Hilton - 13
Churchville-Chili - 12
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
3 4 3 3   13
4 4 2 2   12

The book for Hilton: Pal Burns (1g), Zeus Doser (2g-1a), Hunter Duford (2g-1a), Justin Goodrich (2g-2a), Shawn Kimble (3g-1a), Zakk Mount (1g), Timothy Santiago (1g), Colin Simmons (1g), Goaltending: Jarod Kimble 14s/12ga = 54% (48 mins).

The book for Churchville-Chili: Lucas Blaszyk (1g), Ryan Cosgrove (4g-2a), Joey Johnson (3g-2a), Cameron Shipley (1g-1a), Jason Tebo (2g-1a), Corey Yunker (1g) Goaltending: Matt Cobb 5s/13ga (48 mins).


Hilton Over Churchville 13-12

- After losing to Churchville-Chili by a single goal last season (10-9), Hilton took their revenge with a 13-12 win today. In one of four single goal games the Cadets scored the final two goals to secure the victory. Penalties were a major factor in tonight's contest with Hilton scoring on 3/3 opportunities. Hilton took their first lead of the game on their final goal with 2:08 remaining in the contest.

Churchville at Hilton

Churchville-Chili scored four of the first five goals to take a 4-1 lead with 2:57 remaining in the opening quarter. Jason Tebo, Cameron Shipley and Joey Johnson (2g) scored the four opening goals for the Saints. Zeus Doser scored the lone Cadet goal. Hilton kept up the pressure going into the final two minutes of the quarter to added two goals and make it a one goal game at the end quarter. Justin Goodrich and Timothy Santiago scored with the Goodrich also assisting the latter.

Churchville-Chili started off the second quarter with back to back goals from Ryan Cosgrove. He was the leading scorer for the Saints with 4g-2a. The teams battled back and forth with Churchville-Chili holding a three goal lead. They alternated goals until the end of the second when Hilton scored back to back to keep it a one goal game going into halftime. The final two goals were both scored during man-up plays with Hunter Duford and Shawn Kimble scoring. Kimble was the leading scorer for the Cadets with 3g-1a.

The teams continued their back and forth scoring with Cosgrove and Lucas Blaszyk scoring for Churchville-Chili and Kimble and Zakk Mount scoring for Hilton. Hilton tied the game for the first time since 1-1 with a goal from Goodrich to Colin Simmons with 3:01 remaining in the third quarter. The quarter ended with the score tied 10-10.

Churchville at Hilton

Cosgrove scored his final goal in man-up to start off the final quarter. He was assisted by Johnson. Three minutes later Pal Burns scored his lone goal for the Cadets to keep the game tied. Corey Yunker scored an unassisted goal with 4:05 remaining to give the Saints their last lead of the game. The final tying goal was scored by Goodrich with an assist from Duford with 2:44 remaining. Less than a minute later, Duford scored (unassisted) to secure the win for the Cadets.

In the cage for Churchville-Chili, Matt Cobb recorded five saves. Face off midfielder Dan Bonafede finished at 65% for the Saints (17/26). He also led with 15 ground balls. Tebo added seven and defenseman Anthony Brumsted and attackman Lucas Blaszyk added three each. For Hilton, Jarod Kimble finished 54% (14 saves). He led the Cadets with nine ground balls. Kimble added another five.