Gates Chili - 2009 Preview


 Gates Chili
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lastyear offense defense
13-4 2 6

- Gates Chili ended their league season first in Monroe County gatesDivision III with a 10-0 record (13-3 overall). Seeded eighth in the Class A tournament the Spartans lost to ninth seeded Pittsford in the first round. Due to the new league divisional orientation, the Spartans have moved to MC Division I this season.

Gates-Chili graduated seven players last season with five receiving 1st team All County honors and one more receiving 2nd team honors. Midfielder Brad Weber was also named Monroe County Division III Player of the Year.

Offensively, the Spartans lost a lot of talent; however, they will be returning their leading goal scorer from last year in sophomore Grant Ferguson (36g-10a). After Ferguson, the next top scorers are Cam Gormel (10g-4a) and Tyler Webb (6g-3a).

Defensively, Adam Wacenske (1st), Zack Smith (1st) and Garrett Lane (HM) should return. Additionally, Jason Baetzhold will return between the pipes. Baetzhold finished last year with 180 saves (61%).

"Our strength this year will be our defense as all 4 our returning starters and Team
Captains. Our biggest challenge this year will be moving from Division III to
Division I," said Coach Mark Sweeney

Coach Sweeney has scheduled out of league games against Greece Ath/Ody, Aquinas, Spencerport and as second game against Hilton.



Top Returning Players:

Jason Baetzhold - Goal - 12 - MC-3 1st
Adam Wacenske - Def - 12 - MC-3 1st
Zack Smith - Def - 12 - MC-3 1st
Garrett Lane - Def - 12 - MC-3 HM
Cam Gormel - Mid - 11 - MC-3 2nd
Tyler Webb - Att - 11 - MC-3 2nd
Matt Dakin - Mid - 10 - MC-3 HM
Grant Ferguson - Att - 10 - MC-3 2nd
Kyle Eckam - LSM - 10 - MC-3 2nd
Zack Kemp - Def - 12


Top New Players:

Doug Livingston - Mid - 11th
Pete DiLaura - Mid - 9th
Steve Campaniello - Mid - 11th
RJ Macks - Mid - 10th