Saturday: Thomas, Penfield, Gates and Churchville Win

- There were only four games scheduled for the holiday weekend. Webster Thomas continued their winning streak (4-0) while ending Aquinas' (5-1). Penfield was a 9-4 winner over Victor, Gates Chili beat the Greece Thunder and Churchville-Chili beat Brockport.


Thomas 17 - Aquinas 6 

special  --  Thomas broke the Little Irish five game winning streak with a 17-6 victory in today's final game. The Titans started off slowly, but turned the heat up starting in the late second quarter and didn't look back. The Little Irish lost their composure and finished the game with a string of penalties, including two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

thomas-aqThomas scored the first two goals of the game; the first came with Jack Hinderland running the ball straight down the middle during and fast break. The second goal, a pass to a cutting attackman, was scored at 7:50 with Brad Hutton feeding Nick Scalzo. Scalzo finished with 3g-1a and Hutton finished with 2g-2a.

Aquinas came back and scored the next two goals to tie up the game. Cameron Corsaro, who scored two for the Little Irish, scored with a high cut from behind the cage. Mike Messina, who took the majority of the face-offs for Aquinas scored their second goal during an extra man opportunity (with the assist from Bernard Gauthier). This was the only Little Irish goal that was assisted. Messina finished 10/17 at the face-off draw. The Titans scored their third goal on another fast-break situation with Kenny Tomeno running down the center. Tomeno was the big face-off man for Thomas, winning 10/13 draws. Thomas led 3-2 at the end the first quarter and it looked to be a good game ahead.

The first eight minutes of the second half saw no scoring and strong defensive play from Aquinas. Aquinas goalie Kraig Heston made two early saves to keep the game close. However, with 3:22 remaining Thomas went on a scoring streak that the Little Irish could not stop. Billy Gurowski scored with a fast-break with 3:22 remaining. 0:36 later JT Hauck drove to the center and found Tomeno cutting across from the opposite direction for another goal. With less than a minute remaining, Thomas had the ball on offense. Pat Morrill looked across the cage to Scalzo who was left uncovered at GLE. On the next series, Aquinas was looking to clear the ball but the Titans knocked down the ball at the midfield and Thomas came away with the ball and the goal. The Little Irish were then assessed their first unsportsmanlike conduct non-releasable penalty. The Titans capitalized on the situation and with 0:24 remaining, instead of holding the ball, pushed for the goal and were successful. Scalzo took a hard outside shot that beat Heston with 0:07 remaining. Thomas led 8-2 at the half; however, the Little Irish had won possession after the face-off and started with the ball in the third quarter.thomas-aq

The Little Irish slowly walked out of the locker room after halftime, and despite urging by officials, the Little Irish failed to field ten players and were called for delay of game and lost their hard earned possession. The Titans started the third quarter with the ball and gave the Little Irish no leniency, scoring their second goal during the non-releasable penalty with Morrill running straight in from the whistle. The Titans scored six goals in less than four minutes.

By the end of the third quarter, both the Little Irish and the Titans had added two more goals to take Thomas' lead to 11-4. Thomas came out hard in the fourth quarter and scored the first four goals. Morrill added two more, and Tomeno and Hutton each added one more each. Hutton and Hinderland also each had one assist in the series. Aquinas saw goals from Corsaro and Anthony Bianchi. The final two goals of the game were scored by Aaron Clifford and Kyle Rothfuss (both of Thomas). This was Clifford's first goal of the season and he scored it on a fast-break from the face-off win by Tomeno. Aquinas was called for their second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the game.

In the cage, Aquinas' Heston finished with 10 saves and 17 goals against. James O'Neil played the entire game for the Titans and finished with 10 saves and 6 goals against. thomas-aquinasO'Neil had nine of his ten saves in the second half (with five in the last six minutes of the game). Messina (10) led in ground balls for the Little Irish. Casey Vogl, Anthony Starnino, Messina, and Dave Mason all had one take for the Little Irish. Tomeno (7), O'Neil (6), Hinderland (4) and JT Hauck (4) led in ground balls for the Titans. Mason Hill had two takes for Thomas.

The shooting statistics demonstrated the difference between these two teams in this game. Aquinas took 41 shots to Thomas' 39; however, the Titans had 70% of their shots on cage, while the Little Irish only hit the cage 39% of the time. Additionally, the goalie had a significant role, Heston (27) had to face more shots then O'Neil (16) but both finished with a total of 10 saves.

although in many respects the game was a close contest, but once again, the Little Irish were hurt by major penalties. Thomas, who has demonstrated their strength this season, took advantage of these lapses and rode it all the way to the victory.

Scoring for Thomas were Morrill (3g-2a), Tomeno (3g-1a), Scalzo (3g-1a), Hutton (2g-2a), Hauck (2g-1a), Gurowski (1g-1a), Hinderland (1g-1a), Clifford (1g) and Rothfuss (1g).

Scoring for Aquinas were Bianchi (2g), Corsaro (2g), Klay Heston (1g), Messina (1g), and Gauthier (1a).


fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics


Penfield 9 - Victor 4 

updated  --  In a slow, but consistent fashion, Penfield worked their way to a 9-4 win over Victor this morning. The Patriots scored the first two goals, both unassisted drives by senior midfielder Kyle Van Thof. Sophomore middie Trevor O'Shea started things off for Victor with just under three minutes left. Less than a minute later Van Thof scored his third goal, this time with an assist from senior midfielder James Dwyer. The Patriots led after one quarter 3-1.

The second quarter was very much like the first, with Penfield scoring three and Victor scoring one. Dwyer was first with an unassisted goal at 10:38, scored while the Patriots were man down. Victor retaliated with an unassisted goal by junior attackman Vince Pettrone. Penfield ended the quarter with two goals by Tyler Zweifel, the first assisted by long stick middie, Gary Schreib and the second assisted by junior attackman Tucker Nelson. Penfield was up 6-2 at the half.

The only goal scored in the third was a man up goal on a pass from Nelson to Dwyer giving the Patriots a 7-2 lead going into the last period.

Each team scored two goals in the fourth, taking turns with Penfield starting off with another Dwyer goal at 10:57. Victor came back with another unassisted goal by O'Shea and Penfield countered with a goal by senior attackman Mike Malloy (assisted by Tyler Zweifel). Victor ended the scoring at 1:59 with an unassisted goal from Dale Mattice.

Face offs were split down the middle with eight each and each team had about thirty ground balls.

Scoring for Penfield were Dwyer (3g-1a), Nelson (2a), Van Thof (3g), Zweifel (2g-1a), Malloy (1g) and Schreib (1a). Senior goalie Brady Del Pozzo had a particularly good day with 14s/4ga (78%) for Penfield, now (1-2).

Scoring for Victor were Pettrone (1g), Mattice (1g) and O'Shea (2g). Senior goalie Kevin Donnelly has 9s/9ga for the Blue Devils.


fullstatsFor a more complete look at the numbers, check out the full statistics


Gates Chili 11 - Greece Thunder 4 

 --  Gates Chili saw a first half shutout, scoring 3-0 in the first and 8-0 at the half on their way to a 11-4 victory over visiting Greece Thunder (Ath/Ody). Although getting hit for seven penalties in the fourth quarter, the Thunder still found time to score four goals in the second half.

Leading the charge for the Spartans were junior attackman, Tyler Webb (7g-1a) and sophomore attackman Grant Ferguson (2g-5a). Also on the scorebook were Brian Eckam (1g), Doug Livingston (1g-1a) and Steve Campaniello (1a). Jason Baetzhold had 6s/4ga for the Spartans who improve to (1-2).

Scoring for the Thunder were Nate Wallenhorst (1g), Phil Bond (2g) and Eric Bodine (1g) while Gino Gino Prestigiacomo, Tyler Gorgione, and Scotty Tam each added one assist. Sophomore Zack Rudgers started in the goal for Greece, recording 6s/8ga and junior goalie Steve Cole finished the game with 7s/3ga for the Thunder (1-3).



Churchville-Chili 5 - Brockport 8 

 --  Churchville-Chili scored the first two goals of the game, just cc-brkpteighteen seconds apart on their way to a 11-8 win over Brockport at McAvoy Park. The unassisted goals by senior Jon Hemink and junior midfielder Zach Yehl. The Blue Devils returned in force with four in a row between 9:13 and 5:14 when they saw unassisted goals from Jake Burns, Ryan Pratt and Dylan Brown and then a goal from Trevor Haywood with an assist from Matt Lester. Churchville interrupted the scoring run with a score by sophomore attackman Ryan Yunker (unassisted), but Brockport added two more in the final minute as Burns scored on a pass from Haywood and Nathan Wall finished with an assist from Brown. With no time left, Yunker added one more goal for C-C although the Blue Devils led after the first quarter, 6-4.

The scoring slowed down in the second quarter but Churchville-Chili tied the scored for the half-time break with efforts by Freshman middie Nick Gray and sophomore middie Taylor Kolmer. Both goals were assisted by junior attackman Alex Pavone.

Half way through the third quarter, the Saints scored the go-ahead goal when Pavone scored on a feed from senior middie Keith Preston in man up. Less than a minute later, Brockport forced the tie when Pat Sevens found Burns. The game continued to see-saw back and forth with Churchville moving ahead at 5:14 (Yehl unassisted) and cc-brkprtthen Brockport tying at 3:46 with a goal from Brown assisted by senior middie Jake Brackett. That, however, was the last score for the Blue Devils, as the Saints scored the last three goals of the game. Yehl scored again (unassisted) at 1:40 to end the third quarter with the Saints up 9-8.

Churchville added two goals in the fourth quarter; Yehl again (unassisted) and Hemink from Yehl at the four minute mark.

Leading the defensive effort for Churchville were senior goalie Adam Difulvio (15s/8ga) and junior defenseman Alex Wezelis (4 takes). For Brockport, senior goalie Dylan White had 7s/11ga while junior defenseman Will Glynn recorded three takes. Face offs were roughly even with C-C up a bit 13-9 and there were few penalties with Brockport receiving two and Churchville receiving one.

Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Yunker (2g), Kolmer (1g), Preston (1a), Yehl (4g-1a), Pavone (1g-2a), Gray (1g) and Hemink (2g).

Scoring for Brockport were Steves (1a), Haywood (1g-1a), Brown (2g-1a), Lester (1a), Burns (3g), Brackett (1a), Pratt (1g) and Wall (1g).