All-Academic Process

- US Lacrosse is the sponsor of the annual All Academic awards which is one of several award categories sponsored for scholastic participants by the national organization.

USLacrosseLacrosse "areas" petition US Lacrosse for "recognition". An area can be defined in different ways in different parts of the country. For example, in a State with very few lacrosse teams might be an area for consideration. In a place, like central New York, with many teams, a league might serve as an area.

The Numbers

An area must have a minimum of twelve Varsity level teams in order to qualify. A "team" must meet the following tests:

  • It must be a Varsity level team, regulated by a school board (public) or governing body (private)
  • It must be regulated by state, school or league eligibility rules.
  • It must have financial and legal accountability to the school board
  • It must be viewed in the same way as any other "Varsity" level sport in the district.

One All Academic award is generally allowed for each group of six teams. (Allotted numbers are rounded up at .5 or greater and rounded down under .5)


Quoting from US Lacrosse:

  • A High School All-Academic Form for the player must be completed and submitted to the Recognition Chair through the online submission process.
  • Players must be a junior or senior.
  • Players must have played in majority of their teams’ games for the current season.
  • Player must be a starter or significant contributor to their team.
  • Players should have left their mark beyond the lacrosse field and classroom by making significant contributions of service to the school and/or community.
  • Player has minimum cumulative (freshman year through application deadline) grade point average 3.7 GPA out of a 4.0 academic scale. If in doubt, please ask the school guidance counselor for assistance determining acceptable GPAs for a 5.0 scale or weighted GPA.
  • Applications must include a signature from their schools Guidance Counselor and include information on any significant community service that was completed.
  • A player who violates their school or a programs written contract or code of conduct may be excluded from consideration. Any and all violations must be noted on the player’s final nomination form.
  • Any player that has received a diploma from a secondary school will not be eligible for All - Academic status during post-graduate study.

Selection Procedure

The Varsity coaches in Section Five submit their nominations in writing by Mar 1st. Voting is done at the coaches' post-season meeting by written ballot.

See the All-American article for information about that award.