots. In the cage for Churchville-Chili, Adam Difulvio finished with 9 saves.

Scoring for Penfield were Miles (5g-3a), Nelson (3g-3a), James Dwyer (1g-2a), Kevin Westcott (1g-1a), Mike Malloy (1g), Van Thof (1g) and Del Pozzo (1a).

Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Hemink (5g), Yunker (4g-1a) and Alex Wezelis (1a).


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Brighton 16 - Thunder 7  

 --  Brighton defeated the Greece Thunder 16-7 at Athena today. The Barons came back from a five goal deficit with six unanswered goals in the late second quarter.

Greece Thunder's RJ Bailey scored the opening goal at 9:25 to take the early one goal lead. At the end of the first quarter the Thunder led 5-2 with early strength from senior attackman Nate Wallenhorst scoring one of the goals. In the second quarter the Thunder looked to keep up the pressure; as they added two more quick tallies to the scoreboard. However, the Barons took over and scored six straight unanswered goals to take the 8-7 lead going into halftime.

Greece did not score for the final 33:50 of the game. Brighton's Kyle Hohmann stepped up in the third quarter with six saves to keep Greece scoreless. Hohmann played the majority of the game and finished with 15 saves. Brighton finished the game with eight different scorers and nine of sixteen goals being assisted.

Scoring for Brighton were Evan Davis (6g), CJ Wool (2g-3a), Steven Cregan (2g-3a), Bracket Bourne (2g), Mike Asselin (1g-1a), Mark Henrichs (1g-1a), Jared Ricks (1g), Dan Pierce (1g) and Max Brauer (1a). In the cage Kyle Hohmann and Jordan Carey split time Carey finished with 3 saves.

Scoring for Greece were Phil Bond (1g-2a), Nate Wallenhorst (1g), Danny Vyverberg (2g), Scotty Tam (1g), RJ Bailey (1g), Gino Prestigiacomo (1g-1a) and Eric Bodine (1a). In the cage, Zack Rudgers and Steve Cole split time for Thunder. Rudgers played three quarters and finished with 5 saves and Cole played for one quarter with one save.


Midlakes 15 - Marcus Whitman 5  

updated  --  Midlakes scored two goals in the first and six goals in both the second and third quarters as they went on to beat Marcus Whitman 15-5 at home this afternoon. Junior Tyler Brooks-Lambert led the offense with (7g-2a).

Scoring for Midlakes were Mike Newland (3g), Matt Barilla (1g-1a), Ben Uveges (3a), Tyler Brooks-Lambert (7g-2a), Nick Judge (3g-1a), Tom Cheney (1a) and Travis Bevins (1g). Sophomore goalie Tucker Jensen made 10s/5ga for the Screaming Eagles (5-2).

Scoring for Whitman were Jurrell Thompson (2g,1a) Jaime Vogt (1g) Jordan Hathorn (2a) and Perry Mortensen (2g). Nick Cosmano made 12s/15ga for the Wildcats.


Canandaigua 17 - Geneva 6  

updated  --  Canandaigua scored five goals in each of the first three quarters on their way to a 17-4 win at Evans Field. The visiting Panthers from Geneva scored one goal in each quarter except the the third where they scored two.

Scoring for Canandaigua were Deven Alves (5g), Brian Scheetz (1g-6a), Tanner Scharr (2g-1a), Marshall Johnson (1g), Tom Lacrosse (3g-2a), Will Johnson (1g), Gannon Osborn (1a), Bryan Peck (1a), Eric Schott (1g), Brandon Thomson (3g) and Adam Knapton (1a). Nick King played the first 27 minutes gave up 2 goals and made 5 saves. Anthony DeLeo played the next 14 minutes, gave up 3 goals and had 4 saves and LaShawn Williams played the last 7 minutes, gave up 1 goal and made 2 saves.

Scoring for Geneva were Patrick Roll (1a), Will Brennan (1g), Frank Triana (1g), Chris Tapscott (1g-1a), Zach Koczent (1a), Billy Eddington (1g-1a), Mike Warner (1g) and Chris Pitifer (1g). Ross Dinan made 10s/17ga for the Panthers.


Fairport 10 - Pittsford 4  

 --  Fairport scored eight unanswered goals in the first half on their way to a 10-4 victory over Pittsford. Pittsford won the second half 4-2. Both teams had a number of offensive opportunities with Fairport out shooting Pittsford 39-27. Fairport had more shots on cage (22-18). Kris Sterzin had a strong game in the cage for Fairport with 14 saves (77%).

The Red Raiders dominated the face-off with Mike Lehmann winning 12/15. Fairport also won the ground ball battle 28-17; leading the charge for Fairport were James Cunningham (7) and Andrew Kristy (4). Pittsford's Ryan Sullivan (3) and James Burke (3) led in ground balls for the Panthers.

Pittsford's James Purpura led Pittsford with 10 shots and TJ Iuppa had 6. Fairport's shooting was led by Brendan Saylor and Connor Lowe with nine shots each. Saylor also led in scoring for Fairport with 4g-1a, with Lowe adding 3g. Purpura was once again the driving force for Pittsford with 2g-1a.

In the cage for Pittsford Harry Goluses and Alex Howell split time. Goluses played the first half and finished the game with six saves; Howell played the second half and also finished with six saves (75%).

Scoring for Fairport were Saylor (4g-1a), Lowe (3g), Aaron Jones (1g-1a), Martin Manilla (1g-1a), Chris Button (1g), Paul Dancy (1a) and Andrew Hays (1a).

Scoring for Pittsford were Purpura (2g-1a), Tim Moulton (1g) and Steven Troup (1g).


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Hilton 6 - Gates Chili 5  

 --  In a close game throughout, it was Hilton 6-5 over visiting Gates Chili tonight. The teams were tied 1-1 after the first quarter. Gates Chili was ahead at the half (3-1), but Hilton had a 5-4 lead after the third.

Scoring for Hilton were David Smith (1g), Jimmy Gaffney (2a) and 11/14 face offs, Steve Bernston (3g) and Matt Fracassi (2g-2a). Ken Stiles had 5s/5ga for the Cadets (5-3).

Scoring for Gates Chili were Tyler Webb (4g), Brian Eckam (1g-1a), Matt Dakin (1a) and and Steve Campaniello (1a). Jason Baetzhold had 13s/6ga for the Spartans.


Pal-Mac 15 - Bloomfield-Honeoye 3  

 --  The Red Raiders took a 2-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back on their way to a 15-3 win over host, Bloomfield-Honeoye.

Scoring for Pal-Mac were Sean Nolan (1g), Edmund Williams (3g), Mike DeMar (1g-2a), Jeff Kier (1g), Greg Kier (3g-2a), Mike Russell (4g-2a), Jamie Consler (1g-1a) and Pat Russell (1g). Tim Doyle made 16s/3ga for the Red Raiders.

Scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye were Luke Blain (1g), Sean Beaney (1a), Zach Blain (1g) and Luke Anderson (1g). Aaron Stevens made 8s/15ga for the Bombdogs.


Brockport 16 - Spencerport 7  

updated  --  Brockport started off with a 4-0 first quart and while adding two more in the second, Spencerport had four goals before the half, giving the Blue Devils as 6-4 lead. Scoring seven more in the third, sealed the deal as Brockport went on to win 16-7.

Scoring for Brockport were Jake Burns (3g-2a), Ryan Pratt (3g-2a), Matt Lester (2g-4a), Pat Steves (2g-1a), Bryan Johnson (2g-1a), Nate Wall (1g-1a), Jon Pacitto (1g-1a), Dan Casteneda (1g), Cody Hill (1g) and Peter Orszagh (1a). Dylan White played most of the game and had 10s/6ga (42 mins) and Chris Iaonnone added 0s/1ga for the Blue Devils (4-4).

Scoring for Spencerport were Nick Fisher (3g), Autin Hintz (1g-1a), Kyle Mark (1g-3a) and Sean Demers (2g). Tyler Lariveire had 15s/14ga for the Rangers.