Finger Lakes Awards for 2019

- Finger LakesThe All Star list is out recognizing the Finger Lakes League players for the 2019 season. 

The Finger Lakes Players of the Year were attackman Zach Baker (Pal-Mac), midfielder Jake Gallina (Pal-Mac), defenseman Jagger Kerr (Geneva), goalie Talyn Pierce (Newark) and Joe Camp (Wayne) who was selected as the Finger Lakes Player of the Year.

Joe Camp and Jake Galinia were also name US Lacrosse All-Americans.

The Finger Lakes Coach of the Year was Ben Clement (Midlakes). The Finger Lakes Assistant Coach of the Year was John Hanss (Newark) and Man of the Year was Kirby Hill (Pal-Mac).

The full list of Finger Lakes award winners are available here.

League Awards for Finger Lakes

1st Team Attack
 Doeblin, DuganGeneva1st Team Attack 11
 Lorenzetti, OwenMynderse1st Team Attack 12
 Reagan, JohnWayne1st Team Attack 11
1st Team Defense
 Bossard, ParkerGeneva1st Team Defense 11
 Chasey, LoganGananda1st Team Defense 12
 DeSain, MikePal-Mac1st Team Defense 11
1st Team Faceoff
 Nolan, QuinnPal-Mac1st Team Faceoff 09
1st Team Goalie
 Murphy, ShaunPal-Mac1st Team Goalie 12
1st Team LSM
 Kraft, JoelWaterloo1st Team LSM 11
1st Team Midfield
 Arnold, GradyPal-Mac1st Team Midfield 11
 Macdonell, BrandonMidlakes1st Team Midfield 12
 Miller, SamGeneva1st Team Midfield 12
 Thomson, BillyWayne1st Team Midfield 12
2nd Team Attack
 Cahill, RyanWayne2nd Team Attack 12
 Lathrop, GavinMidlakes2nd Team Attack 11
 Medyn, BennettPal-Mac2nd Team Attack 11
2nd Team Defense
 Catalano, TylerWayne2nd Team Defense 11
 Skellie, NateMidlakes2nd Team Defense 12
 Thompson, TannerPal-Mac2nd Team Defense 11
2nd Team Faceoff
 Smith, WyattMidlakes2nd Team Faceoff 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Borrelli, JacobMidlakes2nd Team Goalie 12
 Russell, KyleWayne2nd Team Goalie 11
2nd Team LSM
 Day, JakobPal-Mac2nd Team LSM 09
2nd Team Midfield
 Askin, NickGeneva2nd Team Midfield 11
 Benedict, SethMarcus Whitman2nd Team Midfield 11
 Campbell, DevinBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team Midfield 12
3rd Team Attack
 Denison, CurtisGeneva3rd Team Attack 09
 Herod, RyanMarcus Whitman3rd Team Attack 10
 VanNostrand, TrevorMidlakes3rd Team Attack 11
3rd Team Defense
 Bliss, MitchBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Defense 12
 Franzone, SalMynderse3rd Team Defense 12
 Patchett, ReidGeneva3rd Team Defense 12
3rd Team Faceoff
 Bean, JoelGananda3rd Team Faceoff 12
3rd Team LSM
 Lannon, BradyMidlakes3rd Team LSM 12
3rd Team Midfield
 Hamel, AndyWayne3rd Team Midfield 10
 Mattoon, MattMidlakes3rd Team Midfield 12
 Rapp, JakeGananda3rd Team Midfield 11
 Spinner, EthanMynderse3rd Team Midfield 11
3rdTeam Goalie
 Saxby, OwenBloomfield-Honeoye3rdTeam Goalie 10
Attackman of the Year
 Baker, ZachPal-MacAttackman of the Year 11
Defenseman of the Year
 Kerr, JaggerGenevaDefenseman of the Year 11
Goalie of the Year
 Pierce, TalynNewarkGoalie of the Year 12
Honorable Mention Attack
 Blueye, DeCouteauMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Buckert, BrodiePal-MacHonorable Mention Attack 11
 DeLucia, DylanWaterlooHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Eighmey, AidenGenevaHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Eighmey, NoahGenevaHonorable Mention Attack 12
 McCann, DillonWaterlooHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Reese, ColbyMynderseHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Reese, WillMynderseHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Russell, KyleWayneHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Willix, GeorgeBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Willix, MaxBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Attack 10
Honorable Mention Defense
 Burrall, MitchellGenevaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Burroughs, CalBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Callaghan, AlexPal-MacHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Dickson, ColeMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Gabbard, MattGanandaHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Graziose, JonathanWayneHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Lovejoy, ZackMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Moskal, DylonGanandaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Pitcher, JoshuaWayneHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Stevers, PeytonMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Zenelovic, GraysonWayneHonorable Mention Defense 12
Honorable Mention Faceoff
 Askin, NateGenevaHonorable Mention Faceoff 10
Honorable Mention Goalie
 Acker, JackWayneHonorable Mention Goalie 10
 Britton, GavinGanandaHonorable Mention Goalie 10
 Craine, RobertMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Goalie 10
 Wayne, BrandonGenevaHonorable Mention Goalie 12
Honorable Mention LSM
 Lahue, JordanMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention LSM 10
 Rodney-Spencer, AaronNewarkHonorable Mention LSM 10
Honorable Mention Midfield
 Askin, NateGenevaHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Bean, JoelGanandaHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Bolt, AlexWayneHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Brown, StevieNewarkHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 Card, MattNewarkHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Farrell, TrevorBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Hurlbutt, EvanPal-MacHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Loucks, TobyWaterlooHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 McDermott, MaxMynderseHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Miller, DarrenMynderseHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Murray, TravontayNewarkHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Quick, SamPal-MacHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Roach, AlexBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Midfield 12
Midfielder of the Year
 Gallina, JakePal-MacMidfielder of the Year 12
Player of the Year
 Camp, JoeWaynePlayer of the Year 12



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2ndHM TOT
1. Geneva10-133612
2. Pal-Mac9-263413
3. Wayne9-234512
4. Midlakes7-51708
5. Marcus Whitman6-50246
6. Mynderse6-61258
7. Bloomfield-Honeoye4-70358
8. Gananda3-81247
9. Waterloo1-101034
10. Newark1-101045
  TOTAL AWARDS17264083



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