West Islip - 7
Penfield - 9
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 West Islip
3 2 1 1   7
2 1 3 3   9

The book for West Islip:

The book for Penfield: Joey Barboza (3g), Michael Mitchell (1g), Jack Joyce (2a), Ryan Reynolds (1g), Jack Cummings (1g-2a), Jacob Emmick (2g-3a), Dan Taddeo (1g-2a) Goaltending: Travis Wagner 13s/7ga = 65% (48 mins).


Penfield Scores Six of Last Seven in Win

- Penfield scored the final three goals of the game to defeat West Islip 9-7.  The Lions have played a tough opening schedule and are currently 1-4, with their most recent loss to Ward Melville in OT 6-5.  The Patriots, now 3-1, came into today’s game off their lone loss to West Genesee earlier in the week.

Jacob Emmick The Lions led for nearly the entire contest.  The scored the opening two goals and held on to the lead late into the third quarter.  Jake Magee and Patrick Behrens scored unassisted goals to open the scoring.  Jacob Emmick responded with the first of his 2g-3a.  The opening goal for the Patriots was off a feed from Dan Taddeo.  Both teams added one more goal before the end of the quarter.  Mark Regan scored for the Lions and Jack Cummings for the Patriots.  West Islip led 3-2 after the first 12 minutes.  The Lions continued to increase their lead in the second quarter.  They added two more goals and held the Patriots to only a single goal.  They increased their lead to 5-3 at the half.

West Islip opened the second half with Bobby Arena assisting Maximus Albanese.  Arena led in total points for the Lions with 1g-3a.  The Patriots trailed by three with 23 minutes remaining.  They scored six of the last seven goals of the contest.  The next three goals were all scored by different Patriots: Emmick, Joey Barboza, Michael Mitchell.  Penfield tied the game for the first time at 6-6 to end the third quarter.

West Islip started off the fourth quarter the same as the third with the opening goals and then no more.  Regan scored off a feed from Arena to put the Lions back on top with 8:40 remaining.  Emmick’s third goal of the game tied the game for the second time with just over five minutes remaining.  The Patriots took the lead for the first time when Emmick assisted Barboza with 4:35 remaining on the clock.  With just over a minute left, Barboza added an insurance goal to give the Patriots the two-goal lead.

Goalie Travis Wagner was instrumental in the fourth quarter.  Wagner finished with a game total of 13 saves, six of which came in the final quarter.  Included in the six saves were saves with 0:28 and 0:14 remaining in regulation.


Scoring Table

1 - 0111:17WeMagee, Jake
2 - 0109:13WeBehrens, Patrick
2 - 1105:43PeEmmick, JacobTaddeo, Dan
3 - 1103:59WeRegan, MarkBehrens, Patrick
3 - 2102:52PeCummings, JackJoyce, Jack
4 - 2207:10WeArena, BobbyHerzlinger, Jake
5 - 2202:59WeAlbanese, MaximusArena, Bobby
5 - 3201:19PeReynolds, RyanCummings, Jack
6 - 3311:01WeAlbanese, MaximusArena, Bobby
6 - 4310:51PeEmmick, JacobCummings, Jack
6 - 5308:23PeBarboza, JoeyTaddeo, Dan
6 - 6304:41PeMitchell, MichaelEmmick, Jacob
7 - 6408:40WeRegan, MarkArena, Bobby
7 - 7405:26PeEmmick, JacobSchlifke, Jack
7 - 8404:35PeBarboza, JoeyEmmick, Jacob
7 - 9401:17PeBarboza, JoeyJoyce, Jack
Game Stats for Penfield
Barboza, JoeyA343
Cummings, JackM1243
Emmick, JacobA2333
Joyce, JackM221
Mitchell, MichaelM111
Reynolds, RyanM111
Taddeo, DanA1211
Barboza, JoeyA1
Berardicurti, JasonM1
Cummings, JackM3
Hartnett, TimD12
Little, TaiD1
Reynolds, RyanM1
Stevenson, CodyD11
Stoler, DrewD11
Taddeo, DanA1
Webster, BennettM1812

Complete Series History since 2014
3 1
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West Islip - 8 vs Penfield - 7
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