Monroe County Awards for 2019

- MC PatchThe All-Star list is out recognizing the Monroe County League players for the 2019 season. Senior  defenseman Sutton Boland (Victor), senior attackman Jack Brennan (Irondequoit) and senior face off midfielder Shawn Doran (Hilton) were named US Lacrosse All Americans from Monroe County.

Senior attackman Mark Belles (Canandaigua), Fairport senior long-stick midfielder Mason Gasbarre, senior defenseman Stevie Katz (Thomas), senior midfielder Michael Mitchell (Penfield) and senior goaltender Brett Olney (Irondequoit) were selected as US Lacrosse All-Academics.

The Monroe County Division 1 Player of the Year was Shawn DoranSutton Boland was the Division 2 Player of the Year and Jack Brennan was Division 3 Player of the Year. Nominees for the Bob Scott Award were Matt Cronk (Fairport), Patrick Sanna (Pittsford) and Mark Belles (Canandaigua).

The Section Five and US Lacrosse Bob Scott Award winner was Riley Schmeer (Spencerport).

The Monroe County Coaches of the Year were Craig Lepiane (Hilton - MC1), Deven York (Canandaigua -  MC2), and Don Benedict (Brighton MC3). Don Benedict was named US Lacrosse Coach of the Year.

The Monroe County Assistant Coaches of the Year were John McGurk (Fairport MC1), Kyle Stanney (Canandaigua - MC2) and Derek Howlett (Brockport - MC3). Kyle Stanney was named US Lacrosse Assistant Coach of the Year.

The Monroe County Men of the Year were Paul Wilson (SportsFive - MC1, MC2) and Matt Kleehammer (Eastridge - MC3). Paul Wilson was named US Lacrosse Man of the Year.

Links to the Monroe County Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 lists. 

League Awards for Monroe County - D1

1st Team Attack
 Boyatzies, ZachHilton1st Team Attack 11
 DiGiovanni, BenPittsford1st Team Attack 11
 Emmick, JacobPenfield1st Team Attack 12
 Peers, ColinFairport1st Team Attack 11
 Stuver, KlayFairport1st Team Attack 11
1st Team Defense
 McKenzie, AftonRush-Henrietta1st Team Defense 12
 Soudan, TannerFairport1st Team Defense 11
 Steinmetz, JoshuaGreece Storm1st Team Defense 11
 Thornton, ConnorPittsford1st Team Defense 11
1st Team Goalie
 Wagner, TravisPenfield1st Team Goalie 11
1st Team LSM
 Gasbarre, MasonFairport1st Team LSM 12
1st Team Midfield
 Hoadley, MaxPenfield1st Team Midfield 12
 Imburgia, SonnyPittsford1st Team Midfield 12
 Mitrano, BenHilton1st Team Midfield 11
1st Team Midfield/FO
 Doran, ShawnHilton1st Team Midfield/FO 12
2nd Team Attack
 Cross, HarrisonPittsford2nd Team Attack 10
 MacMillan, GunnerRush-Henrietta2nd Team Attack 11
 Mosher, JustinHilton2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Enright, DarrenPenfield2nd Team Defense 11
 Krug, NickFairport2nd Team Defense 11
 Messura, SamuelHilton2nd Team Defense 12
2nd Team Defensive Midfield
 Danzig, RyanHilton2nd Team Defensive Midfield 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Catalano, BreckenPittsford2nd Team Goalie 11
 Kuzniar, CameronRush-Henrietta2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team LSM
 Wallace, JackPittsford2nd Team LSM 10
2nd Team Mid/FO
 Knapp, JakeFairport2nd Team Mid/FO 11
2nd Team Midfield
 Butts, RyanHilton2nd Team Midfield 12
 Howell, BrendenHilton2nd Team Midfield 12
 Ingalls, GavinFairport2nd Team Midfield 11
 Mitchell, MichaelPenfield2nd Team Midfield 12
Honorable Mention Attack
 Cowie, NickRush-HenriettaHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Dumont, RyanPittsfordHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Forte, PaulGreece StormHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Galante, MichaelHiltonHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Gilliard, TrevorGreece StormHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Lenhard, ZackRush-HenriettaHonorable Mention Attack 12
Honorable Mention Defense
 Birmingham, TommyPittsfordHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Clark, TannerRush-HenriettaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Fundis, ConnorFairportHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Leonardi, NicholasGreece StormHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Makowski, RyanGreece StormHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Mann, EthanHiltonHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Pelish, BuddyPenfieldHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Sanna, PatrickPittsfordHonorable Mention Defense 12
Honorable Mention Goalie
 Defendis, TimFairportHonorable Mention Goalie 11
Honorable Mention LSM
 Delavak, LukeRush-HenriettaHonorable Mention LSM 11
 Little, TaiPenfieldHonorable Mention LSM 12
Honorable Mention M/FO
 Richiusa, JohnPenfieldHonorable Mention M/FO 10
Honorable Mention Midfield
 D`Hont, ChasePenfieldHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Hacker, TylerHiltonHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Herren, KoleFairportHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Mojsej, MatthewHiltonHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Thomolaris, SammyPittsfordHonorable Mention Midfield 12
Honorable Mention SSDM
 Derion, RyanFairportHonorable Mention SSDM 12



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2ndHM TOT
1. Fairport4-143411
2. Hilton4-135412
3. Pittsford4-133410
4. Penfield2-33249
5. Greece Storm1-41045
6. Rush-Henrietta0-51247
  TOTAL AWARDS15152454



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