Shoreham-Wading River - 12
JD - 7
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
 Shoreham-Wading River
4 4 3 1   12
1 1 3 2   7

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Shoreham-Wading River Wins Fourth State Title

- Shoreham-Wading River won their fourth State Title with a 12-7 win over Jamesville-Dewitt.  The Wildcats offensive was led by Xavier Arline with 5g-2a.  He was demonstrative on offense with both goals and assists and set the strong offensive pacing for the Wildcats.  Overall, SWR was strong on both sides of the field.  They played a strong defense that kept JD from taking shots or encouraged them to take bad shots. JD vs SWR Additionally, on offense, they kept driving to the cage with multiple scoring threats.  In the cage for SWR, Liam Daly finished with 7 saves.  JD’s offense was led by Tanner Burns (1g-2a); defensively, in the cage, Jamison MacLachlan recorded 9 saves. 

The Wildcats scored the first three and kept increasing their lead throughout the first half.  The opener was scored by Arline with a drive down the right alley.  Less than a minute later and Johnny Schwarz assisted Gavin Gregorek down from the left GLE.  Three minutes later, Arline scored his second with a drive from behind the cage along the left side.  The Red Rams opener was scored by Tyler Brang on a fast-break unsettled situation.  The final goal of the quarter was scored with 0:56 left on the clock.  Long stick defenseman Tyler Schwarz scored on a slow fast-break down the field.  SWR led 4-1 after the first 12 minutes.

Coming into the second half, SWR basically replayed the first quarter.  They outscored the Red Rams 4-1 and increased their lead to six.  The opening goal of the quarter was scored by the Wildcats’ Arline fed the inside crease to J. Schwartz for his first goal.  Just under a minute later, JD responded with their lone goal of the quarter.  Johnny Keib scored with a fast-break straight down the field after aJD vs SWR SWR goal was called back on an illegal substitution.  Before momentum could be set, Keib ran it downfield and drove straight to the cage.  SWR scored the next three goals to finish out the half.  Arline assisted the first (Dominic Visintin scored) and scored the next two.  The first was a single drive from the top and the second was a single drive from the right GLE.  The Wildcats led 8-2 at the half.

In the third quarter, both teams added three goals to their total and the Wildcats held the six goal lead after another 12 minutes.  SWR scored back to back goals to start the quarter.  Gregorek and J. Schwarz scored with drives from behind (Gregorek) and the top of the restraining line (J. Schwarz).  With 5:38 remaining, JD scored their third goal.  Burns scored and started off a three goal streak for the Red Rams that spanned two minutes.  Forty seconds later, Burns assisted William Davis with a crease feed from the right flat.  A little over a minute later, JD’s third goal was assisted by Davis with Nick Kemmis scoring on a fast-break.  The Red Rams had momentum, but the Wildcats kept them scoreless in the three minutes and did not let them capitalize on the swing.  The Wildcats added one more goal with 0:09 left on a fast-break goal of their own.  Cristian Mercado subbed on during a clear and was quickly given the ball.  JD vs SWRThey sprinted upfield and fed Visintin across the crease for the goal.  SWR continued with their six goal lead (11-5) going into the final 12 minutes.

In the fourth quarter, JD scored the opener during extra-man offense.  Burns crossed a pass to Connor Durkin for the goal with 5:19 remaining in the game.  SWR responded with a man-up goal of their own.  Arline scored his fifth of the game with an assist from J. Schwarz.  Brang scored his second off a sweep along the top.  His shot came from the top right and finished into the top shelf of the goal.  SWR won the faceoff with just over two minutes left and called a timeout with the ball in their offensive end.  After a series of penalties, the Wildcats finished out the game and secured their fourth Title and join Victor in being tied for 7th with the most State Titles.


Scoring Table

1 - 0109:53ShArline, Xavier
2 - 0109:05ShGregorek, GavinSchwarz, Johnny
3 - 0106:10ShArline, Xavier
3 - 1105:06JDBrang, Tyler
4 - 1100:56ShSchwarz, Tyler
5 - 1209:30ShSchwarz, JohnnyArline, Xavier
5 - 2208:36JDKeib, Johnny
6 - 2207:26ShVisintin, DominicArline, Xavier
7 - 2206:46ShArline, Xavier
8 - 2201:25ShArline, Xavier
9 - 2309:34ShGregorek, Gavin
10 - 2306:24ShSchwarz, Johnny
10 - 3305:38JDBurns, Tanner
10 - 4304:51JDDavis, WilliamBurns, Tanner
10 - 5303:28JDKemmis, NickDavis, William
11 - 5300:09ShVisintin, DominicMercado, Cristian
11 - 6405:19JDDurkin, ConnorBurns, Tanner
12 - 6403:31ShArline, XavierSchwarz, Johnny
12 - 7402:08JDBrang, Tyler

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