Penfield - 7
Hilton - 8
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
2 2 2 1   7
3 2 2 0 1 8

The book for Penfield: Jack Schlifke (2g), Michael Mitchell (1g), Jacob Emmick (3g-1a), Max Hoadley (1g-2a), Goaltending: Travis Wagner 9s/8ga = 53% (51 mins).

The book for Hilton: Zach Boyatzies (1g), Ben Mitrano (2g), Ryan Butts (1g), Matthew Mojsej (3g), Brenden Howell (1g), Goaltending: Jacob Kelsey 9s/7ga = 56% (51 mins).


Hilton Wins in Overtime

- Hilton fought back from an early deficit to defeat Penfield 8-7 in the first overtime period.  The Cadets scored the game winning goal 3:28 into the first overtime period with an unassisted goal from Brenden Howell.  The Cadets controlled the ball for the majority of overtime and didn’t allow the Patriots a shot at the cage in overtime.  Hilton scored three of the final four goals in the game after trailing 0-3 after the first 10 minutes.

Penfield scored the first three goals of the game with Jack Schlifke, Max Hoadley and Michael Mitchell scoring one goal each.  The Cadets responded with three of their own before the end of the quarter: Ryan Butts, Zach Boyatzies, Matthew Mojsej.  The game was tied for the first time at 3-3 after the first 12 minutes.  For the remainder of the game, the score was only ever one goal a point apart.

Penfield continued to be the leading force and scored the first of each set of goals for the next three sets.  Schlifke scored the first goal to put Penfield with Mojsej responding for the Cadets only 1:30 later.  Four minutes later, Jacob Emmick started off the scoring pair for Penfield.  Hilton’s Ben Mitrano responded before the end of the half to keep the score tied (5-5) going into the break.

In the third, Emmick scored the go ahead goal again 0:30 into the quarter.  Mojsej’s tying goal took longer this time (3 minutes).  The game remained tied at 6-6 for the next five minutes.  With 4:44 remaining in third Hilton finally took their first lead of the game with an unassisted goal from Mitrano.  The Cadets held that lead for the remainder of the third quarter.  There was only a single goal in the final quarter with Penfield tying the game for the final time with 11:07 remaining in regulation.

Going into overtime, Hilton won the face off and had the first offensive attempt.  They manage two shots at the cage (1 save and 1 miss) before Penfield goalie Travis Wanger picked a shot out of the air to give the Patriots the ball.  Unfortunately, the Patriots could not clear the ball up field.  The Cadets kept pressure up and eventually, Howell scored the unassisted game winner with 0:32 remaining in the first overtime period.

Hilton senior midfielder Shawn Doran had another dominate day the face-off and finished 14/16 with 12 ground balls.  In the cage, Jacob Kelsey recorded nine saves.  For Penfield, Travis Wagner also recorded nine saves.  The Patriots move on to face Penn Yan on Thursday.  Hilton will face Greece Strom on Thursday.


Scoring Table

1 - 0110:52PeSchlifke, JackEmmick, Jacob
2 - 0107:44PeHoadley, Max
3 - 0104:48PeMitchell, Michael
3 - 1101:24HiButts, Ryan
3 - 2100:34HiBoyatzies, ZachHowell, Brenden
3 - 3100:07HiMojsej, Matthew
4 - 3209:54PeSchlifke, Jack
4 - 4208:24HiMojsej, Matthew
5 - 4204:15PeEmmick, JacobHoadley, Max
5 - 5201:53HiMitrano, Ben
6 - 5311:30PeEmmick, Jacob
6 - 6309:15HiMojsej, Matthew
6 - 7304:44HiMitrano, Ben
7 - 7411:07PeWildman, BenHoadley, Max
7 - 8500:32HiHowell, Brenden
Game Stats for Penfield
Emmick, JacobA3173
Hoadley, MaxM1255
Mitchell, MichaelM154
Saulpaugh, JacksonA11
Schlifke, JackM232
Wildman, BenD11
Condon, LukeM2
D`Hont, ChaseM1
Emmick, JacobA2
Hoadley, MaxM2
Little, TaiLSM313
Mitchell, MichaelM1
Pelish, BuddyD2
Richiusa, JohnM/FO13
Schlifke, JackM1
Wagner, TravisG11
Game Stats for Hilton
Boyatzies, ZachA1
Butts, RyanM1
Howell, BrendenA/M1
Mitrano, BenA2
Mojsej, MatthewM3
Boyatzies, ZachA2
Butts, RyanM2
Doran, ShawnM12142
Gizzi, MikeD1
Hacker, TylerM1
Howell, BrendenA/M2
Kelsey, JacobG1
Mann, EthanD4
Mitrano, BenA2
Mojsej, MatthewM1

Complete Series History since 2003
16 1
  Last Previous Wins
Penfield - 11 vs Hilton - 10
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