Monday: CA, R-H and Pal-Mac win games today

- Canandaigua beat Marcus Whitman 20-2, Rush-Henrietta beat Williamsville East on Section VI (10-6) and Pal-Mac beat Mynderse 16-6 in games played on Monday.


Canandaigua 20 - Marcus Whitman 2 

updated  --  In a Finger Lakes cross over game, Canandaigua, not unexpectedly, beat first year team, Marcus Whitman, 20-2. The Braves scored nine in the first quarter and added another five before the half.

Scoring for Canandaigua were Marshall Johnson (1g), Eric Schott (1g-1a), Will Johnson (1g-1a), Tanner Scharr (2g), Deven Alves (1a), Shane Dobies (2g-1a), Brian Scheetz (1a), Mike Reed (1g-1a), Brandon Thomson (2g-1a), Sam Post (1g-1a), Jordan Reals (1g-4a), Adam Knapton (5g-3a), Bryan Peck (2g-2a) and Tom Lacrosse (1g). Anthony DeLeo played the first half in the goal recording 1s/0ga. LaShawn Williams played the second half and had 2g/2s for the Braves (3-2).

Shawn Allen scored both goals (unassisted) for Marcus Whitman. Bobby Mason played the first half and had 2s/14ga for the Wildcats. Nick Cosmano played the first half and had 3s/6ga.


Rush-Henrietta 10 - Williamsville East 6 

 --  Rush-Henrietta won the first quarter 3-1 and led at the half 5-2 on their way to a 10-6 win over visiting Williamsville-East (Section VI).

Scoring for Rush-Henrietta were Joe Perkins (3g-1a), Chris Aycock (3g-2a), Torry Whitcher (3g-1a), Mark Mattiacio (1g) and Jake Alvarez (2a).Matt Gladstone had 8s/6ga for the Royal Comets

Scoring for Williamsville were Faltisco (1g-1a), A. Weil (1g-2a), S. Weil (1g), Duggan (2g-1a) and Frost (1g). M.P. Joseph had 18s/10ga for the Flames.


Pal-Mac 16 - Mynderse 6 

updated  --  It was Pal-Mac over visiting Mynderse 16-6 today.

Scoring for Pal-Mac were Jamie Consler (3g-1a), Edmund Williams (4g-2a), Mike DeMar (2g), Jeff Kier (3g-1a), Greg Kier (1g-1a), Mike Russell (1g-4a), Tyler Best (1g) and Sean Nolan (1g). Coach Joe Hill reports that goalie Tim Doyle had 16s/6ga for the Raiders.

Scoring for Mynderse were Steve Lucchesi (1g), Charlie Barbay (1g-2a), Nick Giovannini (1g), Matt Koopman (1g), Mike Warrick (1g-1a) and Brett Wood (1g). Tim Trickler had 16s/14ga (42 mins) and Brad Dove had 0s/2ga (6 mins) for the Blue Devils.