Thursday: Churchville and Aquinas win in overtime

- Although a number of games resulted in blowouts today, two were settled in overtime and two others were very close. Churchville-Chili was a 9-8 ot winner against Gates Chili, and Aquinas was a 10-9 ot winner against McQuaid Jesuit in GRALL Play. Waterloo was a 10-9 winner over Bloomfield-Honeoye and Schroeder was a 2-0 winner over Eastridge.


Livonia 16 - Marcus Whitman 3

 --  Even after an hour on the bus, Livonia had no trouble with Marcus Whitman after scoring six unanswered goals in the first quarter and eight unanswered goal in the second. Both teams scored a goal in the third and the Wildcats took a 2-1 advantage in the last quarter.

Head Coach Brett Wood was complimentary after the game. "I was pleased to see some of our bench contribute in the second half on the intangibles like Face-offs, ground balls and riding and clearing." In reference to the new Marcus Whitman team, Coach Wood said, "They had some good athletes and never gave up. They are a young team and will only get better throughout the season with some varsity experience."

Scoring for Livonia were Mike Donals (7g-2a), Chris Bausch (2g-4a), Jeff Wester (4g-5a), Matt Girolmo (1g), Adam Wingate (1g), Andrew Smith (1g) and Tristian Hudak (1a). Justin Becker started in the goal and played three quarters, making 7s/1ga. Ethan Jamison finished the game with 2s/2ga for the Bulldogs (3-0).

Scoring for Marcus Whitman were Jurrell Thompson (2g) and Perry Mortensen (1g). Nick Cosmano made 9s/16ga for the Wildcats.


Aquinas 10 - McQuaid Jesuit 9   OT

 --  Junior attackman Austin Gorman scored the game winner, just 0:53 seconds into overtime as Aquinas defeated McQuaid Jesuit 10-9 in overtime. After trailing at the end of each of the first three quarters (2-3, 6-6 and 7-9), the Little Irish found themselves down 9-7 with two minutes remaining in the game.

Scoring for Aquinas were Austin Gorman (6g), Bernard Gauthier (1g-1a), Anthony Bianchi (2g), Mike Messina (1g), and Cameron Corsaro (1a.) Kraig Heston had 15s/9ga for Aquinas (3-0).

Scoring for McQuaid Jesuit were Alex Pochodylo (2g), Mike Crawford (1a), Alex Pautler (1a), Nick Wolak (3g-1a), John Jenkins (1g), Pat Jenkins (1g), Eric Wright (1g) and Tim Caton (1g-1a). Ethan Matteson had 11 saves/10ga for the Knights (1-3).


Thomas 17 - Penfield 13

rlt-pen --  In a game that was as exciting as expected between Webster Thomas and Penfield, the fans were not disappointed as Thomas won this high scoring game 17-13.

As the stadium is not available this year at Penfield, the game was played on one of the other fields and the large number of fans were close to the field and on both sides. Penfield went right to work scoring two goals in the first two minutes of the game. Senior midfielder James Dwyer scored both unassisted goals for the Patriots. After a few trips up and down the field Thomas scored two quick goals to tie the game with 5:29 left in the quarter. Senior middie Pat Morrill scored the first goal on a drive from the right sideline. He then assisted a goal by William Gurowski, after driving from the midfield to pick up a double and dump.

Penfield scored the next when Kevin Westcott fed the ball to Gian Maggio on a give and go. On the next face off Jack Hinderland ran right from the face off and to the goal for his unassisted goal at 2:18 to bring Thomas to within one. Penfield led at the end of the first quarter 4-3.

Hinderland started the second quarter with another unassisted goal after driving from the front of the box. Thomas scored the next two for a two goal lead starting with a man up goal Brad Hutton (assisted by Morrill) at 4:47. Kenny Tomeno scored at 4:18 on an inside feed from Gurowski. The Patriots returned on a feed from behind the cage by Tucker Nelson hitting Kyle Van Thof cutting to the crease. pen-rlt

It was the Titan's turn next with Hinderland dodging three Penfield players to set up hit goal at 3:13. With less than two minutes left in the half, three goals were scored. Dwyer dodged two Titans and won his one-on-one battle with the goalie at 1:40, but Thomas saw added a goal from Nick Scalzo on the inside with a feed from Gurowski. On the next face off Tomeno hit Hinderland for the last goal of the half, and Thomas went into the break up 9-6.

Thomas continued their momentum into the start of the third quarter, scoring two more, starting when Morrill was clearing the ball and found Hutton alone on the crease. That goal was followed by a beautiful combination of Hutton to Scalzo. With the score 11-6, Penfield turned up the effort scoring three in a row. Dwyer scored again from the clear, which was followed by Dan O`Brien's unassisted goal, set up again during a clear-to inside fast break. Sensing that the Thomas defense was not sliding correctly, the Patriots scored the third goal using the same pattern, this time with Van Thof driving from the face off to the fast break. It looked like Penfield was back in the game, but the Titans added two more goals before the end of the quarter. Gurowski found Zach Crawford at 5:30 and Hinderland scored an unassisted in man up. Tucker Nelson's unassisted goal at 2:08 added one for Penfield and the quarter ended with Thomas up 13-10.

rlt-penPenfield brought it a bit closer with a man up goal by Dwyer (assisted by Westcott) in the first minute of the last quarter. Thomas ended the come-back with four goals in a row. Penfield ended the game with two goals in the last two minutes.

For an early season game, it was still exciting and although it's fun to see a lot of scoring, both teams suffered at times with a lack of slides and defensive coordination that, by the end of the season, will be completely different.

Scoring for Thomas were Tomeno (2g-1a), Hutton (2g-1a), Gurowski (1g-4a), Crawford (1g), Morrill (1g-3a), Hinderland (6g), Hauck (1g) and Scalzo (3g). James O'Neil played for half the game in the goal (4s/6ga) and Austin Fox played half (7s/7ga).

Scoring for Penfield were Maggio (1g), Dwyer (5g), Nelson (2g-1a), Van Thof (4g), Dan O`Brien (1g) and Westcott (2a). Brady Del Pozzo recorded 5s/17ga for the Patriots.


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Brighton 16 - Spencerport 6

 --  Senior middie Evan Davis put Brighton on the scoreboard first with an unassisted goal at 11:12 of the first quarter. Maliek Likely added his first of two at 10:49 to increase the Barons lead to 2-0. Senior middie Conor Stucki and Mark Henrichs added goals 0:18 seconds apart at 4:38 and 4:20 to increase the lead to 4-1. Davis added his second of the quarter at 1:01 to push the Brighton lead to 5-1 at the end of one quarter.

The Barons did not look back as they added 4 more before the half while allowing only two from Spencerport to close the half with Brighton up 9-3. The play of sophomore middie Max Brauer at facing off created many ball possessions for the Barons. He ended the game winning 16/22 while adding two goals.

Brighton increased their lead in the third quarter, adding 3 goals and limiting Spencerport to none. Both teams traded two goals each over the final six minutes of the game. Kyle Mark lead Spencerport with three goals.

Scoring for Brighton were Evan Davis (3g-2a), Mark Henrichs (3g-2a), Max Brauer (2g), Maliek Likely (2g), Conor Stucki (1g), Mike Asselin (1g), Brackett Bourne (1g), Matan Cohen (1g), Dan Pierce (1g), CJ Wool (1a) and Jared Ricks (1a). Kyle Hohmann recorded 10s/3ga (in 39 minutes) and Jordan Carey added 1s/3GA in his 9 minutes of play for Brighton (3-0).


Fairport 15 - Victor 3

 -- Fairport's Brendan Saylor dominated Victor in today's showdown scoring or assisting on the first seven goals (6 goals and 1 assist) on the way to a 15-3 Fairport win. Saylor finished the game with 7g-2a.

At the end of the first quarter the Red Raiders led 6-0 with Chris Button scoring on Saylor's assisted. Button's goal was a fast-break down the right side of the field when Saylor passed the ball across the crease for an open goal. Assisting some of Saylor's goals were Andrew Hays, Martin Manilla and Andrew Kristy. Victor only took one shot in the entire first quarter, a save on a shot from Matt Koval. Koval took three shots for the Blue Devils and scored on one.

Victor scored their first goal of the game in the second quarter, however, not before Fairport scored two goals in 0:25 seconds. The first came when Manilla passed the ball to Saylor after a technical won face-off and the second occurred after Mike Lehmann won the face-off and ran straight down for the goal. Victor's Vince Pettrone scored the first goal for the Blue Devils during an extra man opportunity. Trevor O'Shea passed the ball across the crease to the open Pettrone. Fairport added four more goals before the end of the half. Button added his second of the game as well as Hays adding two goals to his prior assist. With 1:00 remaining in the second quarter Connor Lowe scored his lone goal of the game. Lowe scored with an outside show with a feed from Aaron Jones. Fairport led 12-1 at the end of the first quarter.

Fairport increased their lead to 12 with 8:37 remaining in the third quarter. Button added his third and final goal of the game. The final Fairport goals of the game were scored with 4:36 and 3:04 remaining in the third; Saylor and Jones scored the final two goals with Manilla assisted Saylor's goal for the Red Raiders. The score was 15-1 at the end of the third quarter.

Victor scored two goals unanswered goals in the fourth quarter with 7:23 and 6:10 remaining. Koval scored his goal with a straight in dodge. O'Shea also scored his goal with a straight dodge to the goal.

Both teams played two goals, with both goalies splitting halves. Kris Sterzin started for the Red Raiders and ended with 1 save and 1 goal against. Freshman Blaze Riorden was pulled up for today's game and had 2 goals against. Kevin Donnelly started for the Blue Devils and finished with 11 saves and 12 goals against while Steve Basile finished at 50% with 3 saves and 3 goals against.

For Fairport, Lehmann stepped up and won 14/17 draws at the face-off. Kristy led the Raiders in ground balls with 8; also leading in ground balls were Lehmann (5) and Hays (4). Button had two takes for Fairport. Luke Wieser (4), Pettrone (4) and Trevor O'Shea (3) led in ground balls for Victor. Andrew Pfeffer, O'Shea and David Sweet each had one take for Victor.

The Red Raiders held Victor to a total of 8 shots with only 4 on cage as well as winning ground ball battle 40-17. Fairport controlled the game and demonstrated why they are powerhouse this season.

Scoring for Fairport were Saylor (7g-2a), Button (3g), Manilla (3a), Hays (2g-1a), Jones (1g-1a), Lowe (1g), Lehmann (1g) and Kristy (1a).

Scoring for Victor were O'Shea (1g-1a), Koval (1g) and Pettrone (1g).


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HFL 12 - Rush-Henrietta 8

 --  A strong second half gave Honeoye Falls-Lima a 13-8 win over host, Rush-Henrietta in an afternoon game. Each team scored one goal in the first quarter and the Cougars led at the half 3-1. After outscoring the Royal Comets 6-2 in the third quarter, HFL led 9-3 after three quarters. R-H won the last quarter 5-4.

Jordan Gushue won 15 of 23 face offs and led HFL in ground ball production (along with Jimmy Burgasser) who each had nine.

Scoring for HFL were Mickey Allan (3g-1a), Bryan Gardner (5g ), Jeff Roth (1g-1a), Jimmy Burgasser (1g), Tommy O'Leary (4a), Jake Lee (1g-1a), Alex Moyer (2a) and Clai Kuhn (2g). Junior goalie Jay Tallon made 9s/8ga.

Scoring for R-H were Joe Perkins (2g-1a), Chauncey Scissum (2g), Jake Alvarez (1g-1a), Eric Widanka (1g), Torry Whitcher (1g), Connor Crooks (1g) and Mark Mattiacio (1a). Junior goalie Corey Spuck had 14s/13ga for the Royal Comets.


Churchville-Chili 9 - Gates Chili 8   OT

 --  Churchville-Chili only dressed 13 players for today's 9-8 win over Gates-Chili. 13 proved lucky as the Saints battled back from a two goal deficit to force overtime with less than two minutes to go in regulation. The Spartans would never get an overtime possession as Keith Preston won the face off and advanced the ball to Zach Yehl whose drive from the top converted the game winner at 2:57 left in overtime.

Gates Chili scored the first goal of the game when Tyler Webb scored man-up with 5:46 remaining in the first quarter. The first quarter ended with 1-0 in favor of the Spartans.

Churchville-Chili outscored the Spartans in the second 3-2 to tie the score going into halftime with Ryan Yunker, Zach Yehl and Nick Gray all scoring for the Saints. Webb added his second goal of the night in the second for the Spartans. Grant Ferguson scored with no time on the clock to tie the score. Webb assisted the final goal of the quarter. Webb finished the game with 3g-4a.

The two teams each led one of the remaining quarters with Gates-Chili winning the third 3-2 and Churchville-Chili winning the fourth 3-2. In the third Jon Hemink and Alex Pavone scored for the Saints and Zack Kemp, Cam Gormel and Ferguson scored for the Spartans.

Gormel added his second (also assisted by Webb) as the first goal of the fourth quarter to take the 7-5 lead for the Spartans. Yehl and Hemink did not led the lead stand for long as one minute later Yehl scored unassisted and one minute after that Hemink also scored unassisted to tie the score at 7-7. With 3:13 remaining Gates Chili took the lead with Webb's final goal of the game. The Saints didn't give up and with 1:39 Alex Pavone sent the game into overtime.

With the game in the balance, Preston won the face-off and sent the ball to Yehl for the goal. Preston had a strong night winning 14/16 face-offs and leading the team with 13 ground balls. Ferguson (3), Zack Smith (3) and Steven Campaniello (3) led the Spartans in ground balls. Gormel finished with 2 takes.

In the cave, Jason Baetzhold finished with 6s/9ga for the Spartans and Adam Difulvio finished with 9 saves and 8 goals against for the Saints.

Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Yehl (3g), Hemink (2g-1a), Kuntz (2a), Pavone (2), Yunker (1g), Gray (1g) and Liveri (1a).

Scoring for Gates Chili were Webb (3g-4a), Gormel (2g), Ferguson (2g), Kemp (1g) and Eckam (1a).


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Waterloo 10 - Bloomfield-Honeoye 9

updated --  Waterloo was the winner at the end, 10-9, but Bloomfield-Honeoye looked like the winner in the first quarter when they were up 6-2. Waterloo returned with three unanswered goals before the half which ended with the Bombdogs up 6-5. The Indians tied the game up by the ned of the third quarter. With Waterloo up by one with less than two minutes left in the game, B-H had three attempts to score in the last 0:20 seconds, but were unable to force a tie. It was the first game for both teams.

Scoring for Waterloo were Pete Vacca (3g-2a), Jeff Wadhams (2g-1a), Rob Goodenow (1g), Tim Freier (1g), Chance Lowry (2g) and Joe Osterhout (1g). Zach Ramirez had 12s/9ga in goal for Waterloo.

Scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye were Luke Anderson (2g-1a), Zach Hammond (1g-2a), Pat Marble (2g), Sean Beaney (2g-3a), and Ben Cratsley (2g). Jay Nichols had 10s/10ga in goal for Bloomfield.


Irondequoit 8 - Hilton 6

 -- Sophomore middie, Greg Coholan won seven of eleven face offs and Justin Buonamo added four of seven for Irondequoit as they defeated visiting Hilton 8-6 tonight.

Scoring for Irondequoit were Drew Coholan (4g), Greg Coholan (1g-1a), Ian Brooks (2g), Nick Doktor (1a) and Mike Utz (1g).

Junior goalie Tyler Nash had 12s/6ga for the Eagles (3-1).

Scoring for Hilton were Mike Crumlish (2g), Kyle Youngman (1g,1a - 1/1 face off), Steve Bernston (2g-1a) and Matt Fracassi (1g-2a). Junior Ken Stiles had 9s/8ga for the Cadets (1-1).


Schroeder 2 - Eastridge 0

 --  Defense was the name of the game as Webster Schroeder defeated Eastridge 2-0. Both Jake Czwilinski (Eastridge) and Scott Tota (Schroeder) played outstanding games. Schroeder writes "Eastridge played a great zone defense and keeper Czwilinski was outstanding." Schroeder defense limited quality shots by Eastridge and Tota was seeing the ball very well."

Coach Jasson Jobson of Eastridge said, "I am very proud of the effort that my guys gave tonight against a very tough opponent." Schroeder scored one goal in each of the first two quarters. Cody Consul scored the first goal with Mark Butto assisting. The second Schroeder goal began off a fast-break with Johnny Murray picking up the ground ball in the defensive end and sprinting up the field. The second goal was scored by Butto and assisted by Consul.

Czwilinski finished with 17 saves and 2 goals against (89.5%) and Scott Tota registered a shut-out with 12 saves. Another key was face-offs with Schroeder winning all five draws (Chris Topping 4/4 and Pete Noto 1/1).

Leading ground balls were Topping (7), Brett Farrell (7), Consul (4) and Chad Willmes (4) for Schroeder. Eastridge ground balls were led by Justin Walsh (3), Riley Austin (3) and Czwilinski (3).

Scoring for Schroeder were Consul (1g-1a) and Butto (1g-1a).


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Thunder (Ath/Ody) 14 - Batavia 8

 -- The Greece Thunder (Ath/Ody) won its first game of the season tonight, defeating Div III opponent Batavia 14 to 8. Batavia scored first on an unassisted goal by Joe Muoio just 0:40 seconds into the game. The Thunder then took control and and led at the end of the first quarter 7-3, but Batavia came back with four goals in the second quarter to bring them within one at halftime (8-7).

After the half, the Thunder took off, maintaining a two goal lead at the end of the third quarter and then scoring four in the last quarter for the 14-8 final. Senior attackman, Nate Wallenhorst became the all time points leader in Greece Lacrosse history, surpassing four year starter, Joe Hallowell's record that was set in 2005.

Scoring for the Thunder were attackmen Derek Langdon (1g), Nate Wallenhorst (3g-3a) and Phil Bond (3g-1a). Also scoring were midfielders Gino Prestigiacomo (2g-2a), Andrew Prestigiacomo (1g), Tyler Gorgione (3g) and R.J. Bailey (1a). Defenseman Brandon Cheeseman added (1g) for Greece. Zack Rudgers started in the goal and played the first half, recording 4s/7ga. Steve Cole finished the game with 4s/1ga.

Scoring for Batavia were Joe Muoio (3g-3a), Will Mulcahy (4g-2a), Rikki Ettinger (1g) and Josh Marr (1a). Batavia Goalie Theo Hill had 21s/14ga for the Blue Devils.


Corning West 17 - Bath 4

 --  Corning West went right to work on visiting Bath, scoring five unanswered goals in the first quarter and five more in the second before taking a 10-3 lead into the half time break. In the second half, West scored five more in the third quarter and one more in the last stanza, while holding the Rams to a single goal.

Bath "had some players have good games but the Corning West offense was too efficient and relentless," said Bath Coach Ken DiDomineck after the game. "Matt Nesbitt had another good game at facing off winning all 6 in the first quarter," said DiDomineck who added that Bath won the face-off match 11-10. In the end, however, West was the winner with a score of 17-4.

Scoring for Bath were Tyler Reed (2g). Zach Reed (2a), Matt Nesbitt (1a), Brent Harrison (1g) and Andy Nesbitt (1g). Goalie, Chris Wolfer, had 12s/17ga for Bath (3-1).


Arc/Oly 13 - East Rochester 9

 --  East Rochester took a 3-1 first quarter lead, but the Greece Lightning came back to take a 5-4 lead at halftime. The Bombers won the third quarter (4-3) but Arc/Oly scored five goals in the fourth quarter for the 13-9 win.

Scoring for the Lightning were Brandon Wood (5g-1a), Robert Kitchen (5g-2a), Joe Malovics (1a), David Powlowski (1g), Billy Slapar (1a), Richard Fischer (1g), Kendrick Heintzelman (4a) and Dustin Lenz Emmi (1g). Freshman goalie Shane Trost had 9s/9ga for the Lightning (2-1). No report from East Rochester.