Gananda - 6
Newark - 5
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
0 1 2 3   6
1 1 1 2   5

The book for Gananda: Joel Bean (4g), Logan Chasey (1a), AJ Golden (1g-1a), Jake Rapp (1g), Goaltending: Gavin Britton 5s/5ga = 50% (48 mins).

The book for Newark: Henry Huynh (3g), Brandon McNeil (1g), Stevie Brown (1a), Travontay Murray (1g), Goaltending: Talyn Pierce 15s/6ga = 71% (48 mins).


Gananda Takes First Lead in Final 3 Minutes

- Gananda trailed for nearly the entire contest before scoring the final goal of the game to defeat Newark 6-5.  The Blue Panthers scored tied the game for the fourth time with 4:13 left on the clock with Logan Chasey assisting AJ Golden.  Two minutes later with 2:30 remaining, Joel Bean scored off a feed from Golden to give Gananda their first lead.  They were able to hold off the Reds offense for the final two minutes to secure the victory.

Newark started off the game strong and scored the only goal of the opening quarter.  Henry Huynh scored unassisted with 7:24 left on the clock.  They Reds held the 1-0 lead throughout the rest of the first quarter and into the first three minutes of the second quarter.  The first Blue Panther goal was scored 15:02 into play with Bean scoring unassisted.  Newark responded with another goal before the half (Brandon McNeil unassisted).

The Reds increased their lead to 3-1 with the opening goal of the second half.  Huynh scored his second of three goals on the night 0:40 into play.  Leading 3-1, the Reds led by more than one for the only time during the entire game.  Gananda responded with the next two goals tie force the second tie (3-3) going into the final quarter.

In the fourth, every time that Newark pulled ahead, Gananda forced the tie until the Blue Panthers scored the game winning goal late in the quarter.  In the cage for Newark, Talyn Pierce recorded 15 saves (71%).