Hilton - 3
Fairport - 12
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
1 2 0 0   3
1 2 4 5   12

The book for Hilton: Zeus Doser (1g), Shawn Kimble (1g-1a), Michael Richardson (1g), Timothy Santiago (1a), Goaltending: Delvin Ergott 1s/2ga (4 mins), Jarod Kimble 9s/10ga (41 mins).

The book for Fairport: Dylan DeLorme (3g-4a), Cameron Gebhardt (3g-2a), Kyle McAvoy (2g-1a), TJ Hendricks (1g-1a), Michael Modesti (1a), Jake Bucci (1g-1a), Allen Thibodeau (1g), Cole Vangellow (1g), Goaltending: Tyler Wetzel 9s/3ga = 75% (48 mins).


Fairport Over Hilton

- The Red Raiders held Hilton scoreless for the final 28 minutes in their 12-3 win over the Cadets. Fairport kept the pressure up for four quarters to secure their fourth win of the season. The game was close for the first half with the halftime score set at 3-3. Fairport long stick midfielder, Allen Thibodeau was impressive at the wing line with nine ground balls and one take. Spencer DeRidder finished at 75% at the draw. The Red Raiders had trouble hitting the cage in the opening half with 24 shots and only 7 on cage (with 3 goals and 4 saves). They settled down their shooting in the second half and finished with 49% of their shots on cage (22/45).

In the cage for Fairport, Tyler Wetzel had a strong game and recorded nine saves. Hilton's Jarod Kimble finished with nine saves over 41 minutes. Delvin Ergott (0 saves) and Hunter Merola (1 save) finished out the game for the Cadets.