Schroeder - 11
Thomas - 10
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
2 5 2 1 1 11
3 4 3 0   10

The book for Schroeder: Brandon Marquez (1g), Connor Ball (1g), Jonathan Kay (2g), Justin Connolly (1g), Payton Hall (1g), Hunter Olsen (2g), Conor Bollin (3g-1a), Collin Griffin (2a), Goaltending: Evan Alfano 4s/10ga (48 mins).

The book for Thomas: Jacob Allen (2g), Matt Hill (3g), Nick Mabe (1g), Reed Currie (1g-1a), Spencer Nuccitelli (1g), Joe Luconte (1g), Stevie Katz (1a), Trevor Ford (1g), Goaltending: Ethan Ruller 8s/11ga (50 mins).


Warriors Win Second Straight OT Game

- Connor Ball scored an unassisted goal 1:13 into the first overtime period to give Webster Schroeder their second straight overtime win.  The Warriors defeated Webster Thomas 11-10 in the inter-district match.  The game was back and forth for its entirety. The score was never further apart than a two goal difference.

Schroeder FileBoth teams had opportunities on offense and although Thomas led for the majority of the game; every time that they attempted to pull away Schroeder kept catching back up and tying the game.  The game was tied six times.  The Warriors only led for a two minute period in the second quarter.  The final three goals of the game were scored by Schroeder to secure the lead (and win) for only the second time.

Webster Thomas scored the opening two goals with unassisted drive by Reed Currie and Nick Mabe.  Schroeder got on the board with an unassisted drive by Jonathan Kay from the top of the restraining line.  During the ensuing face-off Thomas got a partial fast-break that had Currie feed Trevor Ford with 3:43 left in the quarter.  Schroeder pulled back within one before the end of the quarter.  Connor Bollin drove from behind the cage and with a strong single player effort, put the ball into the back of the net.  Thomas led 3-2 after 12 minutes.

Schroeder tied the game for the first time only 7 seconds into thesecond quarter with a face-off fast-break during a man-down situation.  Payton Hall won the draw himself, grabbed the groundball and went straight to the cage with a bounce shot.  On the next face-off, Schroeder was awarded a technical win.  Again the Warriors drove straight to the cage and scored only 8 seconds later.  Brandon Marquez scored with the drive.  Schroeder led for the next two minutes before Thomas tied the game for the second time at 4-4.  Joe Luconte scored with an outside shot from the right side.  Jacob Allen scored the next goal with a groundball approximately 8m off the crease that he finished into the back of the net.

Schroeder forced yet another tie with a midrange shot by Justin Connolly (assisted by Collin Griffin) on their first possession since the back to back Titan goals.  Once again, after Schroeder tied the game, Thomas scored back to back to pull ahead.  Matt Hill scored both goals.  The first was a dodge from the top left and the second was off a loose ball on the crease.  The Titans led 7-5 with three minutes left in the half.  Schroeder responded by tying the score.  Hunter Olsen scored off an inside feed from Griffin into a high crease right in the middle of a zone defense.  With time expiring in the half, Bollin set up with a dead ball on the right sideline.  When play began, Olsen stepped in and quickly backed up.  During the movement, Bollin sent the ball into the center.  Bollin had released the feed before Olsen was in position and it was an excellent example of teammates reading the situation before actually seeing it happen.  The score was tied 7-7 at the half.

Thomas FileIn the third quarter, the scoring continued to quickly add up.  Thomas scored less than 30 seconds into the quarter.  During the entire game, both teams were attempting to sub on offense and defense.  Many times, the two players attempted to sprint to the sideline and then turn back before the other team could adapt.  For the goal, long stick Stevie Katz turned back from subbing and forced an unsettled situation.  He received the ball and then crossed the crease after the slide with a feed to Allen.  Schroeder’s eighth goal came off another unsettled play.  After Titan goalie Ethan Ruller made a save, the loose ball was grabbed by Bollin at around the 40 yard time.  He dodged to crease and finished before the defense could adapt.  It was another strong single player effort from Bollin. 

Once again, Thomas scored back to back goals to pull ahead.  Spencer Nuccitelli and Hill scored on unassisted drives to the cage with 5:50 and 3:06 remaining in the third.  The final goal of the third quarter was scored by Bollin (unassisted) to put the Warriors back within one (10-9).

In the final quarter, the scoring nearly stopped.  Schroeder scored the only goal with Kay scoring unassisted with 9:56 remaining in regulation.  In overtime, Thomas won the draw and had first shot at the cage.  The Titan’s sole shot missed the cage and Schroeder had a chance on offense.  Ball didn’t miss his chance and buried the ball into the back of the cage on the Warriors first shot.


Scoring Table

1 - 0107:28ThCurrie, Reed
2 - 0106:51ThMabe, Nick
2 - 1104:08ScKay, Jonathan
3 - 1103:43ThFord, TrevorCurrie, Reed
3 - 2102:44ScBollin, Conor
3 - 3211:53ScHall, Payton
3 - 4211:45ScMarquez, Brandon
4 - 4209:29ThLuconte, Joe
5 - 4209:10ThAllen, Jacob
5 - 5207:20ScConnolly, JustinGriffin, Collin
6 - 5205:45ThHill, Matt
7 - 5203:12ThHill, Matt
7 - 6202:22ScOlsen, HunterGriffin, Collin
7 - 7200:01ScOlsen, HunterBollin, Conor
8 - 7311:41ThAllen, JacobKatz, Stevie
8 - 8309:19ScBollin, Conor
9 - 8305:50ThNuccitelli, Spencer
10 - 8303:06ThHill, Matt
10 - 9300:51ScBollin, Conor
10 - 10409:56ScKay, Jonathan
10 - 11502:47ScBall, Connor
Game Stats for Schroeder
Ball, ConnorM162
Bollin, ConorA3163
Connolly, JustinA142
Griffin, CollinA/M21
Hall, PaytonM/FO111
Kay, JonathanM263
Marquez, BrandonM111
Olsen, HunterA244
Alfano, EvanG11
Ball, ConnorM2
Bollin, ConorA31
Florio, AJM1
Gibb, JustinD1
Griffin, CollinA/M1
Hall, PaytonM/FO347
Jakobsze, ErikD12
Kay, JonathanM1
Northrup, MikeM/FO248
Segala, BreesM2
Game Stats for Thomas
Allen, JacobA2
Currie, ReedA11
Ford, TrevorA1
Hill, MattM3
Katz, StevieD/LSM1
Luconte, JoeM1
Mabe, NickM1
Nuccitelli, SpencerA/M1
Luconte, JoeM1410

Complete Series History since 2003
7 12
  Last Previous Wins
Schroeder - 10 vs Thomas - 4
on 05/30/2007
Thomas - 8 vs Schroeder - 5
on 05/09/2017
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