Orchard Park - 8
Penfield - 10
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Orchard Park
2 2 1 3   8
0 2 2 6   10

The book for Orchard Park:

The book for Penfield: Michael Mitchell (4g), Jacob Emmick (4g-1a), Max Hoadley (1g), Jackson Grossman (1a), Chase D`Hont (1a), Preston Cerda (1g-1a), Goaltending: Travis Wagner 21s/8ga = 72% (48 mins).


Penfield Comes Back to Give OP First Loss

- Penfield delivered Orchard Park their first loss of the season with a comeback win over the Quakers.  The Patriots won 10-8 after scoring the final four goals of the game and holding Orchard Park scoreless for the final six minutes of the game.  Michael Mitchell scored two of the final four goals and finished with 4g on the game.  Overall, Travis Wagner’s performance in the cage was the lynchpin for the Patriots.  He finished with 21 saves (72%) including multiple point blank saves.  John Richiusa finished 10/15 at the draw and won four straight draws to keep the ball in the Patriot half for the four goal stretch.

The Quakers came out of the gate swinging and scored the game opener 0:59 into play with Carter Korzenski scoring the first of his back to back goals.  They kept the pressure going and Korzenski scored his second with 1:19 left in the quarter.  After 12 minutes, Orchard Park led 2-0.  The Patriots did not get a single shot off in the first quarter.  They kept going into the second with the third goal game.  Max Streety, who led for Orchard Park with 4g-1a, scored his first four minutes into the quarter.  Orchard Park held the Patriots scoreless for the first 17 minutes.  The opener for Penfield was scored by Jacob Emmick (assist from Chase D’Hont).  Each team added one more goal before halftime to give Orchard Park the 4-2 lead at the break.

Jacob Shul scored the first goal of the second half to put Orchard Park back up by three goals.  Penfield responded by scoring the two goals to pull within one.  Emmick and Mitchell each scored an unassisted goal.  The third quarter ended with Orchard Park holding the 5-4 lead.  In the fourth quarter, Orchard Park led off again with another unassisted goal from Streety.  The Quakers held the two goal lead until 7:24 remaining in regulation when the Patriots began their comeback.  Penfield scored six of the last eight goals.

Once again, Mitchell and Emmick started off the scoring with unassisted goals.  The pair tied the score for the first time in the game at 6-6.  Emmick’s goal was scored with 6:44 remaining.  Orchard Park responded with a goal only 7 seconds later (unassisted by Streety) and then again 10 seconds after that (unassisted by Streety).  Within 17 seconds for the tie, Orchard Park was back up by two goals with time running down. Penfield kept their composure and scored four goals in just over six minutes.  Preston Cerda scored the first unassisted.  Mitchell scored two and Emmick scored one for Penfield in the final stretch.


Scoring Table

1 - 0111:01OrKorzenski, Carter
2 - 0101:19OrKorzenski, Carter
3 - 0208:23OrStreety, Max
3 - 1207:24PeEmmick, JacobD`Hont, Chase
3 - 2206:36PeHoadley, Max
4 - 2203:38OrDruzbik, Tyler
5 - 2311:17OrShul, JacobStreety, Max
5 - 3309:10PeEmmick, Jacob
5 - 4302:36PeMitchell, Michael
6 - 4410:12OrStreety, Max
6 - 5407:24PeMitchell, Michael
6 - 6406:44PeEmmick, Jacob
7 - 6406:37OrStreety, Max
8 - 6406:27OrStreety, Max
8 - 7406:16PeCerda, Preston
8 - 8405:34PeMitchell, MichaelEmmick, Jacob
8 - 9404:57PeEmmick, JacobGrossman, Jackson
8 - 10403:53PeMitchell, MichaelCerda, Preston
Game Stats for Penfield
Cerda, PrestonA1111
D`Hont, ChaseM1
Emmick, JacobA4165
Grossman, JacksonM1
Hoadley, MaxM132
Mitchell, MichaelM475
Schlifke, JackM21
Cerda, PrestonA2
Condon, LukeM1
Emmick, JacobA3
Grossman, JacksonM2
Hoadley, MaxM3
Lehigh, IsaacLSM1
Little, TaiLSM1
Pelish, BuddyD2
Richiusa, JohnM/FO3105
Saulpaugh, JacksonA2
Wagner, TravisG3

Complete Series History since 2006
4 8
  Last Previous Wins
Orchard Park - 15 vs Penfield - 10
on 05/05/2017
Penfield - 8 vs Orchard Park - 4
on 05/04/2018
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