How are Year End Awards Determined

- There are so very many awards that are given at the end of the year and the folks at SportsFive.NET tries to keep up with all of the record-keeping. Generally, as we receive the lists from the various groups, we update the player records and publish the lists.

Among the awards are:

League Awards: These "All-League" awards are determined by the Head Coaches in each League. In Monroe County, the awards are determined in each Division (Currently D1, D2, D3). In some cases, the whole Monroe County group selects a "Monroe County" awards from the divisional winner. For Example, there may be three "Coaches of the Year" and they select one overall Coach of the Year that is later entered as a nominee for the USLacrosse Coach of the Year Award.

The various Leagues have their own procedures and practices for selecting their All League awards and we don't know what they are.

US Lacrosse Awards: US Lacrosse gives All-Academic, All American, Head Coach of the Year and the Bob Scott Award.

Section Five Awards: Section Five Lacrosse, has for many years selected All Tournament team players at the conclusion of each of the Section Five tournaments. The ten players and an MVP are selected by a very small committee that always includes the Section Five Lacrosse Chairman (currently Mike Simon), the Assistant Chairman (currently Paul Wilson) and the Chief Statistician (currently Kyle Barrett). Emphasis for these awards is given to the two teams that play for the Championships, but any players with noteworthy performances during the tournament are considered.

The Committee also sponsors an "All-Section List". These lists are intended to represent the best players in the Section without respect for team or league.  All-Americans always are placed on the first team and a small number of others are also placed on the first team. There are no specific number of players selected in a given year.

GVLOA Sportsmanship Awards: The local officials group, the Genesee Valley Lacrosse Official Association picked a team from each class (A, B,C) to receive their sportsmanship awards, named in honor of  Steven R. Morgan.

All Senior Game Players: The Rochester Chapter of US Lacrosse sponsors an annual Senior Game after the school season has ended. The players are selected by a committee from the Chapter based on nominations from Head Coaches. 

D&C List: The Democrat and Chronicle publishes an annual list of players they feel are deserving of attention.