2018 All-Americans Announced

-  SPORTSFIVE REPORT:  The Head Coaches of Section Five meet last week to consider players who had been nominated for All-American and All-Academic awards. The awards, sponsored by US Lacrosse, identify some of the best players from each area around the country. Each of the Head Coaches in the section votes on each of the awards.

US LacrosseThe All-American award is given to great lacrosse players from the area. US Lacrosse allows one award for each six teams in the area but this year there were six awards available. Thirty players were nominated, but after review by a preselection committee representing each of the leagues and four others, a ballot was presented with fourteen players. Section Five coaches require that players who are in leagues must make first team league honors in order to be considered and all the players on the ballot made first team honors.

Dan Taddeo After another redefinition of the All-Academic award, US Lacrosse, an emphasis has been placed on the academic qualification of nominees. Where, in the past, nominees for this award were first considered for their skill on this field, this year, although skill was considered important, nominees did not need to be "All-American" quality players. Players needed to be "starters or significant contributors" and had to have played in a majority of their team's games. Academically, nominees needed to have an average GPA of 3.7 (93%). There are also six awards available in Section Five.

In 2012, US Lacrosse added an award named for the long-time Johns Hopkins lacrosse coach and Athletic Director, Bob Scott. The annual award is given to a senior of outstanding character, good academic standing and one who demonstrates good sportsmanship and safe play. The winner from Section Five, this year, is Penfield senior Dan Taddeo.

The coaches also made their picks for several other awards. The Coach of the year was, from Greece Storm, Head Coach Andy Hilton. The Assistant Coach of the year was, From Webster Thomas, Dennis Costanza and the Man of the Year was, from Fairport, Mike Torrelli.

2018 All-Americans

  • Reese Burek - Fairport senior Att/Mid - USMA West Point
    Head Coach Mike Torrelli says: "Reese has all of the qualities and tools that you would often seek, but rarely find: honesty, integrity, kindness, trustworthy, empathy and compassion. Reese is focused and has a sense of purpose. He wants to succeed and works diligently to reach his goals." 

  • Trevor Ford - Thomas senior attackman - Fairfield
    Head Coach Rob Ruller says: "He plays the position so hard. He scores, he feeds and he rides well. His strength and work ethic has allowed him to be successful throughout the year. He is always willing to help others to get a better understanding of what is going on in a drill or when running a play on the field." 

  • Chayse Ierlan - Victor senior goalie - Cornell
    Head Coach Jim Andre says: Chayse is not only an outstanding player, he is a person of the highest moral character. He is a team captain and who after losing to Loyola by a goal, walked off the field and approached the Loyola Chicago fans/families and thanked them for traveling to Victor to play us. Chayse is an athlete who truly gives us an advantage each game. He is humble with his talents, and is one of the most well like students in our building."

  • Alexander Mabbett - Victor senior midfielder - Johns Hopkins
    Head Coach Jim Andre says: "Alexander is a very pleasant young man who is humble in regards to his abilities. His effort in the off season has truly set him apart from others on this team and his teammates selected him as a team Captain this year."

  • Brady McDermott - Brighton senior attackman - Yale 
    Head Coach Cory Holbrough says: "Brady's impeccable character shapes everything about him as a player and as a leader. His work ethic drives him to approach every practice with a focus and seriousness of purpose that is unmatched."

  • Garrett Ruff - HF-L senior midfielder - Cornell
    Head Coach Jack Beaney says: "Garrett has been the heart and soul of our team for four years now. He is one of the hardest working kids I have ever worked with and he has had a tremendous ability to check his emotions in very difficult situations through out his career."  

2018 All-Academics