Pittsford - 9
Ward Melville - 10
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
1 2 4 2   9
  Ward Melville
2 0 1 6 1 10

The book for Pittsford: John Mozrall (1g-1a), Brennan Mooney (1g-1a), Jake Belias (3g), Colby Barker (3g-1a), John Galbraith (1g), Goaltending: Gavin Catalano 11s/10ga = 52% (52 mins).

The book for Ward Melville:


Class A State Title - Ward Melville over Pittsford

- After trailing by five with 4:26 remaining, Ward Melville scored the final six goals of the game to win the Class A State Championship 10-9 in the first overtime period.  Tournament MVP Eddie Munoz scored three of the five goals to force overtime and was a key offensive player for the Patriots.Pittsford v Ward Melville Defensive MVP Michael Giaquinto was also demonstrative in the win.  He finished 19/22 (86%) at the face off and gave Ward Melville multiple extra attempts at the ball.  His pick-ups allowed four goals in the final 1:01.  Matthew Grillo finished with 3g-1a including the game tying and game winning goals.  Later in the day, the Pittsford girls also played in the State Finals.  Just like the boy’s game, the girl’s matchup went to overtime after a 9-9 tie in regulation.  Pittsford girls defeated Middle Country 10-9 (HERE).

The first three quarters were led by the Panthers.  Ward Melville scored the first goal with a drive from the top left by Zach Hobbes only 1:01 into the game.  Pittsford slowed their pace and scored their first goal with 4:47 remaining.  Colby Barker, who led Pittsford with 3g-1a, scored his first with a dodge and outside shot from the top left.  The Patriots scored the final goal of the first quarter with Dylan Pallonetti scoring off a drive from behind the cage.  That was the last goal for Ward Melville for nearly two full quarters.  The Patriots led 2-1 after 12 minutes.Pittsford vs Ward Melville

In the second, Pittsford added two and held the Patriots scoreless.  The first goal began with a shot by Sonny Imburgia that was saved by Perry Cassidy.  The loose ball was grabbed by John Mozrall and was put into the back of the net.  Seven minutes later, they took their first lead of the game 3-2 with an inside feed from Barker to Jake Belias.  In the third quarter, Pittsford continued their offensive domination and scored the next four goals.  Barker scored on a floater past Cassidy.  Cassidy finished with 6 recorded saves.  John Galbraith scored the next Panther goal with a drive from the top.  Two minutes later, they scored on another unsettled situation.   Imburgia started the play again with a missed shot.  Mozrall grabbed the ball out of the air from behind the cage.  He fed the ball up to Brennan Mooney on the left flat.  The final Panther goal of the quarter was scored by Belias.  He grabbed a loose ball on the crease and finished into the back of the net.  The Patriots finally broke their scoring drought with a face-off fast-break goal from Giaquinto.  Pittsford led 7-3 after three quarters.

The Panthers scored the first goal of the fourth quarter with a doge from Belias.  Two minutes later, the Patriots scored again off a fast-break with Andrew Lockhart scoring off a feed from Dominic Pryor.  Pittsford’s final goal of the game was scored with 4:26 remaining in regulation.  Barker scored off a feed from Mooney.  Pittsford led by five 9-4.

Ward Melville began their comeback with Liam Davenport assisting Grillio for this first of his three goals.  The next three goals were all scored by Munoz.  The first two were unassisted goals with the latter being scored during extra-man offense with 0:34 on the clock.  Eight seconds later, Munoz scored again on a face-off fast-break to pull within one.  The game tying goal was an outside shot by Grillo (assisted by Lockhart) with 0:08 remaining.  The final face-off was won by Ward Melville, but they could not get a shot on the cage.Pittsford vs Ward Melville

In overtime, Ward Melville won the draw and had the first opportunity at the cage.  They spent a couple minutes and had 1 shot on cage that was saved by Gavin Catalano.  Catalano finished with 11 saves for Pittsford.  Pittsford cleared the ball up the field and had their own attempt to score.  They put two shots on cage that were saved.  Ward Melville cleared the ball for their second attempt on offense.  They scored with 0:00.8 remaining on the clock to win their 9th State Title.  Grillo scored with a drive from behind the cage.


Scoring Table

1 - 0110:59WaHobbes, Zach
1 - 1104:47PiBarker, Colby
2 - 1100:04WaPallonetti, Dylan
2 - 2209:00PiMozrall, John
2 - 3201:04PiBelias, JakeBarker, Colby
2 - 4308:15PiBarker, Colby
2 - 5307:42PiGalbraith, John
2 - 6305:31PiMooney, BrennanMozrall, John
2 - 7302:26PiBelias, Jake
3 - 7302:20WaGiaquinto, Michael
3 - 8408:57PiBelias, Jake
4 - 8406:17WaLockhart, AndrewPryor, Dominic
4 - 9404:26PiBarker, ColbyMooney, Brennan
5 - 9403:43WaGrillo, MatthewDavenport, Liam
6 - 9401:01WaMunoz, Eddie
7 - 9400:34WaMunoz, EddieGrillo, Matthew
8 - 9400:26WaMunoz, Eddie
9 - 9400:08WaGrillo, MatthewLockhart, Andrew
10 - 9500:01WaGrillo, Matthew
Game Stats for Pittsford
Barker, ColbyM3194
Belias, JakeA/M333
Galbraith, JohnM131
Imburgia, SonnyA/M21
Mooney, BrennanA/M1132
Mozrall, JohnA/M1122
Belias, JakeA/M1
Catalano, GavinG1
Fitzgerald, ConnorM1
Gaffney, ShaneD4
Galbraith, JohnM1
Haims, ConnorD42
Hall, TrevarD1
Imburgia, FrankM142
Imburgia, SonnyA/M1
Jacob, JeremyM1
Mooney, BrennanA/M2
Mozrall, JohnA/M3
Sullivan, PatrickM2314
Walpole, RyanD2

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