Friday: Corning East over CA, H-B over MW

- Canandaigua traveled to Corning today to face Section IV powerhouse, Corning East. After a 3-1 half, the Trojans won 9-6 in a game that could be replayed in the post-season. Bloomfield-Honeoye was a 8-4 victory over Marcus Whitman in the other Friday game.


Corning East 9 - Canandaigua 6 

 --  In a game that could be replayed in the post season, Corning East (Section IV) beat visiting Canandaigua 9-6 this afternoon. The game was highlighted great goalie play by both Corning East's Tyler White (15s/6ga) and Canandaigua's Nick King (12s/9ga). At least five of White's saves where one-on-one's. The Trojans led at the half, 3-1 and after three quarters, 6-4.

Scoring for Corning East were Devin Grimaldi (1g), Cody Lucas (2g-2a), Justin Patterson (1g-1a), Mitch Keefer (2g-1a), Matt Tobia (1g) and Ryan Warner (2g-1a).

Scoring for Canandaigua were Deven Alves (1g), Tanner Scharr (1g), Brian Scheetz (1g-2a), Marshall Johnson (1g), Tom LaCrosse (1g-1a), Will Johnson (1a) and Brandon Thomson (1g).



Bloomfield-Honeoye 8 - Marcus Whitman 4 

updated  --  The Bombdogs went right to work, taking a 4-1 first quarter lead on their way to a 8-4 win over Marcus Whitman. The Wildcats did win the second quarter, 2-1 and tied 1-1 in the third, but B-H scored two more in the fourth to seal the deal.

"We started flat and finally got some things going in the second quarter," said Wildcat Coach Bruce Teague. "Bobby Mason came off the bench and gave us a great second half in goal to keep us in the game."

Scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye were Zach Starke (3a), Zach Hammond (3g-1a) and Ben Cratsley (2g). Zach Stevens and Sean Beaney each added (1g-1a) while Eamon D-Kane and Pat Marble each added (1g) for the Bombdogs (1-2). Freshman goalie Aaron Stevens had 5s/4ga for the Bombdogs.

Scoring for Whitman were Mark Personale (1g), Shawn Allen (1g-1a), Jurrell Thompson (1g-2a), Tyler Stell (1g) and Jordan Hathorn (1a). Nick Cosmano had 1s/5ga in the first half and Bobby Mason had 6s/3ga in the second half for Marcus Whitman.